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The Complete Guide on Removing Ads from Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular free email services in the world. With over 190 million active users globally, it is second only to Gmail. But the price users pay for a free email account is a cluttered inbox filled with ads.

Yahoo Mail displays all kinds of intrusive advertising like banner ads, pop-ups, sidebar ads, and in-email ads to generate revenue. For regular users, these ads can be frustrating and impact the email experience.

The good news is there are several effective options we have to remove ads from Yahoo Mail and regain control of our inboxes. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best methods to rid Yahoo Mail of pesky ads for good.

Overview of Advertising in Yahoo Mail

Before looking at how to block ads in Yahoo Mail, let‘s first understand the different types of ads commonly shown:

Display Ads

These include banner ads, pop-ups, sidebar ads, and video ads that are visually disruptive:

  • Banner Ads: Large, rectangular ads that appear at the top or bottom of the inbox
  • Pop-up Ads: Ads that open in new windows over the inbox
  • Sidebar Ads: Vertical ads that occupy the right sidebar
  • Video Ads: In-stream video ads that play before opening emails

In-Email Ads

These text-based ads are inserted between actual emails in the inbox:

  • Inline Ads: Text ads injected between email listings
  • Sponsored Emails: Paid ads disguised as real emails from advertisers

Behavioral Targeting

Yahoo Mail also personalizes ads based on user data like inbox content, search history, browsing activity etc.

According to a 2019 survey, 67% of Yahoo Mail users felt the service showed them irrelevant, intrusive ads [1]. Behavioral targeting is likely the reason behind this.

All these ads help Yahoo earn revenue from user clicks and impressions. But for users, it comes at the cost of clutter and privacy.

Ad Blockers – The Most Effective Solution

The best way to permanently remove all ads from Yahoo Mail is to use an ad blocking extension or plugin with your web browser.

Ad blockers work by blocking requests to ad networks from loading and hiding any visual ad content. This prevents ads of any type from even appearing in your inbox.

We tested the top ad blockers to compare their effectiveness in blocking Yahoo Mail ads specifically:

Ad Blocker Yahoo Mail Ad Blocking
uBlock Origin ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
AdGuard ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Adblock Plus ⭐⭐⭐

Based on ability to block common Yahoo Mail ads and overall resource usage, uBlock Origin came out as the clear winner. It uses advanced filtering rules that block all ads and trackers without impacting email performance.

Here is how to set up uBlock Origin on popular web browsers:


  1. Install uBlock Origin Chrome extension from the Web Store
  2. Click ‘Add to Chrome‘ and confirm the extension access
  3. uBlock will automatically block all ads on Yahoo Mail


  1. Go to uBlock Origin on Mozilla Add-ons site
  2. Click ‘Add to Firefox‘ to install it
  3. Once active, ads will not load on Yahoo Mail


  1. Install uBlock Origin for Safari from the App Store
  2. Turn on uBlock Origin in Safari Extensions preferences
  3. It will block ads across all sites including Yahoo Mail


  1. Get uBlock Origin from Microsoft Edge Add-ons store
  2. Click ‘Get‘ and ‘Add extension‘ to install
  3. Yahoo Mail ads will be automatically blocked

uBlock Origin is also available on other browsers like Opera. Once active, it will seamlessly remove all banner, pop-ups, videos, and text ads from Yahoo Mail. The best part is uBlock Origin uses very few system resources so it won‘t slow down your browser.

Import Emails into Gmail

If you don‘t want to install an ad blocker, another option is to import your Yahoo Mail into Gmail. This will move your emails over to Gmail‘s ad-free interface. You can set up forwarding so that new Yahoo emails automatically show up in Gmail.

Here is how to import Yahoo Mail into Gmail:

  1. In Gmail, go to Settings > Accounts and Import
  2. Under Import Mail and Contacts, select Import Mail from Yahoo
  3. Login to your Yahoo account when prompted
  4. Select the folders and emails you want to import
  5. Click Import and wait for the process to complete

It may take some time to transfer all your old emails from Yahoo into Gmail depending on your inbox size. Once done, you can browse your Yahoo Mail through Gmail without seeing ads.

The limitation is this is a one-time import. Any new Yahoo emails will not appear in Gmail unless you set up forwarding. Also, your Yahoo Mail inbox remains as is with ads.

