HOBLink Mobile

Secure and Mobile Access to Enterprise Resources with HOBLink Mobile

HOBLink Mobile allows workers to securely access their Outlook Exchange. More and more businesses now require mobile access to enterprise data and applications. The challenge for corporate IT is to sufficiently secure the highly sensitive enterprise data for mobile use and protect them from viruses and unauthorized access. In HOBLink Mobile, HOB has the right answer to all of these lurking threats. HOBLink Mobile is designed as a sandbox-solution; when it is used, no data at any time is saved to the mobile device.

This way, the users always access centrally stored e-mails, contacts, calendar entries and notes, which remain in the enterprise network. Therefore, in the event the device is lost or stolen, no sensitive information can fall into the wrong hands. Connections with HOBLink Mobile are always SSL(TLS)-encrypted.

As with all HOB solutions, HOBLink Mobile was developed in Germany and fulfills the highest requirements for security and reliability.

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Your Benefits

Data remains secure even if the mobile device is lost, stolen or manipulated
Easy integration into an existing Exchange environment
Secure access to centrally stored enterprise data
Central user administration
No data is ever stored on the mobile device
Doesn’t require any MDM solution
Outlook integration: Use all the functions of your e-mail, calendar, contacts and notes

Technical Highlights

Authentication w. username/password or via RADIUS, certificates or one-time-password token
Automatic reconnection of disconnected sessions
Optimal bandwidth utilization and reduction of connection times
Secure communications with AES encryption (128-bit) or SSL encryption



LB 21.08.17