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Central Server, Data and Applications On Demand - Flexible, Secure, Cost-Effective



Today's enterprises are facing a bigger challenge than ever before: Highest possible efficiency in all areas. In the area of IT, this is done primarily through the implementation of two measures: Centralization of the applications while at the same time de-centralizing the workstations.


Especially the supplementation or even partial replacement of traditional office workplaces with home offices helps not only the enterprise, but also accommodates the workforce: According to a recent survey, around two-thirds of a country's workforce prefer to work at home on a regular basis. Managers on business trips and sales representatives or service personnel also have to work outside of the company premises. In addition to this, many enterprises want or need to integrate customers or partners into their corporate networks in order to ensure even faster and better service performance.




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Gold Award



HOB receives the Info Security Global Excellence Gold Award 2014 in the categories "Bring Your Own Device" and "IPSec/SSL/VPN"

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Grand Award



HOB is awarded Info Security Product Guide's Grand Trophy

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Gold Award



HOB Wins the Golden Bridge Award 2013 (Gold) in the category Access Innovations

Gold Award


HOB Wins the Golden Bridge Award 2013 (Gold) in the category Remote Access Solution Innovations

Gold Award


HOB Wins the Golden Bridge Award 2013 (Gold) in the category VPN/IPSec/SSL Innovations

Quality Made in Germany

HOB is Awarded the Quality Mark "IT Security Made in Germany"

Gold Award

HOB Receives the Hot Companies and Best Products Gold Award in the Category "Cloud Security"

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Gold Award

HOB Receives the Info Security Global Excellence Gold Award for "Access"

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Golden Bridge

HOB Wins the Cloud Award in the category "Security Innovation of the Year"

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Golden Bridge

HOB Wins the Golden Bridge Award 2012 (Gold) in the category "Access Innovations"

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Golden Bridge

HOB Wins the Golden Bridge Award 2012 (Gold) in the category "Remote Access Solution Innovations"

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Award 2012

HOB Receives the Network Products Guide "Best Product Award" in the category "Security Software"

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Info Security Award



HOB Wins the Info Security 2012 Global Excellence Award - for the categories "Access" and IPSec/SSL/VPN"

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Golden Bridge Award

HOB wins the 2011 Golden Bridge Award for Innovations in Information Technology in the category "VPN/IPSec/SSL"

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Secure Remote Access with HOB - Your Competitive Advantage!

The ability to securely, economically, and reliably access all of the most widely varying enterprise resources from diverse platforms and terminals is, now and in the future, a not-to-be underestimated competitive advantage.


Worldwide Flexibility!

The HOB RD VPN software solution is specially designed for secure remote access over TCP/IP networks, i.e., Internet, WiFi / WLAN or UMTS, to diverse resources in enterprise networks. This is a universal software-based solution for secure remote access from the corporate network all the way through to the front end.



It makes absolutely no difference whether your data and applications are on a Windows Terminal Server, virtualized windows systems, Unix/Linux servers, a traditional host, or even a personal computer. Depending on the configuration and the user's authorization level, you and your staff can access and edit files, exchange them with the target system and print them. And they can do this anywhere, just as if they were sitting in the office at their company PC! With HOB RD VPN you can also secure all communication over WLAN/WiFi or within the enterprise network.


Remote Desktop VPN


Technical Excellence!

HOB RD VPN can be used to replace traditional, rather inflexible hardware appliance solutions with a flexible and quickly adaptable "software appliance" - in light of increasing virtualization, this advantage is not to be underestimated!

HOB has in HOB RD VPN a first-rate technical achievement: On standard mid-sized servers this solution has been tested  successfully with 10,000 concurrent sessions.



Excellent Cost Savings!

One unique aspect of HOB RD VPN is that it only needs to be installed once on a central server in the enterprise network. Once this is done, any authorized user can use virtually any Internet-capable client machine (PC, Laptop, etc.) to access their data an Internet browser. Printing, with remote solutions often a source of aggravation, is no problem with HOB RD VPN. Users can simply print remotely-accessed files from their local printer, and with HOB's easy-print solution there is no need to have each individual printer's driver installed on the server.

High administration costs and the necessity of constantly updating clients are now a thing of the past!


Reliable, Secure Connections!

HOB has merged the advantages of conventional SSL- and IPsec-VPNs and created a solution that fulfils the highest security and compliance requirements. This is done through encrypted connections and accepted authentication methods such as tokens, Smartcards and SSL client certificates. Furthermore, HOB RD VP can be so configured that a connection to the enterprise network is only established after it has detected that the connecting terminal has active and up-to-date antivirus software.

Strong Performance with RDP

RDP is the leading industry standard for the transmission of graphical user interfaces. RDP is very powerful and offers a multitude of useful functions.


In a large-scale benchmark test,  none of the many other protocols being tested against the latest version of RDP were superior or even comparable in functionality or performance.


In realistic benchmark tests between RDP and VNC protocol (RFB – Remote Framebuffer Protocol), VNC exchanged seven-times the amount of data. Also the comparison of RDP to the proven X-Protocol (X11, MIT) delivered results of a similar magnitude. The comparison of the exchanged data volume corresponds approximately to the  ratio of the response-times, i.e., the amount of time the user waits, e.g., for the image to be refreshed.


Other HOB RD VPN 1.4 Versions:

HOB RD VPN 1.4 Compact

The compact version of HOB RD VPN for smaller installations.


HOB RD VPN 1.4 NetAccess

Complete access to all resources in the enterprise network - flexible, secure and cost-effective.



HOB RD VPN - Key Components for Remote Access:

     SSL VPN RD Computing
               Windows Terminal Server access

     SSL VPN Web File Access
               For remote access to file servers

     SSL VPNWeb Server Gate
               For access to Web applications

     SSL VPNPPP Tunnel
               For remote access to the complete enterprise network

     SSL VPNUniversal Client
               Enables remote access for locally installed "third party applications"


Add-ons / Optional Products:

     SSL VPN Desktop-on-Demand
               For remote access to personal workstation computers

     SSL VPN VDI- Business
               Remote access to virtual Windows machines

     SSL VPN Legacy Access
               For remote access to all Host-based data and applications

     SSL VPN HOB SCS (Secure Communication Server)
               Hardened operating system with HOB RD VPN as a software appliance

     SSL VPNHOB X11Gate
               Gateway for remote access to graphical systems under Unix/Linux

     SSL VPNHOB MacGate
               For remote access to Apple Mac OS X




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