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Install Rising Tides Kodi Addon on Firestick/Android (Kodi 19 Matrix)

Hi there! If you‘re looking to transform your Fire TV or Android device into an ultimate live sports streaming machine, you‘ll definitely want to install the Rising Tides addon for Kodi.

In this guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to get Rising Tides up and running, from verifying its safety to navigating its wide range of sports content. With this easy-to-follow tutorial, you‘ll have access to a massive library of live sports streams in no time!

Rising Tides Kodi Addon

Is The Rising Tides Addon Safe To Use?

Before installing any third-party Kodi addon, it‘s crucial to evaluate its safety and legitimacy. Since Rising Tides is not part of the official Kodi repository, we need to be extra careful before proceeding.

According to a 2022 survey, over 80% of Kodi users report streaming from unofficial third-party addons at some point. While certainly enticing, these addons do come with risks like:

  • Malware infections – Unofficial repos could contain malware disguised as addons. This malware can harm your device or compromise your personal data.

  • Spyware/tracking – Some sketchy addons may monitor and record your streaming activity without consent.

  • ISP warnings – Your Internet Service Provider can detect and issue warnings for illegal streaming activity.

  • Legal action – Government agencies and copyright holders are both cracking down on unauthorized streaming via lawsuits and fines.

That‘s why scanning an addon‘s repository URL on a site like VirusTotal can provide some peace of mind:

VirusTotal Scan of Repository

This scan of the Rising Tides repo came back clean, meaning no overt malware or viruses were detected. However, false positives do occur, and the streams/hosts within an addon can still harbor risks even if the repo appears safe.

So in addition to verifying the repository, I always recommend connecting to a VPN before using third-party Kodi addons like Rising Tides. A VPN provides an encrypted tunnel to hide your streaming activity and personal data from prying eyes.

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A quality VPN is essential for remaining anonymous and secure while using questionable addons. Now let‘s get Rising Tides installed!

Step-By-Step Guide To Install Rising Tides Kodi Addon

One of the best parts about Kodi is its flexibility across platforms. This Rising Tides installation process works flawlessly on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android devices like NVIDIA Shield or Firestick, and more.

Here are the simple steps to get Rising Tides up and running:

1. Prepare Kodi For Third-Party Addons

First, we need to toggle a key setting in Kodi to allow installing from unknown sources:

  1. In Kodi, navigate to the Settings menu (the gear icon)
  2. Click on System Settings > Add-ons
  3. Enable "Unknown Sources"

This lifts some restrictions so we can install addons outside the official Kodi repository.

When you try enabling Unknown Sources, Kodi will display a warning about addons potentially accessing personal data. This is an important reminder to take precautions like using a VPN when adding third-party addons.

2. Add The Rising Tides Repository

Now we need to add the Rising Tides repository which contains the addon files:

  1. Go to System Settings > File Manager
  2. Select "Add source" > None
  3. Enter the source URL exactly as
  4. Name the media source whatever you want (e.g. "RisingTides")

This adds the repository location to Kodi so we can browse and install from it.

3. Install The Rising Tides Repo Zip File

Next up, install the repository zip file from the source we just added:

  1. Return to the Kodi home screen
  2. Navigate to Add-ons > Install from zip file
  3. Select the source you named in Step 2 (e.g. RisingTides)
  4. Install the file

This installs the Rising Tides repository itself. After a moment, you‘ll get an "Addon installed" notification.

4. Install The Rising Tides Addon

Now the repository is in place, we can grab the actual Rising Tides addon:

  1. Go to Add-ons > Install from repository
  2. Select the "Rising Tides Repository"
  3. Open the Video Add-ons category
  4. Click on the Rising Tides addon and install it

Once installed, you‘ll get a final confirmation the Rising Tides addon is ready to use!

With those 4 quick steps complete, you can now access Rising Tides from the main Add-ons menu in Kodi and start streaming. Enjoy!

Rising Tides Features And Content

Now you have Rising Tides installed, let‘s discuss what exciting content you can actually find inside.

The addon pulls streams from various sports streaming sites around the web and compiles them into categorized sections:

Rising Tides Streaming Categories

Some of the main sections include:

  • Sports Channels – Streams from networks like ESPN, Fox Sports, TNT, Sky Sports and more. A great cord-cutting option.

  • Live Football – Soccer/football matches from leagues around the world like Champions League, Premier League, La Liga, and others.

  • PPV Events – Pay-per-view boxing, MMA fights, and WWE wrestling events.

  • Extra Live Content – Additional live sport streams sorted by sport such as NFL, NBA, NHL, tennis, rugby and so on.

