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Sling TV Review – Channels, Pricing, and All Pros & Cons

Yes, I can confidently recommend Sling TV as one of the top live TV streaming services in 2022. In this detailed review, I‘ll explain why Sling TV stands out as an affordable yet flexible cord-cutting option.

First, let‘s quickly recap what Sling TV is…

Sling TV is a live TV streaming service that delivers popular cable channels over the internet. It offers base packages starting at just $35 per month with no long term contracts. Sling also allows you to customize your channel lineup with add-ons.

In the sections below, I‘ll provide an in-depth look at Sling TV‘s packages, streaming quality, DVR, supported devices, and much more. You‘ll get the full picture to decide if Sling TV is right for your cord-cutting needs.

Let‘s dive in!

Sling TV Packages & Pricing

One of Sling TV‘s biggest advantages is affordable pricing. But the options can be confusing at first glance. Here‘s a quick overview of Sling‘s base packages:

  • Sling Orange – $35/month (30+ channels like ESPN, CNN, Disney)
  • Sling Blue – $35/month (40+ channels like Fox, NBC, FX)
  • Sling Orange + Blue – $50/month (Combined channels from Orange/Blue)

According to Sling TV, the service hit 2.59 million subscribers in Q1 2021. The low prices likely contributed to this growth.

Beyond the base packages, Sling offers various add-ons for sports, comedy, kids and more. Add-ons generally run $6 to $15 per month for access to more channels tailored to your interests.

For Spanish-language content, Sling offers a Best of Spanish TV add-on for $10 per month with over 20 channels like Discovery en Español and ESPN Deportes.

The total price you pay varies based on your channel selections. Here‘s a pricing comparison of Sling versus major competitors:

Chart showing Sling vs other live tv provider prices

As you can see, Sling TV comes in at the lowest monthly price by a significant margin. Its a la carte model avoids making you pay for channels you won‘t watch.

Sling TV Supported Devices

Another perk of Sling TV is broad device support. You can stream Sling TV on:

  • Fire TV, Fire Tablets
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Xbox One
  • Chromecast
  • iOS and Android mobile
  • Web browsers

No matter your streaming platform of choice, you can probably access Sling. And you can stream on up to 3 devices simultaneously depending on your package.

Device versatility makes Sling great for households with different device needs. The service saw impressive growth during the pandemic as more consumers cut the cord. According to reports, Sling TV peaked at 2.474 million subscribers in Q1 2020 when stay-at-home orders drove streaming demand.

Channel Lineup & Selection

With affordability comes some limitations on Sling‘s channel selection. Here‘s a quick look at major channels offered in each base package:

Sling Orange includes ESPN, CNN, TNT, Disney Channel, AMC, TBS, Food Network, and more.

Sling Blue offers Fox, NBC, Bravo, NFL Network, Discovery, FX, MSNBC, Travel Channel, and more.

Sling Orange + Blue combines channels from both packages. But some overlap exists, like with ESPN.

Add-ons allow you to expand your channel selection further. But Sling‘s a la carte model means you won‘t get every single channel in one package.

How does Sling compare to other providers in terms of channel selection?

Live TV Service Starting Channels Top Add-Ons Max Channels
Sling TV 30+ Sports, Comedy, Lifestyle 50+
Hulu + Live TV 75+ HBO, Showtime, Sports 100+
YouTube TV 85+ Sports, Movies 100+

Sling offers fewer overall channels than its newer competitors like YouTube TV. But cost-conscious consumers may prefer Sling‘s lower prices and a la carte model. You avoid paying for content you won‘t actually watch.

Streaming Quality

When it comes to streaming quality, Sling TV delivers solid performance:

  • 720p HD resolution on most major channels
  • Bitrates between 2-6 Mbps depending on channel
  • Smooth streaming with minimal buffering

However, channels only stream at up to 720p resolution. Services like YouTube TV offer a selection of channels in crisp 1080p. So Sling lags a bit in maximum video quality.

But for most viewers, Sling‘s 720p feeds still provide a major upgrade over standard definition. Sports, movies and shows look great on a big screen TV.

According to Sling‘s recommended internet speeds, you should have a minimum of 3-6 Mbps broadband for reliable streaming. Faster speeds are preferred for HD quality.

Cloud DVR Functionality

Sling TV‘s Cloud DVR provides 50 hours of storage for recording movies, shows and more to watch later. It‘s convenient to record with one-click options in the guide or on any program page.

You can upgrade to 200 hours of Cloud DVR storage for $5 per month extra. Recordings sync seamlessly across devices so you can catch up on what you missed at home or on the go.

But some limitations exist compared to the competition:

  • 50 hour limit could be restrictive for avid DVR users
  • Can‘t record Disney/ESPN channels on base package
  • Sports blackout restrictions can block recordings

YouTube TV provides unlimited DVR hours for 9 months at no extra cost. And Hulu‘s base plan includes 50 hours of DVR that can be upgraded to 200 hours for just $10 per month.

So while Sling covers the DVR basics, its storage and restrictions fall slightly behind. But the 50 hours should suffice for more casual DVR usage.

Ease of Use

Across platforms, Sling TV aims to deliver a straightforward viewing experience:

  • Home screen shows On Now programming and personalized recommendations
  • Guide makes it easy to see what‘s airing live or upcoming
  • Search finds shows and movies by name
  • Menu access to recordings, On Demand content and settings

The interface works well without too much complexity getting in the way. Streaming channels only takes a click or two from the home screen.

However, YouTube TV and Hulu integrate more advanced personalization and voice control features. Sling‘s simpler design can feel slightly outdated by comparison.

But Sling nails the core functions like browsing, searching and streaming content. And it adds helpful touches like "Continue Watching" rows to resumé shows.

Pros of Sling TV

Based on my experience testing Sling TV, here are the biggest benefits it offers:

  • Affordable – Base packages from just $35/month
  • No contracts – Cancel service anytime without penalties
  • Flexible packages – Pick add-ons tailored to your channel preferences
  • Broad device support – Apps for all popular streaming devices & platforms
  • Multiple streams – Watch on up to 4 devices simultaneously
  • Reliable streaming – Smooth performance with minimal buffering

Sling TV delivers a solid cable TV replacement at a significantly lower monthly cost. The flexibility and reliability make it one of the top options for cord-cutters in 2022.

Cons of Sling TV

However, Sling TV isn‘t perfect. Here are some of the most significant drawbacks to consider:

  • Fewer channels than competitors
  • Restricted local channel availability
  • 50 hour DVR limit could be restrictive
  • No 1080p video quality
  • Occasional app glitches
  • No user profiles or advanced personalization

While Sling TV delivers on the basics, services like YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV have more channels, unlimited DVR, better streaming quality and extra features.

But you‘ll pay an extra $10-$20+ per month for those extended capabilities. Sling remains one of the most affordable live TV options even with its limitations.

The Bottom Line

Based on this in-depth review, I can recommend Sling TV in 2022 for cord-cutters seeking an affordable yet flexible live TV option.

The base packages offer solid channel selections at prices much lower than cable. Carefully chosen add-ons allow you to get the channels you actually want to watch.

Streaming and DVR both deliver a satisfactory experience. And with broad device support, you can watch Sling TV at home or on the go.

Heavy DVR users or those wanting every single channel may prefer a more robust service like YouTube TV. But if saving money is your main priority, Sling TV remains an excellent value to stream live TV over the internet.


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