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How to Install Projectivy Launcher on Firestick & Android TV

If you own an Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, or Android TV device, installing a custom launcher like Projectivy is a great way to upgrade the stock interface.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll show you how to install Projectivy Launcher to enjoy an ad-free viewing experience with tons of personalization options.

Introduction to Firestick & Android TV Devices

The Firestick and Fire TV from Amazon are some of the most popular media streaming devices available today. According to market research firm Parks Associates, Amazon dominates the streaming device space with a 34% market share as of Q1 2022.

This is largely thanks to the low cost and ease-of-use of the Firestick line. The base Fire TV Stick retails for just $29.99, making it accessible for most households.

Fire TV runs Amazon‘s Fire OS, which is a forked version of Android optimized for streaming content to your TV.

Here‘s a quick comparison of some of the most popular Firestick and Fire TV models:

Device Release Date Resolution HDR Support Remote
Fire TV Stick Lite 2020 1080p No Basic remote
Fire TV Stick (3rd Gen) 2021 1080p No Alexa voice remote
Fire TV Stick 4K 2018 4K Yes Alexa voice remote
Fire TV Stick 4K Max 2021 4K Yes Alexa voice remote + WiFi 6 support
Fire TV Cube 2019 4K Yes Alexa voice remote + built-in speaker
Fire TV Cube (2nd Gen) 2021 4K Yes New Alexa voice remote

Android TV is another smart TV platform developed by Google for Android-based televisions and streaming devices. Some popular Android TV options include:

  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • TiVo Stream 4K
  • Xiaomi Mi Box
  • Sony Smart TVs
  • TCL Roku TVs

Both Fire OS and Android TV provide easy access to streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, etc. However, their default interfaces display ads and suggested content you can‘t remove.

This is where a custom launcher app like Projectivy Launcher comes in handy!

Benefits of Using a Custom Launcher

Here are some of the main benefits of installing a custom launcher like Projectivy on your Firestick or Android TV device:

Removes ads – The default Fire OS and Android TV home screens display ads and suggested content to promote Amazon or Google services. A custom launcher gives you an ad-free viewing experience.

Increases privacy – Stock interfaces track your usage data to serve personalized ads and content recommendations. Using a third-party launcher gives you more control over your privacy.

Customization – Custom launchers provide all kinds of personalization options including custom app layouts, themes, icon packs, and more.

Improves performance – Removing ads and bloatware via a custom launcher can speed up your device‘s interface and loading times.

Access sideloaded apps – Launchers like Projectivy neatly display all your installed apps, including those sideloaded outside official app stores.

New features – Advanced launchers add functionality like app drawer, widgets, multi-tasking menus, and gaming features not found on stock interfaces.

So in summary, using Projectivy Launcher or another custom launcher provides an ad-free viewing experience that you can highly customize to your needs while increasing privacy.

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Projectivy Launcher

Without further ado, let‘s go through the installation process for getting Projectivy Launcher set up on both Firestick & Fire TV as well as Android TV devices.

Installing Projectivy on Firestick & Fire TV

Follow these steps to install Projectivy on any Firestick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube, etc. This requires installing two apps from Downloader first.

Step 1: Download and Install Downloader App

The first step is to download and install the Downloader app from the Amazon Appstore.

If you don‘t have this installed yet, follow our guide here that covers the full process including enabling Unknown Sources.

Unknown Sources must be enabled to install third-party apps like Projectivy Launcher.

Step 2: Launch Downloader App and Install Launch on Boot

Once Downloader is installed, open it from your Firestick‘s Your Apps & Channels menu.

You‘ll see the Downloader start screen:

In the URL bar at the top, use the on-screen keyboard to enter the code:


Then click Go to install. This will install the Launch on Boot app we need.

When you see the "Launch on Boot Ready to launch!" screen, click Done.

Step 3: Install Projectivy Launcher

From the Downloader home screen, enter this code in the URL bar:


Click Go to install Projectivy Launcher.

Once the installation completes, click Done. You can now delete the Downloader temporary files.

