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HOB RD VPN Remote Access


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Functionalities of HOB RD VPN 2.1


User authentication with HOB RD VPN can take place using the following methods:

  • SSL user-certificate
  • Kerberos Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • LDAP

For the verification of user certificates, the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) is supported.

HOB has integrated an HOB-developed Security Manager for creating certificates.
With its help, certificates can be not only created, but also implemented.

Authentication with one-time-passwords is supported. All manufacturers supporting RADIUS-protocol can be used.

For true single sign-on (SSO), HOB recommends the use of Kerberos. HOB RD VPN supports Kerberos SSO.

For authentication, various LDAP-directories can be integrated. HOB supports different manufacturers, e.g.:

  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • IBM Directory Server
  • Novell eDirectory
  • Siemens DirX Directory
  • Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition
  • OpenLDAP

User Administration

For the user settings, different directories can be used simultaneously, supporting, e.g.:

  • HOB internal storage
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • IBM Directory Server
  • Novell eDirectory
  • Siemens DirX Directory
  • Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition
  • OpenLDAP and others

Due to multi-tenancy, various domains can be implemented. There are no further restrictions concerning the number of simultaneously usable domains.

Remote Desktop Functionalities


HOBLink JWT is an HOB-developed remote desktop client, allowing for communication with Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services. The Java RDP client is platform-independent (Java Remote Desktop).


For accessing virtual Windows desktops using HOB RD VPN, the HOB VDI Agent is required. This VDI Agent is installed on every single-user operating system (SUOS), in other words, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, and is operating as a software service. The VDI Agent knows the current state in the SUOS.

HOB Desktop-on-Demand

With HOB Desktop-on-Demand, it is possible to access physical or virtual Windows workstations. One superb feature of HOB Desktop-on-Demand: Workstations can be automatically booted due to Wake-on-LAN (WOL).

For the Wake-on-LAN functionality, HOB provides a software-based Wake-on-LAN relay. It can be installed in the specific network segment on which the workstations to be woken up are found.

For the start-up of the virtualized SUOS, the HOB Virtual WOL Agent is used. This software service is also available as Linux software.

HOB VNC-Bridge

With HOB VNC-Bridge you can access configured VNC server targets. To make this possible, HOBLink JWT is used as a web-optimized RDP client.

Load Balancing

HOB also provides a load balancing component for HOBLink JWT. As an alternative, the Microsoft Session Broker can be applied.

Virus scan with Remote Desktop Protocol

When using HOBLink JWT and a configured drive connection, it is possible to run a virus scan on transmitted data. For this, HOB RD VPN offers an ICAP interface. The advantage: Data will already be scanned in the DMZ, even before they can reach the internal network.


RDP Accelerator

HOB RD VPN offers another implemented functionality, the RDP Accelerator. This feature allows for further optimizations while using HOBLink JWT.

Integrated Functionalities

Compliance Check

For the verification of the endpoint device, compliance checks can be defined for various roles. The compliance check inspects, for example:

  • Up to date anti-virus software
  • Available Anti Split Tunneling
  • Ports
  • Data
  • Mac addresses
  • IP addresses
  • Existing and running processes

Target Filter

For internal network access, target filters can be configured. These target filters either allow or deny access to certain systems in the internal network.

SSL Identifier

Specific and internal IP addresses can be defined for every user. These will be assigned when the user tries to connect using HOB RD VPN. Therefore, every user can be clearly identified in the internal network.


HOB RD VPN offers an integrated cluster functionality. You can build up as many cluster nodes as needed. The cluster nodes use load balancing and synchronize themselves.

HOBLink Security Manager

Certificates for users and servers can be created using the HOBLink Security Manager. The HOBLink Security Manager allows for the development of a complete Public-Key-Infrastructure (PKI).


HOB RD VPN supports client connections over IPv6.

Anti Split Tunneling

For use on the client side, Anti Split Tunneling can be configured centrally. HOB RD VPN supplies you with the component needed for Anti Split Tunneling on the client.

Main Components


HOBLink JWT is the HOB-developed Java Remote Desktop Client, that allows for communication with Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services. The Java RDP client is platform-independent (Java Remote Desktop).

HOB Web Server Gate

The HOB Web Server Gate makes it possible to access internal company web servers using the HTTPS protocol (SSL encrypted).

Single sign-on for web applications can be configured with Kerberos or, respectively, SPNEGO.

HOB Web File Access

Using HOB Web File Access, a user can access data over the internet, after authentication and, of course, this process is also SSL encrypted. The data accessed can be found, for example, on a server in the company network.

HOB PPP Tunnel

For unlimited network access to all resources in the central network, the user can work with the PPP Tunnel.

To configure the HOB PPP Tunnel, it is possible to do so with the help of an external, HOB-developed, L2TP gateway, Cisco or Microsoft.

Additionally, dynamical NAT can be configured to avoid conflicts concerning IP addresses.

HOB PPP Tunnel supports the following client platforms:

  • Windows 7/Vista
  • Mac OS X
  • Free BSD
  • Solaris
  • Linux

The US Patent Office has granted a patent for HOB PPP T1, the patent number is US 8 910 272 B2.


HOB Phone

The Java-based SIP-client allows you to connect to the telephone system in your company's headquarters using Voice-over-IP connections.

  • Standard Session Initiated Protocol (SIP for all sessions)
  • Usable with SIP 2.0 compatible PBX system
  • Encryption with SRTP or SSL
  • Can be used with any Java-capable client
  • 5 accounts can be configured (various phone numbers or telephone systems)
  • Dynamic settings of the audio-setup possible
  • Call management – hold, transfer, conference call, termination
  • Conference calls with unlimited number of participants possible
  • Call lists
  • Codec G.711 support
  • Echo reduction
  • Standard-ports are used
  • No specific firewall configurations needed
  • Can be used as java applet or web start, or can be run as a local client
  • Use of a Microsoft Exchange address directory

HOBLink J-Term

HOBLink J-Term is the web-based and platform independent Java-terminal emulation of HOB RD VPN.

Supported emulations:

  • TN 3270
  • TN 5250
  • Telnet VT
  • SSH
  • HP 700
  • Siemens 9750
  • Siemens 97801

HOB WSP Universal Client

HOB has developed the HOB WebSecureProxy Universal Client that allows locally installed "Third Party Applications" safe, SSL-encrypted data access over the internet.



JR 24.02.12

JR 23.05.12

Best Product  

HOB Receives the Network Products Guide "Best Product Award" in the category "Security Software"


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HOB Wins the Info Security 2012 Global Excellence Award — For the category "Access"


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HOB Wins the Info Security 2012 Global Excellence Award — For the category "IPSec/SSL/VPN"


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HOB wins the 2011 Golden Bridge Award for Innovations in Information Technoloogy in the category "VPN/IPSec/SSL"


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Award for HOB  

HOB wins Info Security's Tomorrow's Technology Today award

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