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RUSVPN may not be a big name in the virtual private network (VPN) market, so you may not be aware if it is worth your time and money? The name is short for Reliable, Unlimited and Secure; RUSVPN makes this appear on their site.

Once you head to the site, you could think it’s the same as any other regular VPN provider. However, the company makes familiar claims of accessing Netflix, keeping users anonymous and their personal data safe. It also admits to being the fastest and most secure VPN service there is.

You can find many RUSVPN reviews, and they all tell a slightly differing story, so here, in our RUSVPN review, we look deep to see what the VPN offers and how it stands in the market.



  • Decent unblocking capabilities with Netflix, BBC iPlayer and more
  • Decent download speeds
  • Affordable packages
  • DNS and IP leak prevention and kill switch.


  • Small server network
  • No live chat support.
  • A limited set of features

Plans and Pricing

Plan Monthly Cost Billing
3-year Plan $2.99 Billed as $107.64 every 3-years
1-Year Plan $4.99 $4.99 Billed as $59.87 every year
1 Monthly $9.99 Billed Monthly

RUSVPN currently has a special deal that brings the 12-month subscription package down to $2.49 per month as it has a buy one get one free offer.

For payment, you have Visa, Webmoney or Bitcoin. You can also try it risk-free using the 30-day money-back guarantee. However, reading in the small print on the official website, if you have used more than 500MB, there is no chance of a refund.

You also find that the free version isn’t the full desktop client software and is nothing more than free browser extensions for Chrome or Firefox. You do, however, have a 7-day free version for Android and iOS.

Key Features


Anonymity, security features, and privacy are common reasons for any VPN users. RUSVPN uses 256-bit encryption, which is military-grade and could take years to crack.

The VPN uses tunneling protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP, so you’re covered on any platform you run RUSVPN. There’s a Kill Switch in case the VPN drops the connection and stops any DNS leaks.

The Windows client doesn’t let you choose the preferred protocol, such as OpenVPN protocol, and choosing L2TP or PPTP, which is outdated.

You can get around the muddle by setting up the open-source OpenVPN Connect to connect via OpenVPN, yet users shouldn’t have to and may not know how to do this.


According to RUSVPN, the provider holds a no-logs policy or keep any VPN usage logs. The headquarters are in the Commonwealth of Dominica (Owners Iron Media Group ltd) and outside any 14-eyes, 9-eyes, or 5-eyes alliance.

Connection timestamps or connection details, including IP addresses, are not required to be retained. To back this up, the country introduced the Personal Data Act to ensure an individual’s privacy was upheld.

RUSVPN’s privacy document states they keep a non-permanent connection log, which it uses to solve technical problems.

Internal IP address assignment is among the connection data kept for this purpose. Any data from a user while connected is anonymous, and there is no relation to a user’s public IP address.

The company also claims they only use Google analytics for anyone visiting the main website rather than recording user browsing behavior.

Ease of Use

Supported Devices

RUSVPN offers 5 simultaneous connections.


You can find a decent amount of support with apps for Windows, Mac, Linux. On Mobile, you have the Android app or the one for iOS.

You get manual configuration files for OpenVPN and RUSVPN app for router. However, there are no apps for Smart TVs.


When you sign up, you need to head to the RUSVPN website and hit the GET RUSVPN website. You are transferred to the subscription plan page, select your plan, and then enter your email.

Once you do this, you click the Get Your Subscription button to proceed with payment.

More information will be in your confirmation email, along with login details.


Setup is straightforward in all the apps, and you can quickly download the apps from the company website. When you log in for the first time, you’ll need to add your details.

Some users report Microsoft defender, stopping them from being able to install RUSVPN and get RUSVPN work as it should. Once working, the user interface is straightforward without many addons of fancy options. You don’t even have a map of servers, which is the trend.

The RUSVPN app displays your physical location and your IP address. With this is a “Connect” underneath the VPN server name.

A VPN connection can be made in less than two clicks of your mouse in the app. Click the server, and the app shows you a server list with the load on each.


Advanced Features

Accessing the Settings menu shows very few premium features, and at most, you have the automatic kill switch and the chance to automatically connect.

Auto connection is handy to have, yet it isn’t what you’d expect as an advanced feature. A Kill switch is better to hide your real IP address if you don’t have a stable connection. (Read Our Flixtor Review)

Browser Extensions

You have browser extensions for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox


Speed Test

RUSVPN connected slow using desktop apps, yet the Android app was faster, although not as fast as other VPN offerings.

The VPN service has 338+ servers in 37 countries worldwide, so it was a surprise to find that even with a small number of servers, the internet connection speed for many locations was decent.

Speed tests only saw a 10% drop-off compared to some bigger named VPNs that offer Private Internet Access. Upload speed saw more drop, yet it was still decent.

Connecting to a European connection from a US server saw internet speed drop even more, yet still enough to stream HD video. Connection to an Australian server showed much the same results.

Customer Service

Customer support is lacking in certain areas. The company doesn’t offer live chat support, which is the de facto standard users seek from a paid service.


It doesn’t go into too much detail about torrenting, yet it offers anonymous torrenting on what appears to be all their servers.


The VPN is simple enough, and you can test it by using the money-back guarantee; however, you can use the free trial on Android or iOS to try the mobile experience with this service.

There is a decent spread of VPN servers, and connection speeds are better than some other VPNs. So, RUSVPN performs admirably.

The verdict RUSVPN comes up pretty solid and worth using for you VPN needs.


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