Step 4: Set Projectivy as Default Launcher

Go to Your Apps & Channels and open Launch on Boot. Click through the introduction, then enable:

  • Enabled
  • Launch when device wakes up

Next, click Select App > Projectivy Launcher.

This will set Projectivy as the default launcher. Click Test to confirm it opens.

Step 5: Finish Projectivy Setup

In the Projectivy intro slides, click Allow to grant permissions when prompted.

Then click Get Started to reach the Projectivy home screen!

You can move the Projectivy icon to the front of your apps for quick access. The setup is complete.

Installing Projectivy on Android TV

Android TV devices like the NVIDIA SHIELD also support Projectivy Launcher. Here are the steps to install it:

Step 1: Enable Debugging

First, enable USB debugging under Developer Options on your Android TV device.


On Chromecast with Google TV:

Legitimate launchers require debug access to properly function.

Step 2: Install Launcher Manager for Android TV

Open Downloader and enter this code:


This will install Launcher Manager for Android TV. Click Install when prompted.

Step 3: Set Projectivy as Default Launcher

From your Android TV‘s app menu, open Launcher Manager. Click Enable Custom Launcher.

You‘ll see Projectivy set as the Current Launcher. Click OK to exit.

Step 4: Finish Projectivy Setup

Launch Projectivy and click through the introductory slides. Tap Allow when prompted to grant the required permissions.

Finally, click Get Started to view the new Projectivy home screen. Enjoy your customized ad-free experience!

Projectivy Launcher Features & Customization

Now that you have Projectivy Launcher installed, let‘s look at some of the top features and customization options available:

Favorites – Mark your most-used apps as Favorites for quick access on the home screen.

Profiles – Create multiple launcher profiles with different themes and layouts for each user.

Notifications – Enable notifications for app updates and new features.

Theme Engine – Totally customize colors, icon styles, and backgrounds.

Icon Packs – Change default app icons using free icon packs.

Folders – Organize apps in labeled folders to reduce clutter.

Hide Apps – Remove apps you don‘t use from the launcher view.

Transition Effects – Customize how the interface animates between screens.

App Drawer – Toggle an app drawer for easy access to all installed apps.

Smart TV – Connect your streaming accounts for a smart TV-style viewing guide.

App Update Notifications – Enable notifications when your apps have new versions to update.

Take some time to dive into the Projectivy settings to tailor the launcher to your preferences. It‘s fun to play around with different color schemes, icon packs, and layouts.

How Projectivy Compares to Other Launchers

Projectivy isn‘t the only custom launcher option for Firestick and Android TV devices. Here‘s how it compares to some other popular choices:

  • Wolf Launcher – Excellent free option with tons of customization and theming. But has ads in the settings menu.

  • Refton Fire Launcher – ModernMaterial design focused on usability. Missing some personalization features.

  • Sideload Launcher – Open source launcher promising regular updates. Light on features currently.

  • Flare Launcher – New launcher gaining popularity for its slick design. Lacks folder support.

  • ATV Launcher – Top choice for Android TVs. But costs $5 and no Firestick support.

Projectivy strikes a great balance by providing a highly customizable ad-free experience for both Firestick and Android TV devices completely free.

Troubleshooting Guide

Here are some common issues and solutions if you run into trouble setting up Projectivy:

Can‘t install Downloader? – Make sure you have the latest Firestick software update and Unknown Sources enabled.

Projectivy crashes? – Reboot your device and re-enable USB debugging in Developer Options.

Default launcher resets? – Launch Projectivy and re-allow permissions when prompted.

Apps missing? – Try restarting or reinstalling Projectivy Launcher. Enable app sync.

Launcher keeps resetting? – Ensure Launch on Boot is enabling Projectivy on startup.

Still having trouble? Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Final Thoughts

Customizing your Firestick or Android TV home screen with Projectivy Launcher provides a smooth ad-free viewing experience. You also gain more control over the look and feel of the interface.

It takes just a few minutes to install, and you‘ll enjoy the benefits every time you sit down to stream movies, shows, and more.

If you found this guide helpful, check out my other Fire TV tips:

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Let me know if you have any other questions about using Projectivy Launcher!


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