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How to Watch Seinfeld Online

From a TV show that is pretty much about nothing, came one of the greatest comedy series ever written. This was Seinfeld, and all told there were a full 9 seasons with 173 episodes in total.

What we witnessed was an Emmy award-winning series unfold with every Seinfeld season being a classic.

The problem lovers of the show now face is where they can catch all the full episodes in one place? This isn’t as easy as it looks because not every streaming service shows all of the episodes.

Luckily, there is one place viewers can go to watch Seinfeld online, and this is what we will show you how to do.

First, though, we will take a quick look at the show and why it became so popular, and who stared in it.

What is Seinfeld?

This TV show ran from 1989 to 1998 and was written by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. Jerry also starred as the main character who just happened to have the same name. It was a fictionalized taker on himself.

The majority of the show was filmed in New York City, and in their apartment block on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Here Jerry and a handful of his friends such as:

Jason Alexander playing Seinfeld’s best friend, George Constanza

Michael Richards as Kramer, and who was called Kessler in the pilot episode ‘The Seinfeld Chronicles’ (It went on to be known as Good News, Bad News).

Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine Barnes, and a whole host of supporting characters who made frequent appearances. It was these three that starred in every episode.

Classic episodes include ‘The Strongbox’ where Kramer tries to find a place to his keys and the one where Kramer tries to stop Newman being evicted. Season 9 episode 12, ‘The Reverse Peephole.’

While there were only 171 episodes of the show, there was a 2 episode special known as the ‘Clip Show’ (it was also known as The Chronicle) which ran for a full hour. This was shown before the final episode which was appropriately called ‘The Finale.’

2 other episodes were part of the show, This was where Jerry was booked to appear on the ‘Tonight Show,’ with two tickets, one was offered to George.

Their secondary plan was to hunt down Kramer who set off to become an actor.

Where Can I Watch Seinfeld?

At this point, there are lots of viewers wondering where they can find all the Seinfeld episodes to watch online. It so happens, there is only one.

Hulu bought the rights to Seinfeld in 2015 to be able to show re-runs of the show. So, this is the only place you can catch the proper 171 episodes of the show.

The one problem with Hulu is that it is geo-restrictions in place, so any access is blocked when the viewers are outside of the USA.

Luckily, a VPN can help with this, and it will allow any lover of the show to be able to bypass these restrictions, search Seinfeld, watch online from any country.

VPN’s mask your connection, this helps to bypass any geo-restrictions as well as keeping all your data safe. Accessing the Hulu streaming service has never been as easy.

Signing Up to Hulu to Watch Seinfeld

Hulu offers 2 packages. The cheapest is now $5.99 per month with ads, or without ads, it costs $11.99. The premium package with live TV costs $44.99 per month (Price increase).

Hulu offers a one-month FREE trial to new subscribers. Assuming you already have your VPN in place (steps how to do this after), these are the instructions for signing up to HULU.

  1. Select a US-based server in the VPN client.
  2. Go to the Hulu website
  3. Click the ‘Start free trial’ button
  4. Select your plan
  5. Fill in the simple details, add an address, and Zip code. If you don’t want to use a real address, search for one on the internet.
  6. You are given an option of downloading the Android app, so download and install it unless you want to stick to a desktop.

The Best VPN for Seinfeld

It would be too easy to say choose any service from the top VPN providers, but unfortunately, they are not all equal.

Even a NordVPN which is number two in the world has problems on some occasions. NordVPN download speeds can suffer when you are out of the main areas.

So watching a US-based show in a far off country can leave your Seinfeld experience lacking.

Without beating around the bush, there is one recommendation, and you can find out all you need to know from this comprehensive ExpressVPN review.

  1. Head to the ExpressVPN website
  2. Select a plan
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Select payment option (broad range of payment options available)
  5. Receive confirmation email
  6. Download the app for your devices/ platforms
  7. Install (you are protected as soon as the app installs)
  8. Change the country to the USA – this needs to be done before signing up to save problems
  9. Complete Hulu sign up procedure as above.

That’s all there is to it. The good thing using this VPN is that you get a 30-day money back guarantee.

You can cancel anytime, so you can, in theory, use this free period along with the Hulu free period and watch Seinfeld online free.


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