HOB eSecure SDK

Develop Secure Apps with HOB eSecure SDK

Enterprises that develop apps have to safeguard the integrity of important data. To help in this endeavor, HOB eSecure SDK provides highly secure components. Mobile devices are often insufficiently secured and offer, especially as regards data transmission, areas susceptible to attack. HOB eSecure SDK combines the security gateway HOB WebSecureProxy for authentication

on the server with sophisticated HOB security components for the integration of SSL routines on the client side. This software solution supports authentication methods such as tokens and authentication on RADIUS servers and also encrypts data with SSL or TLS during transmission. Even more, developing apps with HOB eSecure SDK can enable them to access IBM Mainframes.

eSecure SDK

Your Benefits

Trouble-free adaptation to the existing corporate identity
Increases security of mobile apps
Makes mobile and flexible work possible
Perfect adjustment to existing structures

Technical Highlights

Modern, highly secure authentication- and encryption-methods
Mobile access to IBM Mainframes as well
Conformant with strict security guidelines
Individual app design



LB 21.08.17