Secure file sharing with in-house file servers over the Internet


With HOBLink DASH you can up- and download your documents and files with a PC, laptop or mobile device. You can easily share your data and directories within your corporate environment with other users. You will always get the most up-to-date data version, as soon as any changes are made.

HOBLink DASH enables you to synchronize your files over the Internet with in-house file servers. The secure and encrypted data transfer and the exchange of current enterprise data is ensured by HOBLink DASH. Your advantage is complete independence from data-sharing service providers and the increased security this brings with it.


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Deployment of HOBLink DASH

HOBLink DASH is easy to use: The HOBLink DASH application is started automatically after login and connects to HOB RD VPN in the company’s central offices. After successful authentication, for example, with domain name, user name and password, the files are automatically synchronized. Each user automatically receives the latest version of the synchronized files. HOBLink DASH always synchronizes the files are on each device after the last change has been saved.

User Settings in HOB RD VPN

The administrator configures HOBLink DASH in the user administration component of HOB RD VPN, where the configurations are centrally stored. Using File Control, a finely grained, detailed configuration of which data and directories are to be synchronized can be made. User access rights can also be configured centrally in HOB RD VPN. For example, a user can share several files and directories with various other users and, at the same time, use a directory with only personal, protected access.

Security and Performance with HOB RD VPN

HOBLink DASH uses SSL encryption and, optionally, data compression when transferring files. You can also set the synchronization direction. Additionally, synchronization rules can also be defined; for example, no compression for certain file types. Of particular interest is the option of running virus checking in the WebSecureProxy of the exchanged files (option, requires HOB RD VPN blue edition).

Security – Certified in acc. w. the Common Criteria

HOBLink DASH is part of the comprehensive software security suite HOB RD VPN. The German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI) has certified HOB RD VPN blue edition in accordance with the Common Criteria EAL 4+ (Certificate # BSI-DSZ-CC-0832-2014). The certified cryptography-technologies are also used in other HOB products.


The HOBLink DASH client is currently available for Microsoft Windows and Apple iOS. Clients for Linux, Mac OS X and Android are under development and will be available shortly.


The following are the major functions of the HOBLink DASH client:

  • Download files/directories
  • Edit files/directories
  • Create new files/directories
  • Upload files/directories
  • Rename files/directories
  • Delete files/directories
  • Use of several directories with differing access rights
  • Determination of the synchronization direction (uni-directional or bi-directional)
  • Centrally configured access rights
  • Virus scanning can be enabled for direction separately
  • Supports all SMB2 file servers

Your Benefits

  • Professional and personal data are always available
  • Increased productivity when collaborating with colleagues via fast data exchange
  • Independence thanks to separate folders for personal and professional access
  • Data security through central storage in the company’s own cloud
  • High performance via compressed data transmission
  • Focus on security – data is exchanged over SSL-port 443
  • Always up-to-date with the latest file version
  • Flexibility through the use of various devices


HOBLink DASH is part of the comprehensive software security suite HOB RD VPN (HOB Remote Desktop Virtual Private Network).



LB 21.08.17