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How to Use Real-Debrid on Kodi & APKs in November 2023

Friend, are you struggling with buffering and low quality streams on Kodi or your favorite streaming apps? Don‘t worry, I‘ve got you covered.

In this guide, I‘ll show you how to setup the Real-Debrid service for buffer-free 4K streaming. Real-Debrid provides unlimited access to movies, shows, live sports, and more!

We‘ll cover:

  • What Real-Debrid is and how it eliminates buffering
  • Pricing options and payment methods
  • Privacy concerns and anonymous sign up
  • Step-by-step setup for Kodi addons and apps
  • How to delete history and cancel account
  • Using a VPN for security and compatibility
  • FAQs to handle any question you have

Let‘s get started with the basics…

What is Real-Debrid and How Does it Work?

Real-Debrid is a premium service that gives you unlimited streams by unblocking file lockers and torrent sites.

It acts as a middleman, fetching files from hosters and torrents through their blazing fast servers. This allows instant streaming in qualities up to 4K without any annoying buffering.

According to a recent poll, over 90% of streaming users pair Real-Debrid with Kodi addons and apps for the ultimate viewing experience:

90% use Real Debrid

Without Real-Debrid, you‘ll often run into dead links or constant buffering on Kodi and apps like Cinema HD, Cat Mouse, etc. That‘s because many free streaming servers have been shut down.

Real-Debrid restores your streaming powers by providing premium access to 50+ hosters:

Real Debrid hosters

Some of the key benefits you‘ll enjoy include:

  • No more dead links – Access files from tons of active hosters and torrents

  • Lightning fast speeds – Servers clock up to 1 Gbps for instant streaming

  • High quality streams – Unlocks streams in 1080p, 4K, and BluRay quality

  • No waiting around – Links start playing instantly without annoying buffers

  • Malware protection – Streamed files are scanned for viruses and threats

  • OS and device agnostic – Use any operating system or device you want

  • Affordable pricing – Around $4 USD per month for unlimited access

The bottom line is that Real-Debrid takes your streaming to the next level. Let‘s go over your pricing and payment options next.

Real-Debrid Pricing and Payment Options

Real-Debrid offers a few subscription plans to meet your needs:

Real Debrid Pricing

As you can see, the sweet spot for most users is the 30 day plan which costs around $4.21 USD (4 Euros).

Some other things to note about pricing:

  • Longer plans (90 days +) offer the best value
  • You‘re billed in Euros (EUR) so USD price fluctuates
  • Payment is not recurring – subscriptions do not auto-renew

For payment methods, you have a few options:

Real Debrid Payment Methods

  • Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

  • Amazon Pay – Convenient if your credit card doesn‘t work

  • Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

  • Prepaid Vouchers – Purchase with cash; more anonymity

I recommend using crypto or Amazon Pay instead of your personal credit card for privacy reasons which I‘ll explain next.

Privacy Concerns with Real-Debrid

Before we setup your account, it‘s important to go over some privacy considerations:

Real Debrid Privacy Policy

As you can see, their policy says they will log all streaming links accessed which are tied to your IP address.

They also reserve the right to hand over personal information to authorities. This is likely tied to pirated content accessed through their service.

The solution is to always use a VPN with Real-Debrid. This will prevent them from logging your real IP and identity.

I also suggest registering anonymously which involves:

  • Using a VPN when signing up to mask your IP

  • Disposable email from a service like AnonAddy instead of your real email

  • Crypto payments through an exchange like Coinbase for anonymous billing

With these precautions, you can enjoy Real-Debrid with peace of mind.

Now let‘s get you set up…

How to Sign Up for Real-Debrid Anonymously

Here are step-by-step instructions to privately register for Real-Debrid:

1. Connect to a VPN

The first step is to connect to a recommended VPN like Surfshark. This will hide your real IP address:

Connect to VPN

I suggest using Surfshark since it‘s fast, anonymous, and works seamlessly with Real-Debrid.

2. Create Anonymized Email

Next, head over to AnonAddy and generate a new email alias.

This creates a forwarding email address not tied to your real identity.

3. Visit Real-Debrid and Register

Now go to Real-Debrid and click Sign Up to create your account:

Real Debrid Registration

Use your new anonymous email and a strong password.

4. Activate Your Account

Check the disposable email inbox for the activation message from Real-Debrid. Click to verify your account while still connected to your VPN:

Real Debrid Activation

This completes the registration process anonymously.

5. Make Anonymous Payment

Under account settings, purchase a subscription using crypto through Coinbase:

Buy with Crypto

And that‘s it! You now have a private Real-Debrid account ready for streaming.

Next I‘ll show you how to setup the service on Kodi addons and apps.

How to Setup Real-Debrid on Kodi Addons

One of the most powerful uses for Real-Debrid is pairing it with Kodi addons like The Crew, Venom, Seren etc.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to integrate Real-Debrid with The Crew addon:

1. Install The Crew Kodi Addon

If you don‘t have The Crew, follow this install guide to get it setup.

2. Launch The Crew Addon

Once installed and open, you‘ll see the main menu:

The Crew Addon

3. Go to Tools > ResolveURL > Settings

From the main menu, navigate to Tools > ResolveURL > Settings:

ResolveURL Settings

This is where we‘ll link your Real-Debrid account.

4. Re-authorize Real-Debrid

Under Universal Resolvers, select Re-authorize my account:

Re-authorize RD

A code will appear that we‘ll need for the next step.

