HOBLink WebTerm RDP

The Fast HTML5 Remote Desktop Solution


With HOBLink WebTerm RDP you can access any RDP target using a web browser. Work anywhere with the control offered by a local session and with a fully SSL (TLS) secure connection.

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Functional Principles

HOBLink WebTerm RDP is part of HOB RD VPN, which runs in your DMZ. With HOB RD VPN you only need a web browser with Java-Script to access your desired RDP target from any operating system.

You simply enter the HOB RD VPN web address into the web browser and authenticate. Launch the remote desktop session with a single click. Log in faster with Single-Sign-on.

This way you can connect from Windows, Linux or Mac devices to in-house RDP targets to work with the preferred OS.

Authentication and Encryption

Strong authentication and authorization via LDAP, Kerberos and a role-based access system protect your infrastructure. HOB RD VPN uses SSL (TLS) encryption with the highly secure HOB SSL. It supports all current encryption algorithms, including AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) in GCM (Galois/Counter Mode) with key lengths up to 256 bits.

Remote Desktop Access

HOBLink WebTerm RDP provides you with access to RDP targets running Windows, Linux (with GUI) and macOS*. Thanks to HOB Desktop-on-Demand you can boot the target device remotely via Wake-on-LAN.

Certified Security

HOBLink WebTerm RDP is part of the comprehensive software security suite HOB RD VPN. The German Federal Office for Information Security has certified HOB RD VPN in accordance with the Common Criteria EAL 4+ (Certificate # BSI-DSZ-CC-0832-2014). The certified cryptography-technologies are also used in other HOB products.

Your Benefits


HOBLink WebTerm RDP is a component of the comprehensive secure remote access software suite HOB RD VPN and is available with the following editions:

HOB RD VPN editions overview

*HOB recommends HOB X11Gate for accessing Linux systems and HOB MacGate for accessing macOS.