HOB X11Gate

Secure Access to Linux/Unix Servers with HOB X11Gate

In most businesses today, mobile and flexible access to centrally stored enterprise data and applications has become standard. Many of the central servers used for this run Linux/Unix operating systems. The purely software-based HOB X11Gate provides for secure and bandwidth optimized access to these systems. To do this, HOB X11Gate transforms the proven and very powerful X protocol (X11, MIT) into the even more performant RDP protocol. Thereby, bandwidth requirements and response times are greatly reduced. This additionally opens up a completely new possibility, i.e., high-performance remote access over the Internet to Linux/Unix servers.

Also, internal network connections profit greatly from the reduced bandwidth requirements. HOB X11Gate fits into existing IT infrastructures and is very easy to install and implement, as no installation or administrator rights are needed on the client devices. Administrators centrally define the individual user roles and rights and can easily integrate new users. As standard, HOB X11Gate provides 128-bit encryption. Used in combination with HOB RD VPN, the comprehensive remote access suite from HOB, you get reliable, all-round security functions, such as SSL encryption and Single Sign-On.

x11gate with RDVPN

X11Gate with HOB RDVPN


X11Gate Stand Alone

Your Benefits

Highest productivity thanks to powerful remote access to Linux/Unix servers and optimal bandwidth utilization.
Multi-Session functionality: Simultaneous access for many users
More flexibility for users and administrators via simultaneous remote access for many users
High-performance connection even at low bandwidths
Conversion of the X-Window protocol into the more powerful RDP protocol for maximum performance at a minimal TCO

Technical Highlights

Supports OpenGL applications on Linux/Unix servers when using the software emulation
Supports a wide variety of keyboard layouts
Reconnection of interrupted sessions
Web-based administration portal
IPv4- and IPv6-compatible
RDP encryption up to 128 bits



LB 21.08.17