5. Confirm Authorization on Real-Debrid

Go to and enter the code to confirm authorization:

Confirm Device

This links your Real-Debrid account with Kodi.

6. Enjoy New Real-Debrid Streams!

Now when you use The Crew addon, Real-Debrid links will populate at the top. These stream instantly in HD and 4K without any buffering!

And that‘s all there is to it. The process is the same for other addons like Venom, Seren etc. Just authorize in ResolveURL settings.

Next let‘s cover setup for free streaming apps.

How to Setup Real-Debrid on Streaming Apps

You can also use Real-Debrid accounts on free streaming apps like:

  • Cinema HD
  • Cat Mouse
  • Strix
  • MediaBox HD
  • BeeTV
  • And many others!

Here‘s a quick example of integrating Real-Debrid with Cinema HD:

1. Launch Cinema HD

Make sure you have Cinema HD installed on your device and open it.

2. Go to Settings > Real Debrid

From the Cinema HD home screen, click the menu icon and choose Settings. Then go to Real Debrid:

Cinema HD Real Debrid

3. Select Login

Choose Login to Real Debrid from the options:

Login to RD

A verification code will appear.

4. Confirm Authorization on Real-Debrid

Go to the Real-Debrid website from any device and enter the code under My Account > Device Authorization to link it.

5. Enjoy Superior Real-Debrid Streams!

You‘re all set! Real-Debrid sources will now populate in Cinema HD. These stream instantly in high quality with no buffering!

The process is similar for any app. Just look for the Real-Debrid option under settings and authorize.

Best Kodi Addons and Apps for Real-Debrid

Here are some of my top recommendations for streaming with a Real-Debrid subscription:

Best Kodi Addons

  • The Crew – Extremely popular all-in-one addon. Great for Real-Debrid.
  • Venom – Reliable movies, shows, live TV, and more. Excellent pairing.
  • Seren – Real-Debrid exclusive addon that‘s blazing fast.

Best Streaming Apps

  • Cinema HD – Leading movie and TV show streaming app. Easy to setup.
  • Cat Mouse – Gives you movies, shows, and live TV. Works great with RD.
  • Strix – All-in-one streaming APK with great Real-Debrid integration.

No matter which option you choose, Real-Debrid improves streaming across the board!

How to Delete Real-Debrid Download History

As mentioned earlier, Real-Debrid retains your download history for 1 year. Here‘s how to delete it for privacy:

  1. Login to your Real-Debrid account dashboard.

  2. Under the "Your Services" section, click Downloads History:

Real Debrid Downloads History

  1. In the top right corner, click the red X icon to "Delete All":

Delete Real Debrid History

  1. Confirm that you want to erase your entire history.

This deletes your history across all services and devices. Keep in mind it‘s still logged on their end for 1 year though.

You can also erase device history specifically under My Account > Manage Devices.

How to Cancel Your Real-Debrid Account

If you want to completely close your Real-Debrid account, here is the cancellation process:

  1. Let your current subscription expire. Real-Debrid does not allow instant deletion.

  2. Once expired, login and click the Delete Account button:

Delete Real Debrid Account

  1. Confirm that you want to permanently delete your account.

And that‘s all it takes to fully cancel Real-Debrid once your subscription runs out. You lose access immediately upon expiration.

Using a VPN for Security and Compatibility

I highly recommending pairing your Real-Debrid account with a VPN like Surfshark or NordVPN.

Here are some key reasons to use a VPN:


  • Masks your IP address from Real-Debrid‘s servers and logging

  • Allows anonymous signup and streaming without ties to your identity


  • Encrypts all streaming traffic to keep it hidden from prying eyes

  • Provides malware protection when accessing files from various hosters


  • Real-Debrid only works properly with select VPN providers

  • The VPN needs a working kill switch to prevent IP leaks

Without a good VPN, you risk Real-Debrid logging your true IP address and location each time you stream.

I recommend Surfshark VPN which covers all the criteria above and offers unlimited device connections.

Now let‘s wrap things up with some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let‘s quickly run through some common questions about Real-Debrid:

What is Real-Debrid exactly?

Real-Debrid is a premium service that provides unlimited access to media files hosted on various file lockers, cloud storages, hosters, and torrent sites.

Is Real-Debrid legal to use?

Yes, the service itself is legal. However, you do access copyrighted material so use discretion. Streaming public domain films is safest.

How much does a Real-Debrid subscription cost?

It costs around $4.21 USD per month. Longer plans of 3 months+ offer better value if you‘ll use it regularly.

What is the best way to pay anonymously?

Paying with cryptocurrency through an exchange like Coinbase is the most private payment option.

Can I use Real-Debrid on any device like Firestick, iPhone, Android, etc?

Yes! Real-Debrid works on any device including Firestick, Android phones & boxes, iPhones, computers, and more.

What happens when my subscription expires?

You immediately lose access as soon as your subscription lapses. Renew promptly to avoid interruptions.

Does Real-Debrid improve live TV streaming?

Unfortunately Real-Debrid only provides on-demand streaming sources, not live TV. It‘s for movies, shows, PPV events, etc.

Is a VPN required to use Real-Debrid safely?

Yes, you should always use a VPN to keep your streaming activities anonymous and private from prying eyes.

And there you have it! You‘re now a Real-Debrid expert ready to enjoy endless high-quality streaming. Feel free to reach out if any other questions come up!


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