HOB WebTerm Express

The Fast HTML5 Remote Desktop Solution

Webterm express

HOB WebTerm Express provides you with a secure and highly performant HTML5-based RDP tool. Quickly and securely access the widest variety of targets within your corporate network, e.g., Microsoft Server, Remote Desktop Services, virtual infrastructures or macOS and Linux systems. All you need is HOB WebTerm Express and an HTML5-capable browser.

With HOB WebTerm Express, you have an alternative to (conventional) native remote desktop clients. Among the numerous functions are, e.g., access to Microsoft Remote Services, a central configuration interface, a universal printer solution, as well as file transfer.

In addition to this, our HTML5 client also includes the feature HOB Web Server Gate, with which you can securely access enterprise-internal Web servers over the HTTPS protocol. The feature Web File Access additionally enables access to internal file servers. This way, you can change any current Web browser into an enhanced RDP solution.

Learn all about the entire scope of HOB WebTerm Express functions from one of our info-brochures or product-videos.

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Using HOB WebTerm Express

Your Benefits

Easy and efficient operations via any HTML5-capable Web browser
Access to Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and systems, which, thanks to HOB technology, become Remote Desktop-capable (e.g., macOS and Linux X.11*)
Secure connections via SSL (TLS)
Extremely resource-sparing RDP Web client
(Performance Report)

More Information

* Requires additional, optional HOB products