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Record IPTV With Free Application – Perfect For Android Boxes & Fire TVs

If you‘ve been thinking about cutting the cord from cable TV, you may have heard about IPTV as a more flexible and cost-effective alternative. One of IPTV’s major perks is the ability to record and timeshift live TV streams right from your media box or smart TV. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk through everything you need to know about recording IPTV streams to supercharge your cord-cutting experience!

What is IPTV Exactly?

Let’s start with a quick refresher on what makes IPTV tick. IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. Instead of relying on traditional cable or satellite signals, an IPTV provider sends live TV channel streams directly over your home Internet connection.

This allows them to deliver hundreds of crystal clear HD channels packed with sports, movies, news, and more on-demand content, without the need for rented equipment or a technician visit. Popular IPTV apps like TiviMate bring an interface similar to your old cable box with features like the ability to pause, rewind, and record live programming.

Under the hood, IPTV relies on video streaming technologies like HLS and MPEG-DASH to adapt to changing network conditions. The video itself is encoded using codecs like H.264 and H.265 to optimize delivery while maintaining high quality.

Content is handed off seamlessly via content delivery networks and edge servers to provide smooth playback – even during prime time when demand spikes. On the security side, streams are typically encrypted with protocols like AES-128 to prevent piracy.

Now that we’ve covered how IPTV sends live channels over the internet in a clever way, let’s dive into the benefits of recording this streaming TV content.

Why Record IPTV Streams?

Here are just a few reasons why you may want to record live IPTV channels:

  • Timeshifting – Pause and rewind live TV or resume a show after taking a break.
  • Skipping ads – Fast forward through entire commercial breaks to save time.
  • Saving shows – Record a whole season of your favorite series to binge later.
  • Capturing events – Ensure you never miss big live sports games, news, or awards shows.
  • Cord cutting freedom – Build your own personalized media library without cable’s restrictions.

According to Statistics from Conviva, 60% of streaming viewers regularly timeshift content, so it’s clearly an expected feature nowadays!

Recording IPTV: Methods Compared

When it comes to actually recording IPTV streams, you have a few different options available:

Using IPTV App DVR Features

The easiest way to schedule recordings from your IPTV subscription is directly within your IPTV app’s interface. Apps like TiviMate, GSE IPTV, IPTV Smarter, and more have built-in DVR capabilities.

This allows you to browse an electronic program guide and set recordings for one-time airings or even recurring weekly series. Recordings are saved locally on your device or USB storage.


  • Simple setup within existing IPTV app
  • Intuitive scheduling from program guide
  • Manage recordings alongside live TV


  • Limited to storage space on streaming box
  • Fewer tuning and quality options

TiviMate IPTV Recording Guide

Using a USB TV Tuner Stick

For more advanced recording, you can use a USB TV tuner accessory like the HDHomeRun Flex paired with server software like Plex.

This converts IPTV streams back into tunable channels so you can leverage robust DVR ecosystems beyond just your streaming box’s local storage.


  • Expand recording capacity via network storage
  • Powerful scheduling, management and tuning
  • Stream recordings to many devices


  • More complex setup and configuration
  • Paid Plex Pass required for full DVR features

In 2022, over 300,000 users leverage Plex DVR according to Stats from Plex

HDHomeRun IPTV Recording Diagram

Using Screen Recording Software

If your IPTV service doesn’t directly support recording or you face platform restrictions, a workaround is to use screen recording software to capture streams.

Apps like OBS Studio, ApowerREC, and AZ Screen Recorder can record directly from your device’s display as you watch.


  • Simple, lightweight recording option
  • No IPTV provider DVR restrictions


  • Lower and device-dependent video quality
  • On-screen display overlays captured
  • High resource usage during extended recordings

Step-by-Step Guide to Recording with TiviMate

Now that you know the most popular recording options, let’s walk through a detailed guide on setting up DVR recordings using one of the best IPTV apps – TiviMate.


Before we get started, make sure you have the following:

  • IPTV subscription with at least 2 connections
  • TiviMate app installed – Android, Fire OS, etc
  • Available storage space on device or microSD card

Using TiviMate for IPTV without an unlocked premium account? Check out this TiviMate Companion guide.


