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5 Sites Similar To The Pirates Bay

Again, there have been some stormy waters for The Pirate Bay, but for many they are happy to see it back online. Unfortunately, there are still many PB users who can’t access the most popular of torrent websites.

Rather than the popular torrent site facing a shutdown as it did previously. It now faces expulsion from parts of the web, and it is banned in some regions of the world. As always, much of this is over the ongoing controversy of The Pirate Bays links to rights reserved copyright infringement.

Here, we have some of the best Pirate Bay alternatives torrent websites you can try. Be it as a backup for when the PB has issues, or if you can’t access your popular TPB from where you live.

It is worth noting that there are strict copyright laws. Thus, anyone taking part in torrenting and P2P file sharing from torrent websites may find they are conducting a legal activity. No one will condone torrenting, yet any users who choose to do so have to make use of the best torrent VPN to access similar torrent sites to TPB.

If you now find The Pirate Bay is blocked in your neighborhood, or it’s too much aggravation to try to find a working link. Here, we have the solution.

We have found five of the best Pirate Bay alternatives where you can go for all your new rights reserved torrent sites. We also have more info on The PB and a handful of Pirate Bay Proxies if you are interested. (Read Best VPNs for Torrenting)

Is the PirateBay Safe?

You may have a different perspective on this, depending on which side of the fence you are on. The Pirate Bay provides a search tool to find torrent files and magnet links.

Its popularity is high because it enables you to quickly find torrents and magnetic links for recent movies and TV shows, among other things. From here, you can easily download using a BitTorrent client.

Nevertheless, its popularity stems mostly from being very easy to discover links to illegal files, like those that infringe copyright laws in many countries.

The Pirate Bay’s founders were convicted in Sweden. They were found participating in copyright infringement and sentenced to prison.

In some territories, such as the EU, ISPs are required to block access to the site. In other jurisdictions, however, access to the site is legal.

Nevertheless, even if The Pirate Bay is legal, it may not be permitted to use it to find and download content protected by trademark and copyright laws.

The argument comes from that The Pirate Bay is just a web site. There is no content hosted on it, and no advertising is displayed. Hence, in those countries where you can access it, it is safe.

In blocked countries, many proxies or mirrors have sprung up with a different domain name and IP address, and these may be accessible.

You cannot say with confidence all proxies are safe, many are, but there may be proxies hosting adware or malware. Besides this, there is no idea where the source of these files will be.

However, there are additional factors to be taken into account. Even if The Pirate Bay itself is safe, torrents appearing in search results may not be.

Files are shared on a P2P basis. They are held on an individual’s computer, instead of a central server. Therefore, there is no regulation, and it is possible when downloading torrents, you can unknowingly download a file, which can harm your device.

Pirate Bay Proxies

Here are a handful of Pirate Bay proxy torrent websites that should still be working. However, you cannot guarantee anything when torrenting. You may also find any of these can face blocks in certain regions.

  • US-based:
  • France-based:
  • Romania:

Is Torrenting Legal?

In most countries, torrenting for file sharing is legal, as long as the files are legitimate. Even companies such as Microsoft were looking at torrents to use on their distribution platform.

With a large ‘But,’ if, you use torrent sites for downloading and distributing copyrighted material such as TV shows and movies, music, and books, then it is illegal.

It is almost impossible to check which is legal and illegal content; thus, sites like The Pirate Bay find themselves blocked. If torrenting is limited or restricted in your country, using a VPN is the only way to give yourself protection and spoof your location.

Best Pirate Bay Alternatives

Here you can find the pick of the bunch and the best Pirate Bay alternatives torrent websites you will like, which are similar sites to the Pirate Bay. All have plenty of rights reserved copyright content, so you do need to use a VPN to keep yourself hidden as you visit these torrent websites.


KickassTorrents was always a reliable favorite among torrent users. It has been going strong for over a decade now. However, blocked many countries, such as Australia, using a torrent VPN easily enables access from anywhere to this top torrent site.

KickassTorrents offers a clean and simple interface and makes it easy to find what you want out of all the rights reserved movies and TV shows, with no distractions.

Their catalog is incredibly comprehensive, which means you can find nearly anything you’re looking for. If you think something is missing, you can contact the site’s online community, with more than 165,000 active members, with a request.

For a while, KickassTorrents was better than Pirate Bay until it faced its issues. However, since then, it has been making up long lost ground. Nevertheless, it is still is one of the top Pirate Bay alternatives.


When you are looking for one of the best torrent sites, you are going to learn about RARBG. RARBG leads the Pirate Bays alternative list, and with good reason. It offers P2P links with torrent and magnet. While the torrent site is banned in several countries, a VPN can easily bypass these restrictions.

RARBG, The Pirates Bay alternative second choice, contains a large number of torrents of rights reserved content. It categorizes this in different areas like movies, games, TV shows, music, and 18+.

At over 8 million torrents, speeds are fast, and you’ll find most are high-quality rips. There is no advertising, and the best of the popular torrent sites are safe to use. (Read 10 Best Pirate Bay Alternatives)


There are over 4.5 million verified torrents on Torlock, which is impressive. In looks, it is very similar to RARBG, as well as the torrent and magnet files on offer.

All the files are virus-free, and all users are encouraged to find suspicious files for which they can be paid to do so. It has excellent speeds and some great search options, like the top 100.

The lack of advertising doesn’t prevent you from taking advantage of the easy navigation and immediate download function.

Like many others, Torlock allows you to manage subscriptions through RSS feeds. Additionally, there is also a wide range of different categories covering virtually everything, in which you can find the best free content.


Once the site of the Pirate Bay torrent collapses repeatedly, you can rely on the 1337x. These torrent files have categories, including movies, music, television, games, documentaries, and many more.

There are numerous bookmarks to these categories on the home page with links to them for more straightforward navigation. If you know what you are looking for, you may also use the search bar to find your verified torrents.

1337x has a user-friendly interface that is as uncomplicated as it looks. You can access torrent and magnetic files from more than 35,000 pages. 1337x is one of the best torrent site options that keeps going without obstructions.


ExtraTorrent will be one of the most popular BitTorrent services offering an easy-to-use search engine for nearly every torrent you could wish.

As its logo suggests, ExtraTorrent ranks as one of the largest “BitTorrent systems” around. Its search engine features throughout the site are the best.

ExtraTorrent offers torrent options to search for books, music, software, games, TV shows, movies, and the like.

While the interface is a bit dated and clunky. Overall, this is an excellent alternative for The Pirate Bay. Most importantly, no popup ads were annoying when in testing.

All the above torrent sites are the best, and most like TPB, you can find of all sites that currently work. However, it is advisable to use a VPN service as even these sites gain lots of attention for torrenters and copyright infringement.

Once you have a VPN running, you can hide your IP address, and in the torrent swarm of your VPN client, it will appear you are in a different region. With this, no one can trace anything back to your IP address.


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