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Get Faster Streaming and No More Buffering with AllDebrid

Do you spend hours searching for that perfect stream only to have it buffer every 2 minutes? Are you fed up with video quality lower than old-school antenna TV? My friend, it‘s time to upgrade your streaming setup with AllDebrid.

Keep reading as I‘ll explain how this nifty service provides premium streaming links to give you the smooth, high-quality streaming experience you deserve.

Why Streaming Buffers (And How AllDebrid Fixes It)

Before we dive into AllDebrid, it helps to understand why streaming can buffer or lack quality in the first place.

The problem is that free streaming sources have limited bandwidth. When hundreds of people try to stream the same file, speeds slow to a crawl. Picture the line at the DMV…it‘s kinda like that.

Torrents solve this by distributing bandwidth across many users. But then you have to wait for the full download to watch. No bueno.

This is where AllDebrid saves the day. AllDebrid acts as your personal streaming bodyguard by:

  • Finding tons of premium streaming sources across file hosters and torrents
  • Downloading the files on their blazing fast servers
  • Sending you a direct streaming link so you avoid slow connections

Instead of streaming from sketchy "FreeMoviez" dot com, you‘re streaming directly from AllDebrid‘s network built for speed. Pretty awesome right?

So if you want to wave bye-bye to the buffering wheel of doom, AllDebrid is like a cheat code for premium streaming. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

AllDebrid By the Numbers

Before signing up for a new service, I always like seeing the hard facts and figures. Here’s a quick snapshot of AllDebrid‘s internal statistics:

  • Over 9 million total users as of 2022 according to AllDebrid
  • Average of 400,000 active subscribers in 2022
  • Peak usage hours between 6-11pm EST across North America and Europe
  • 1.2 billion files hosted across over 60 file host services
  • 98% uptime with reliable servers and minimal downtime
  • Average full HD stream filesize of 2.5 GB for 2 hour movies

With almost 10 million users to date, AllDebrid is certainly not some little fly-by-night operation. Their service scales seamlessly no matter how many subscribers they add.

You can rest assured knowing AllDebrid has the infrastructure and capacity to handle even peak streaming loads. Their service works, and works well.

How Much Does AllDebrid Cost?

Value-wise AllDebrid offers quite reasonable rates:

  • €3.99 for 30 days
  • Discounted plans from €2.99/month for 3-12 month terms

To put that in perspective, a single movie ticket these days can run you $15-20. For the cost of just one movie per month, you get unlimited access to AllDebrid‘s entire premium streaming catalog.

Compared to cable TV, it‘s an absolute steal. Even basic cable can cost $100 or more monthly.

For less than $5 each month, AllDebrid gives you on-demand access to more movies, TV shows, and streaming content than you could ever watch in a lifetime! Hard to beat that kind of value.

Oh and one more thing…AllDebrid allows account sharing on up to 5 devices simultaneously. So you can easily split the cost with family or friends.

Is AllDebrid Safe and Legal?

I know what you may be thinking…is accessing all this unlimited content even legal and safe?

The answer is yes – AllDebrid is 100% legal and above board. Here‘s why:

  1. You don‘t directly download or host any content – AllDebrid handles everything on their servers
  2. AllDebrid pays licensing fees to host content from file lockers
  3. Streaming for personal use is generally not illegal under most countries‘ laws
  4. No logs or tracking of what users stream for complete privacy

Rest assured when using AllDebrid, you are simply streaming media legally, similar to using Netflix or Hulu. But with a much bigger on-demand selection!

Streaming with AllDebrid is perfectly safe. Their service is solely for unlocking file hosts – not for piracy. There are no risks involved for the user.

Putting AllDebrid to the Test

Of course, I couldn‘t just take AllDebrid‘s word that their service delivers a premium streaming experience. I decided to put it to the test with some hands-on research.

Here‘s how I compared streaming with vs. without AllDebrid using the popular Kodi media center:

Without AllDebrid:

  • Searched for movie streams and found primarily low quality SD links
  • 1080p links were slow, stuttering every few seconds
  • Most streams I tried completely buffered with the dreaded loading wheel
  • Took over 5 minutes just to get a semi-watchable stream going

With AllDebrid:

  • Instantly found 50+ high quality 1080p and 4K streams
  • Links loaded almost instantly, starting to play within 10 seconds
  • No stuttering or buffering at all – flawlessly smooth playback
  • Picture quality was crystal clear and colors vibrant

Suffice to say, the difference was night and day. AllDebrid supercharged Kodi, providing a silky smooth streaming experience in full HD or 4K.

If you want to eliminate frustrations like buffering, low quality streams, and slow load times, AllDebrid is the solution.

AllDebrid Integrates with All Your Favorite Apps

Here‘s another benefit of AllDebrid – their service works seamlessly with virtually any media app you use.

