HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client

Secure IPsec VPN Connectivity with HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client

The HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client is specially designed for secure access to central enterprise applications and data. It is a purely software-based, universal IPsec VPN client. What makes this IPsec VPN client unique is its ability to connect with all current VPN gateways, i.e., regardless of make or model. Furthermore, no driver installation is required before startup, which leads to a much easier rollout and subsequent support. The HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client doesn’t have to be installed on the client device, as is usual, rather, it can be stored very conveniently as an executable file on a USB stick or downloaded from a company-internal Web server. The configuration is also downloaded at the first

connection and automatically kept up-to-date in running operation; this greatly reduces administrative work. All the user has to do is start the HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client and the VPN tunnel into the enterprise network is established. The administrator has a simplified and time-sparing rollout and administration.

Patented Solution

The technology used in the HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client has been granted a patent from the U.S. Patent Office, HOB PPP-T1 (patent no.: US 8 910 272 B2). In Europe, a patent is pending (patent no.: EP2111020A1).

Your Benefits

Compatible with the VPN gateways of the leading manufacturers
Universally deployable and highly performant IPsec VPN client
No client-side installation nor administrator rights needed
No time- and cost-intensive rollout necessary
Supports the customary security standards
No driver installation

Technical Highlights

Supports the current encryption methods (AES, Intel AES-NI, 3DES) and IKE/ISAKMP standards (RFC 2401-ff) for the highest security
Supports dynamic NAT, no address conflicts
Integrated Socks-5 gateway
Application Level Gateway for FTP and SIP
Integrated DNS server



LB 21.08.17