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How to Remove Advertising from Yahoo Mail | All About Cookies

Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular free webmail services, used regularly by over 200 million people globally. But that free service comes at a cost—viewing ads. Yahoo Mail contains advertising in the form of banner ads, text ads within your inbox, pop-ups and more. While ads allow Yahoo to keep Mail free, too many promotions can make for an annoying email experience.

Fortunately, you have options to reduce or block Yahoo Mail ads. This comprehensive guide will explore different methods to remove ads from Yahoo Mail on desktop and mobile, allowing you to enjoy your inbox without excessive distractions.

Why Does Yahoo Mail Have Ads?

First, let‘s look at why Yahoo Mail has advertisements. As a free email platform, Yahoo needs to generate revenue through ads rather than charge users. When you view or click on Yahoo Mail ads, advertisers pay Yahoo to display those promotions to you.

In 2021, Yahoo earned $7.5 billion in total ad revenue. While Gmail surpassed Yahoo Mail in users years ago, Yahoo still commands decent ad rates due to an older user base attractive to advertisers. Maintaining over 200 million active inboxes requires monetization.

So in exchange for getting a free account with 1TB of storage, you have to view ads. But excessive advertising can make Mail nearly unusable. Understanding what types appear helps inform ways to block them.

Types of Ads in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail contains various forms of advertising:

  • Appear horizontally at top/bottom of page
  • Often promote Yahoo services like news, sports, finance
  • Stay fixed as you scroll through emails

Example of Yahoo Mail banner ad

Inline Text Ads

  • Displayed within inbox mixed with emails
  • Based on keywords detected in email content
  • Appear similar to real messages

Example of Yahoo Mail inline text ad

Pop-up Ads

  • Open in new tab/window over email content
  • Triggered by clicking links or attachments
  • Must close to return to inbox

Example of Yahoo Mail pop-up ad

Right Column Ads

  • Ads displayed in vertical column on right
  • Often animated or bright colors to grab attention
  • Scroll alongside inbox emails

Example of Yahoo Mail right column ad

Folder Ads

  • Appear when opening Mail folders
  • Persist even if folder empty of emails
  • Promote Yahoo paid products/services

Example of Yahoo Mail folder ad
The most common ad types are banners, inline text, pop-ups and right column ads. But all types can disrupt your inbox. The good news is each can be blocked or removed using various methods covered next.

Use an Ad Blocker Browser Extension

One of the most effective ways to eliminate Yahoo Mail ads is installing an ad blocking extension in your web browser. Ad blockers work by automatically stopping ads from loading whenever you visit sites.

Here are top ad blockers for major browsers:

Google Chrome

  • uBlock Origin – Open source, uses fewer resources than alternatives. Easy to customize.
  • AdBlock Plus – Most popular ad blocker for Chrome. Lets you whitelist "acceptable" ads.
  • AdGuard – Blocks ads plus stops ad trackers, malware, phishing and more.

To add an ad blocker extension to Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome Web Store and search for ad blocker.
  2. Click "Add to Chrome" and "Add extension" to install.
  3. Customize settings like adding exceptions and filters as desired.

Mozilla Firefox

  • uBlock Origin – Lightweight, highly effective open source ad blocker.
  • AdBlock Plus – Simple to use with advanced options unlocked via Filter Lists.
  • Ghostery – Blocks ads and stops data collection from trackers following you online.

To install an ad blocker on Firefox:

  1. Visit Firefox Add-ons page and search for ad blocker.
  2. Click "Add to Firefox" to install the extension.
  3. Manage settings via Add-ons manager page to customize.


  • AdGuard – Blocks multiple ad types. Integrated Safari content blockers for system-wide effect.
  • AdBlock – One of most popular ad blockers now available for Safari browser.
  • Wipr – Simple but efficient Safari ad blocker from respected developer.

To add an ad blocker to Safari:

  1. Open Mac App Store and search for the ad blocker.
  2. Click "Get" and then "Install" to add to Safari.
  3. Enable extension under Safari Preferences -> Extensions.

Microsoft Edge

  • AdBlock – Top ad blocker for Chrome now available as Edge extension.
  • Adguard – Works across Edge desktop and mobile apps. Also blocks trackers.
  • uBlock Origin – Customizable open source ad blocker ported to Edge.

To install ad blocker on Edge:

  1. Visit Edge Add-ons store and search for ad blocker.
  2. Click "Get" to install browser extension.
  3. Manage via extensions menu to customize filters and settings.

Adjust Browser Settings

In addition to extensions, tweaking your browser‘s default settings can also block Yahoo Mail ads:

Block Pop-Ups

Since pop-up ads are so disruptive to workflow, make sure your browser‘s built-in pop-up blocker is enabled:

  • Chrome: Settings > Privacy & security > Site settings > Pop-ups and redirects. Toggle Blocked to on.
  • Firefox: Options > Privacy & Security > Permissions > Uncheck "Allow sites to show pop-ups."
  • Safari: Safari > Preferences > Websites > Pop-up Windows. Select "Block."
  • Edge: Click … > Settings > Cookies and site permissions > Toggle "Block" under Pop-ups and redirects.

