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RARBG Officially Shuts Down – Here are the Best Alternatives

Torrent Legal Disclaimer: Neither I, nor this site, supports or endorses illegal torrenting activity. Torrent technology has legitimate uses and should only be used to access non-copyrighted content.

RARBG, one of the most popular torrent websites in the world, has officially shut down after 15 years of service. The site had millions of monthly visitors who used it to access torrents for movies, shows, games, software and more.

In a statement on the RARBG website, the operators cited several factors behind the closure decision:

Image of RARBG closure message

As the message indicates, issues like high inflation, lost ad revenue, and increasing regulatory pressure ultimately led RARBG to close its doors.

This leaves a major void for torrent users who relied on RARBG since its launch in 2008. But luckily, there are plenty of alternatives out there that can provide a similar torrenting experience.

I’ve compiled this guide to the best RARBG alternatives to help you find a new home. I’ll cover the top torrent sites that can fill the gap, compare their key features, and provide tips for safe, legal torrenting.

Best RARBG Alternatives

Here are the top 5 alternatives I recommend checking out:

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay Homepage

The world‘s most famous torrent site, The Pirate Bay offers a massive library and community. Its iconic pirate ship homepage makes finding torrents a breeze. Content includes movies, TV, games, software, music and more.

2. 1337X

1337X Homepage

1337X has emerged as one of the most popular torrent sites. Its clean design makes browsing easy. Verified torrents download quickly. Categories range from movies and TV to games, music, apps, ebooks and more.

3. YTS

YTS Homepage

A rebranded version of YIFY Torrents, YTS remains focused on movie torrents. It brings high definition quality, well-seeded torrents, and a smooth site. They encourage VPN use for privacy.


EZTV Homepage

EZTV has long served TV show torrents. Its TV calendar helps find new episodes fast. Torrents offer multiple quality options. Besides TV, EZTV indexes movies, games, software and music as well.

5. KickassTorrents

KickassTorrents Homepage

A classic torrent site, KickassTorrents offers simplicity and content variety. Movies, TV shows, music, games, software and more are available through its intuitive interface.

Beyond these top 5, there are many other worthy RARBG alternatives out there as well. Proxy and mirror sites have popped up aiming to replicate RARBG exactly. And general torrent sites like LimeTorrents, Zooqle and TorrentDownloads may help fill the void too.

For the best experience, I recommend sticking to well-established sites with large communities like the ones mentioned above. This helps ensure you can find well-seeded torrents and avoids slow downloads or fake files.

How to Torrent Safely and Legally

When torrenting, it’s important to keep some basics in mind:

  • Avoid copyrighted content – Stick to downloading legal torrents like open source software, independent films or public domain works.

  • Use a VPN – A VPN encrypts your traffic and hides your IP address to keep you anonymous and secure.

  • Check torrent health – Only download well-seeded torrents to ensure fast speeds and file integrity.

  • Scan files – Use antivirus software to scan downloaded files before opening to check for malware.

  • Seed back – Help the community by keeping torrents seeded after your download finishes.

Following these tips will help ensure you have a smooth, safe torrenting experience as you transition to a new site after RARBG‘s closure.

The Bottom Line

Losing RARBG is a big change in the torrent landscape. But with quality alternatives like The Pirate Bay, 1337X and others, the torrent community will continue to thrive.

I hope this guide helps you find a new go-to torrent site that meets your needs. And remember – stay safe and torrent responsibly!


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