HOBLink VPN Gateway

Securely Connect Branch Offices and Clients with HOBLink VPN Gateway

HOBLink VPN Gateway is a secure and flexible IPsec VPN gateway, with which the enterprise’s clients and branch offices can securely connect to the corporate network. At the same time, communications security and flexibility over the Internet is noticeably increased. Based on IPsec and strong authentication, a secure connection of all branch offices (site-to-site) and clients to the central network infrastructure can be made.

HOBLink VPN Gateway is a pure software solution and thus highly scalable. A distinctive feature of this solution is, it is compatible with different clients of the leading manufacturers and therefore easy to integrate into any existing IT infrastructure. This makes it fit for deployment in enterprises of any size.

Product Overview

Your Benefits

Protection of the data communication in the enterprise with strong encryption and authentication
No limitation on the number of VPN tunnels or users
Pure software solution for ideal scalability
Compatible with VPN clients on various mobile devices
Replaces traditional VPN gateway appliances without a renewed, troublesome rollout
Simple consolidation of various IT landscapes
Simultaneous connection of various clients is possible

HOB VPN Gateway is compatible with many commercial clients. Click on the buttons below for more information:

L2TP mit IPsec

IPsec mit IKEv2

IPsec mit IKEv1

IPsec mit IKEv1

Technical Highlights

User authentication via Radius (e.g., RSA ACE/Server) or LDAP
IPsec over any router, firewall and WLAN hotspot
Integrated certificate manager and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) support certificates and digital signatures
Local and browser-based configuration and administration
Use of L2TP
Supports IKEv2
Can run on Linux and FreeBSD
(Windows version available soon)



LB 21.08.17