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Send Us Logs

In order to maintain our log repository, we need your log files. You can sent your logs,

Log Compendium

Operating Systems

  • OpenBSD 3.1

o  syslog system boot record

o  wtmp records

Stand-alone Devices

  • Cyberguard Firewall

o  security logs

  • Netscreen Firewall

o  operating logs

  • Sidewinder Firewall

o  operating logs


  • Apache httpd

o  access_log

o  error_log

  • tcpdump

o  Capture of some fragmentary packets

Our goal is to collect approximately a few megabytes of logs from various devices, to serve as a public reference for those implementing parsers or other analysis capabilities

When you send us your logs, please review them to ensure that there is nothing you may consider sensitive in the log files. Feel free to change IP addresses (without changing their structure) machine names, and user names as you see fit. Please try to preserve the semantics of the log file if you make any alterations.

Please send log files in the 1-2 Megabyte size range. We don’t want gigs of stuff – we want as broad a representation of varying log formats as we can get.

When you have a log file you wish to provide, please email it to [email protected] as either a compressed .Z file, a Gzip-compressed .GZ file, or a Windows-compressed .ZIP file. Include the type and version of hardware/operating system that produced the log.