Having all these sports streaming sources aggregated into one Kodi addon makes Rising Tides super convenient for fans to use. You can easily bounce around different events and channels.

I do recommend managing expectations around stream stability though. Since many links are unauthorized, they can be taken down or cut off mid-stream. Be prepared for some buffering and dead links. Using a premium debrid service improves the streaming experience.

Overall, Rising Tides provides awesome sports coverage and will satisfy any cord-cutting fan‘s needs!

Improving Stream Quality With Real-Debrid

To take your live sports streaming to the next level, you‘ll want to integrate a Real-Debrid account with Rising Tides and Kodi:

Real-Debrid Integration

Real-Debrid unlocks higher quality streams by bypassing slow torrent caching and streaming the torrents directly from their servers. The benefits are:

  • Faster streaming speeds – Bypass the slow Kodi torrent cache for instant streaming.

  • Higher quality links – Get streams in 720p, 1080p and 4K quality when available.

  • More stream options – Real-Debrid unlocks many more high-quality streams.

  • Malware protection – Files are scanned for malware before streaming to your device.

While certainly not essential, a Real-Debrid subscription can significantly improve your live sports streaming experience with Rising Tides. Well worth the $3-5 monthly costs in my opinion!

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Is The Rising Tides Addon Legal To Use?

Whenever installing third-party Kodi addons like Rising Tides, the legality question understandably comes up. Let‘s discuss:

  • The Rising Tides addon itself is 100% legal, just like Kodi. It‘s simply an open-source media player.

  • However, some of the streamed content accessed through the addon could be an illegal copyright violation.

  • Streaming copyrighted material without proper rights or permissions is technically against the law in most regions.

  • But copyright enforcement tends to target large-scale streamers and operators rather than individual end users.

  • Using a VPN provides anonymization from your ISP and copyright enforcers.

While Rising Tides makes it easy to access unauthorized streams, you won‘t inherently get in "trouble" just for installing the addon. Millions use these grey area addons everyday without issue.

But accessing clearly copyright-infringing streams could carry risks if done openly without protection. As always use common sense – stream safely and legally! 😊

Advanced Security Tips For Kodi Streaming

Since third-party addons like Rising Tides CAN pose risks, I wanted to share some pro tips to keep your streaming secure and private:

Kodi Security Tips

  • Use a VPN – A VPN like IPVanish masks your streaming activity from your ISP, government, and copyright trolls. It encrypts data and provides anonymity.

  • Enable Debug Logging – This creates logs of all Kodi activity. If anything suspicious occurs, the debug logs can help identify it.

  • Install Updates Automatically – Keeping Kodi updated ensures you have the latest security patches and bug fixes.

  • Avoid "Builds" – Kodi builds often contain bloatware and should be avoided. Stick to reviewing and adding individual addons instead.

  • Close Unauthorized Sources – Make sure to disable any unused repos to prevent accidental installation of dangerous addons.

Following security best practices ensures you can use addons like Rising Tides safely and avoid any malware, spying or tracking.

Tips For Finding The Most Stable Streams

Since live sports streams tend to get overloaded and taken down quickly, getting a reliable high-quality stream takes a bit of trial and error. Here are my top tips:

  • Check multiple stream links in the addon and across various addons to compare quality.

  • Try external streaming sites like Crackstreams, SportsSurge, Stream2Watch as backup options.

  • Use the "Live Sports" schedule inside Rising Tides to watch events currently live.

  • Streams closer to the start time of an event tend to be more stable.

  • An HDMI cable from your device provides higher streaming quality than wireless casting.

  • If all else fails, live TV streaming services like fuboTV offer reliable official streams.

I find that testing multiple links in the 30-60 minutes leading up to a game provides the best results. Persistence and patience pays off to get a great stream!

Troubleshooting Rising Tides Installation Issues

Rising Tides should install smoothly if you follow the guide carefully. But technology can be finicky, so here are some troubleshooting tips if you encounter problems:

Can‘t Enable Unknown Sources – This is usually due to having an older unsupported Kodi version installed. Update to the newest Kodi release through the Google Play Store or

Error Installing Repo – Double check you entered the Source URL exactly correct with http:// at the start. Also re-download a fresh copy of the repo zip file.

Add-on Not Showing Up – Restart Kodi completely and also try clearing the addon cache. If issues persist, uninstall then reinstall Rising Tides.

Streams Not Working – It‘s common for links to stop working as sports events start due to high demand crashing sites. Keep trying backup links or alternative addons.

Still having trouble? Feel free to ask for help in the comments section!

And that sums up this complete guide on installing and using the Rising Tides sports addon for Kodi. Now grab some snacks, pull up the big game, and start streaming!


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