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12 Best Places to Find Royalty-Free Music for iMovie

Where to Find Royalty-Free Music for iMovie

Are you a filmmaker, or a content creator, looking for royalty-free music for iMovie? Discover the best websites to find a diverse selection of copyright-free music tracks. From paid sites like Envato Elements to free sites like YouTube Audio Library, each platform offers the perfect soundtrack for your iMovie videos.

Music is a key ingredient that can elevate your iMovie projects from good to extraordinary. The right music can set the mood and enhance emotions and establish a strong connection with your audience.

If you’re a beginner video creator or even a seasoned one, you’ve probably asked yourself, “How do I find music to use in iMovie?” This article’ll explore some of the best sources and platforms that offer high-quality, royalty-free music.

12 Best Sites to Find Royalty-Free Music for iMovie

Royalty-free music refers to music licensed for use in various projects without paying ongoing royalties or additional costs for each use. Numerous websites offer royalty-free music for iMovie videos. Here are some of the best sites to find copyright-free music:

1. Envato Elements

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a well-known website for finding royalty-free music for iMovie. The site offers a vast collection of creative assets, including:

  • Music tracks
  • Sound effects
  • Stock images
  • Graphics

Envato Elements is a subscription-based platform, meaning that you need to pay a monthly subscription fee to gain access to their 780,000 royalty-free tracks. Envato Elements pricing starts at $16.50 per month, and it gets even better if you are a student. The platform offers a 30% discount for students.

With this subscription, you gain unlimited access to millions of creative assets that you can use for both personal and commercial projects. And the best part is that all assets from Envato Elements come with a license that grants you the necessary rights to use them in your iMovie projects.

2. MixKit


MixKit is another fantastic website that offers royalty-free music for your iMovie projects. Envato Elements power the platform. It offers a wide selection of high-quality music tracks, stock videos, and sound effects, all free for commercial and non-commercial projects. MixKit grants you the right to use music without attribution or signing up.

MixKit has over 1000 royalty-free tracks categorized into various genres, moods, and tags, allowing you to easily navigate and find the perfect music for your YouTube videos or podcasts. The platform also allows you to listen to all their songs before downloading.

3. Artlist


Artlist is a subscription-based platform that offers high-quality, royalty-free music for iMovie videos. The platform has over 20,000 tracks created by talented artists worldwide. Artlist advanced search system allows you to find the right music track for your projects based on mood, video theme, genre, and even specific instruments.

Artlist has four subscription plans: Music & SFX Social, Music & SFX Pro, Music & SFX Teams, and Enterprise. Music & SFX Social costs $9.99 monthly and only covers your social channels, including Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and more. Music & SFX Pro costs $16.58 and provides full access to the Artlist library for personal and commercial projects on various platforms.

4. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is one of the best sites offering an extensive library of royalty-free music you can use in iMovie. The platform has over 40,000 songs and 90,000 sound effects. Epidemic Sound allows you to filter these copyright-free tracks by genre, features, mood, and theme.

Regarding pricing, Epidemic Sound offers different subscription plans to accommodate various usage needs. Their cheapest plan costs $9.99 per month and comes with several benefits, such as:

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Access to the Epidemic Sound mobile app

Epidemic Sound also offers a 30-day free trial, allowing you to experience their platform before committing to a paid subscription.

5. SoundCloud


Established in 2008, SoundCloud is one of the largest music platforms in the world. The platform was founded with a mission to provide a space for musicians and artists to share their work and connect with their listeners globally. Today SoundCloud has over 265 million tracks.

SoundCloud provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to search for royalty-free music for your iMovie videos. You need to search for the type of song you want. And from the left menu, click Tracks. You should then locate the copyright symbol, and once you find it, click “To use commercially.”

6. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library

When finding royalty-free music for your iMovie videos, the YouTube Audio Library is a valuable resource to consider. The library provides a wide selection of music tracks and sound effects for your iMovie videos.

YouTube Audio Library is free of charge. With this platform, you can access and use the songs and sound effects in the library without any fees or subscription requirements. However, some tracks may require attribution, meaning you’ll need to credit the artist or the musician in your video description.

7. Audiio


Audio is another popular platform that offers a diverse library of high-quality tracks created by over 450 talented artists and composers worldwide. Since its inception, the platform has gained recognition among filmmakers, content creators, and video editors for its commitment to providing only “the best music on planet Earth.”  Audio also provides over 30,000 sound effects created by top sound designers for Netflix, Lionsgate, and LucasArts.

To access the tracks and sound effects on Audiio, you only need to subscribe to their affordable pricing plan, which costs $199 per year or $499 for a lifetime license.

8. ccMixter


If you are looking for a free website that offers royalty-free music for your iMovie projects, ccMixter is a noteworthy platform to explore. After all, this website’s homepage opening line is “You Already Have Permission.”

The platform offers copyright-free music for films, video projects, commercial projects, and video games. Their music has been used in more than 1 million videos and games. However, all music tracks on ccMixter are released under the Creative Commons license, so you must give proper credit to the artists.

9. Bensound


Bensound has provided high-quality copyright-free music tracks to content creators for over a decade. Initially, the platform only offered songs composed by Benjamin Tissot, founder of Bensound. Still, in recent years Bensound has expanded its offering to include tracks from other talented artists.

Bensound allows users to search for the perfect music tracks based on genre, mood, theme, instrument, energy level, and duration. And if you know the kind of music you are interested in, type in the keyword in the search bar. Bensound will swiftly present you with the relevant results within seconds.

10. Jamendo


When you head over to Jamendo’s official website, you’ll find two different sections: the Jamendo Music section and the Jamendo Licensing section. The licensing section offers over 250,000 copyright-free music tracks for personal and commercial use. The Jamendo Licensing pricing starts at $19 per month.

On the other hand, the Jamendo Music section releases its songs under a Creative Commons license. This section allows you to browse through various genres, including:

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Hip hop
  • Indie

Unfortunately, most songs on Jamendo Music can’t be used for commercial purposes.

11. Incompetech


American composer Kevin Macleod created Incompetech. The platform offers a vast collection of music tracks that you can use for your videos. The music can be searched by genre, feel, tempo, length, etc.

Incompetech provides two main licensing options for their music, the Creative Commons license, and the Standard license. With the Creative Commons (CC) license, you can use Incompetech music tracks for free, provided you credit the composer. Unfortunately, the Standard licensing page is not working at the moment.

12. FreeSound


FreeSound is a collaborative database of Creative Commons-licensed sounds created by researchers and students of the Music Technology Group of Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain. The platform offers a wide array of sounds, and each sound is accompanied by helpful information, such as:

  • The number of downloads
  • The type of license it carries

Summing Up

The websites above are some of the best places to find awesome royalty-free music for your iMovie videos. Each platform offers unique features, pricing plans, and licensing options, allowing you to tailor your search based on your needs.

However, you must carefully read and understand the licensing terms and conditions associated with your chosen music track. Respecting these guidelines ensures that you stay within the boundaries of copyright laws and maintain ethical practices as a content creator.


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