Disable JavaScript

Many ads rely on JavaScript to load and display. Disabling it in browser settings blocks some Yahoo Mail ads. May also break site functionality.

Use Private Browsing Mode

Private browsing modes don‘t store cookies/site data, preventing your online activities from being tracked for targeted ads. Access Yahoo Mail using a private window to avoid behavioral ads.

Temporarily Hide Yahoo Mail Ads

In addition to blocking ads entirely, you can temporarily hide them when using Mail:

  • Inline ads: Click ellipses menu > Dislike this ad.
  • Right column ads: Select X icon in top corner.
  • Banners: Click arrow icon to minimize.
  • Pop-ups: Close tab or window. Disable JavaScript to prevent most from opening.

While not permanent solutions, these provide a quick way to declutter your inbox on the go.

Upgrade to an Ad-Free Yahoo Mail Plan

For the ultimate ad-free experience, upgrade to a paid Yahoo Mail Pro (formerly Plus) plan. For $3.49/month, features include:

  • No ads in Mail on both web and mobile apps.
  • Enhanced spam filtering and security tools.
  • Ability to block emails from specific domains.
  • Ad-free news, sports, finance pages.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Upgrading to Pro/Plus is the guaranteed way to go 100% ad-free. But for many, a free ad blocking extension meets their needs without any costs.

Ad Blocking Options for Mobile

Blocking Yahoo Mail ads isn‘t limited to the desktop. You can also remove ads from mobile devices using these methods:

iPhone & iPad

  • Install Safari ad blocking extensions like AdGuard, 1Blocker, or Ka-Block!
  • Enable Safari‘s built-in pop-up blocker under Settings > Safari.
  • Use alternative ad-free email apps like Outlook, Spark, Edison Mail etc.


  • Add ad blocking browser extensions to Chrome like uBlock Origin and AdBlock Plus.
  • Download dedicated ad blocking apps like Blokada, AdClear, and Blockada. Work across multiple apps.
  • Use official Yahoo Mail app which contains fewer ads than mobile site.
  • Try alternate email apps like Outlook, FairEmail, or Edison Mail.

Network-Level Ad Blocking

For full system-wide ad blocking across all devices, use network-level tools:

  • Pi-hole – Blocks ads at DNS level before they even reach your network.
  • Hosts files – Text files that map domains to localhost to prevent connections. Effective but more tedious to maintain.

Network ad blocking complements browser extensions. But often requires more technical expertise to setup and manage.

Ad Blocking FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about removing ads from Yahoo Mail:

Why does Yahoo show so many ads in Mail?

As a free service, Yahoo relies on advertising revenue rather than paid accounts. More ads result in more potential income to operate Mail.

What is the best ad blocker for Yahoo Mail specifically?

uBlock Origin, AdBlock Plus, and AdGuard are highly effective on Yahoo Mail across different browsers.

How do I remove ads from Yahoo Mail on my iPhone?

Enable Safari‘s pop-up blocker, use an ad blocking extension, or use an alternative email app like Outlook or Spark that won‘t show Yahoo Mail ads.

I installed an ad blocker but still see Yahoo Mail ads – why?

Try updating filters, removing any whitelisted sites, and adjusting extension settings. Also clear cookies/cache and reload page. Still seeing ads? Try a different ad blocker.

Is blocking ads on Yahoo Mail legal?

Yes, ad blocking browser extensions do not violate any laws. Yahoo may try to detect and discourage ad blockers, but using them is 100% legal.

What‘s the best free alternative to Yahoo Mail without ads?

Top free, ad-free alternatives include Outlook, Gmail, ProtonMail, Zoho Mail, and GMX. Each offers different features like custom domains and enhanced security.

Ad Blocking Considerations

While removing ads can provide a much better Yahoo Mail experience, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Using an ad blocker reduces Yahoo‘s ability to monetize their free service through advertising. Without ad revenue, Yahoo may be forced to start charging subscription fees.
  • Many websites you visit rely on advertising to pay for content and operations. If too many users blocked ads, some sites may have to shut down or start requiring paid memberships.
  • Some non-intrusive ads help support publishers you want to see succeed. Consider whitelisting sites where acceptable ads fund content you value.
  • Be wary of potential risks posed by some ad blockers in the form of privacy violations, malware injections, and shady practices. Stick to trusted, reputable ad blocking solutions.
  • Ad blockers often require ongoing maintenance like filter list updates to address changes advertisers make to get around blocking. Some commitment is needed to keep ads away long-term.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, excessive advertising can make Yahoo Mail nearly unusable. By implementing one or a combination of ad blocking techniques covered in this guide, you can reclaim your inbox and enjoy ad-free email.

Whether you prefer a set-it-and-forget it browser extension like uBlock Origin, network-wide blocking through Pi-hole, or upgrading to Yahoo Mail Pro, the choice is yours. But no longer do you have to settle for a subpar, ad-overloaded email experience. Take back control and stop those invasive ads for good!


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