Follow these steps to schedule your first recording:

  1. Launch TiviMate and ensure your IPTV playlists are added and online.

  2. Enter the TV Guide section and find the program you want to record.

  3. Highlight the show title and open the context menu. Select Record.

  4. Choose whether to record just once or set up an ongoing series recording.

  5. Pick the folder to save the recording file – default is local but you can choose USB drive.

  6. Adjust additional settings like preferred video resolution and maximum file size.

  7. Hit confirm to schedule the recording.

That’s it! Your show will now record in the background at the scheduled time. You can view current and upcoming recording sessions in the Recordings tab within TiviMate.

Now you can kick back knowing you won’t miss the latest episodes of your favorite shows or live news and sporting events. Let’s look at some pro tips for managing recordings next.

Recording Management Tips

Here are some useful tips for managing recordings with TiviMate:

  • Check for scheduling conflicts – TiviMate will warn you, but double check!

  • Add padding time before/after airings in case shows run long.

  • Lower video resolution if you need to conserve storage space.

  • Sort recordings by size to find old ones safe to delete.

  • Use remote file access apps like VLC to stream from USB drive.

  • Upgrade to larger microSD card or attach external USB drive for more capacity.

  • Split recordings to new files every 1-2 hours in settings to prevent corrupted files.

TiviMate IPTV Recording Settings

And that’s all there is to it! With TiviMate, recording live IPTV streams is quick and painless. Now let‘s dive into some more advanced topics.

Getting the Most Out of IPTV Recordings

While IPTV recording is simple to setup, there are ways to take it to the next level:

Expand Capacity with a NAS

If you max out recording space on your streaming device, consider adding network-attached storage (NAS). Connect an external hard drive to your router or build a RAID array for terabytes of capacity! Plex can even automatically offload recordings from local device storage to the NAS.

Use Plex for Enhanced Viewing

For a seamless way to watch recordings stored locally or on a NAS across all your devices, Plex ties everything together with a slick interface and streaming options.

Automate Sports Recordings

Use a service like Channels DVR to detect and record only football games across all channels for a team, rather than manually scheduling each one.

Adjust Recording Quality

Recording at 720p resolution instead of 1080p will save significant storage space while still providing great video quality for most channels.

Consider Legalities

While laws vary by region, generally recording streams for personal use is permitted under fair use exemptions in copyright law. Just don‘t mass distribute!

IPTV Recording Troubleshooting

Like any new technology, you may encounter some hiccups when first getting set up. Here are some common IPTV recording issues and fixes:

Problem: Recordings fail or disappear
Fix: Ensure provider allows 2 connections minimum. Add padding time to recordings.

Problem: Choppy video quality
Fix: Check internet speeds. Lower recording resolution. Use wired connection.

Problem: No audio or sync issues
Fix: Change audio codec in app settings (AAC/MP3). Update app and reboot.

Problem: Runs out of space
Fix: Lower recording resolution/file size. Move older recordings to external drive.

Problem: Can‘t schedule in app
Fix: Confirm provider allows recording. Ensure app is updated. Re-add playlists.

Problem: IPTV streams play but won‘t record
Fix: Try a USB tuner stick instead of app-based recording.

Still running into problems? Consult with your IPTV provider‘s support, check for app updates, and reboot your device.

Top Services for Recording IPTV

Not every IPTV provider supports recording or allows multiple connections. Here are 6 top-rated options:

Rocket Streams – Works on all apps and platforms. Plans from $7/month. – Specializes in Latino programming. Prices from $7/month.

Beast TV – Torrent-based VOD and series recordings. $20/month.

GBT TV – Focus on UK and Canadian content. Starts at $12/month for recording.

HyperIPTV – Affordable with large VOD library. Plans from just $7/month.

PrimeStreams – Free 24 hour trial available. Starts at $10/month.

I suggest reading Troypoint‘s full review of the best IPTV services for channels, compatibility, pricing and more details.

Final Thoughts

The ability to schedule recordings with IPTV opens up a whole new world of on-demand viewing compared to traditional satellite or cable options. Never miss a game or wait months for shows to hit streaming services!

Apps like TiviMate provide an easy DVR option directly on your Android streaming device or Fire TV. For more advanced recording, a USB tuner stick unlocks integration with robust PVR ecosystems like Plex.

Look for an IPTV provider that specifically advertises recording capability and multi-connection plans. Investing in increased storage via external hard drive or NAS can also help ensure smooth recording performance.

With the right setup, you can finally take control of your TV viewing experience and stop missing out on must-see content! Ditch cable contracts and recording fees to build your own customized on-demand library with IPTV.


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