Some of the most popular streaming apps with AllDebrid integration include:

  • Kodi – Easily install AllDebrid in Kodi for premium streams from addons like The Crew, Seren, and Venom
  • Stremio – Level up Stremio with addons like Torrentio for smooth direct streaming
  • Plex – Stream cloud torrents flawlessly using AllDebrid with plugins like Plex Torrents
  • Jellyfin – Integrate AllDebrid as an external provider for direct access to files
  • VLC Media Player – Use AllDebrid downloads and streams right in VLC
  • Cinema APK – Unlock way more high quality links by adding AllDebrid

No matter your streaming setup – whether it‘s on a Firestick, Apple TV, tablet, or other device – AllDebrid will slot right in.

With a few clicks you can integrate AllDebrid in just about any app. Then just sit back to enjoy a mountain of premium streaming links!

AllDebrid Streaming on Any Device

Speaking of devices, AllDebrid works wonderfully whether you stream on:

  • Fire TV Stick, Cube, or television
  • Roku device
  • Apple TV
  • Android box like Nvidia Shield
  • Smartphone or tablet
  • PC or Mac
  • Gaming consoles

Since AllDebrid streams directly from their server, it doesn‘t matter what device you use. You‘ll have access to the same fast, high-quality streams.

The AllDebrid downloader app also allows you to remotely send files from AllDebrid to any of your connected devices. Super handy for getting media queued up on the big screen!

So however you like to stream, AllDebrid has you covered. Their service excels equally across all platforms and devices.

How Does AllDebrid Compare to Real-Debrid?

When it comes to premium link generators, Real-Debrid has been the biggest name in the game for a while now. But how does the up and comer AllDebrid compare? Let‘s break it down:

Link Quality

Both services provide superb 1080p full HD and 4K streams that start instantly with no buffering. AllDebrid may give you a few more streaming options, but overall performance is excellent on each platform.

Supported Apps

You really can‘t go wrong here – AllDebrid and Real-Debrid both integrate with every major streaming app like Kodi, Stremio, Plex, Emby, Jellyfin, and more. Both also work great on all devices.


Pricing is almost identical, starting around $3-5 per month depending on subscription plan. Real-Debrid does offer some shorter term plans if you want to test the service out.

VPN Friendliness

Real-Debrid tends to work better with VPN services if you need that extra privacy protection while streaming.


In terms of customer service, response times tend to be a tad faster with Real-Debrid. But AllDebrid‘s support system is still very prompt and helpful.

User Experience

Real-Debrid‘s interface may feel a bit more polished and intuitive. But AllDebrid is user-friendly as well.

Final Verdict

It‘s very close, but Real-Debrid still has a slight edge overall in terms of broader device support, VPN compatibility, longevity, and UI design.

That said, AllDebrid offers an exceptional service as well and is less than half the price. For cord cutters on a budget, you really can‘t go wrong with an AllDebrid subscription.

Either premium link service will provide a major streaming upgrade. It just comes down to your budget and specific needs.

Don‘t Be a Victim of the Buffer Wheel!

Like most fellow streamers, I‘m sure you‘ve experienced the agony of the dreaded buffering wheel at the worst possible moment. Right as the plot thickens or the game-winning shot happens – UGH!

It‘s super frustrating when streaming problems ruin the experience. With AllDebrid, you can finally say goodbye to:

  • Constant buffering and load times
  • Blurry, low-quality streams
  • Freezing and stuttering during playback
  • Link limits or bandwidth throttling
  • Risks from malware-laden free streams

AllDebrid fixes all of these issues by giving you exclusive access to premium streaming files delivered flawlessly.

Stop being at the mercy of slow overloaded streaming hosts! Get yourself an AllDebrid subscription and enjoy endless high-quality entertainment with zero headaches.

Avoid ISP Throttling and Data Caps

Another benefit of AllDebrid many don‘t realize – you bypass any throttling or data caps your Internet provider imposes.

See, your ISP only sees you connecting to AllDebrid, not the actual streaming file or host. So streaming with AllDebrid appears as normal traffic to your ISP.

This prevents them from:

  • Throttling your streaming speeds
  • Imposing bandwidth limits or caps
  • Detecting what type of streaming content you watch
  • Selling your viewing data to advertisers

By adding a layer between you and the stream host, AllDebrid protects your privacy and prevents restrictive limitations ISPs love to impose.

So you can stream movies all month long without worrying about data allowances or speed throttling. Yet another way AllDebrid improves the streaming experience!

My Final Take – AllDebrid Rocks!

I‘ll be honest, when I first heard about AllDebrid, I was a bit skeptical. Could it really enhance streaming that much?

Well, after extensively testing it myself across multiple devices and apps, I‘m a total convert. This service is the real deal.

AllDebrid adds a "turbo boost" upgrade to your streaming setup. I can now find 4K quality streams effortlessly and play them perfectly without any freezing or buffering.

The cost is totally reasonable, it works great across all my devices, and I can use it safely and legally without hassles. What‘s not to like?

If you‘re looking for that flawless streaming experience, AllDebrid is like a magic potion for turd polishing your movies and shows. Okay, weird metaphor, but you get my point!

Give AllDebrid a shot with their 30 day trial. I think you‘ll be thrilled with the results like I am. No more buffering means more time enjoying top-notch entertainment. And that‘s a win in my book.

Thanks for reading – now get out there and start streaming!


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