Use Yahoo Mail Plus

Yahoo Mail Plus is the paid premium version of Yahoo Mail. For $3.49 per month, it offers an ad-free email experience along with extra features like:

  • Ad-free inbox
  • Unlimited storage
  • Custom email addresses
  • 24/7 customer support

Upgrading to Yahoo Mail Plus provides a guaranteed ad-free inbox. You won‘t see banner ads, pop-ups or any other type of display advertising. It also removes the need to use an ad blocker.

However, it may not make sense for light Yahoo Mail users. The subscription fee likely outweighs the benefit of removing ads. But heavy users who value additional storage and support may find it worthwhile.

Temporary Options to Hide Ads

If you don‘t want to make any major changes, some quick fixes to temporarily hide Yahoo Mail ads include:

  • Enable your browser‘s built-in pop-up blocker to stop ad pop-ups
  • Click on ‘Dislike This Ad‘ on inline ads to hide that specific ad
  • Use the hide sidebar ads (X) icon to close sidebar ads individually
  • Refresh inbox to load new emails without ads showing initially

However, these are partial solutions as ads will reappear eventually when you close and reopen Yahoo Mail. For a permanent ad-free inbox, ad blockers work best.

Use Alternate Yahoo Mail Apps

Mobile apps like the Yahoo Mail app on Android and Yahoo Mail on iOS do not show third-party ads in the inbox itself. You‘ll only see Yahoo‘s own ads and links.

Accessing your Yahoo Mail through the mobile app allows you to avoid display ads for a cleaner experience. But sponsored emails disguised as regular messages may still come through.

Switch to an Ad-Free Email Service

If you‘re open to moving away from Yahoo Mail entirely, privacy-focused email providers like ProtonMail, Tutanota and FastMail offer ad-free inboxes.

As paid services with plans starting around $5/month, they earn money directly from users rather than relying on ads. This allows them to provide a clean, distraction-free email experience.

Since these services also encrypt emails for security, it prevents advertisers from scanning your inbox content for ad targeting. However, it means losing access to your existing Yahoo emails and contacts.

Troubleshooting Tips for Yahoo Mail Ad Blocking

Ad blockers like uBlock Origin generally work flawlessly on Yahoo Mail. But occasionally, you may encounter minor issues:

  • Ads not blocked – Update uBlock filter lists and purge caches. Check if Cosmetic Filtering is enabled.
  • Email images not loading – Disable privacy extensions or enable selective resource loading in uBlock.
  • Emails missing – Disable Strict Blocking in uBlock, which may mistakenly block emails.
  • Login issues – Temporarily disable uBlock when logging into Yahoo Mail.
  • Slow performance – Yahoo Mail itself may be having issues. Try using it without the ad blocker.

In most cases, a few tweaks to uBlock Origin settings will resolve any problems. Make sure to keep its filter lists updated for best results.

Ad Blocking Best Practices

When removing Yahoo Mail ads, also keep these tips in mind:

  • Only install ad blockers from reputed providers like uBlock Origin to avoid malware.
  • Use privacy extensions like Privacy Badger and HTTPS Everywhere for additional protection.
  • Keep ad blocker filter lists updated regularly for best ad blocking.
  • Check for acceptable ads allow list if you don‘t mind seeing non-intrusive ads.
  • Report offensive or inappropriate ads in Yahoo Mail using the feedback option.
  • Don‘t click on suspicious ads that could be phishing attempts or malware.

The Ethics of Ad Blocking

There are ethical considerations around the use of ad blockers on free online services like Yahoo Mail. The display ads help Yahoo earn revenues to run the service and servers. By blocking ads, users deny that income while still using the service.

However, Yahoo Mail does not make its revenues transparent or give users a choice in seeing ads or not. Users face a cluttered experience without options. So most ad blocker users feel justified in prioritizing their own experience. But it is something to be mindful of.


Yahoo Mail‘s useful features come at the cost of constant advertising clutter. Thankfully by using extensions like uBlock Origin, we can easily block ads and take control of our inboxes. While Yahoo Mail Plus and alternative email services are options, ad blockers provide the best free solution.

With this guide‘s tips, you can rid your Yahoo Mail of intrusive ads for good. Let us know if you have any other questions on keeping your inbox ad-free!


[1] j2 Global, Inc. “Consumer Email Habits Study”

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