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HOB RD VPN and Clustering

Clustering and Remote Access Improve Business Continuity


In today’s world, IT breakdowns have immense consequences for corporate performance. This is especially true now that work methods such as mobile workstations or cloud computing have begun to spread. Employees, partners or customers rely on flexible access to company resources. A global, 24/7 availability of data and applications has to be ensured – hereby, of course, performance cannot be neglected. Enterprises are increasingly counting on high availability solutions with the possibility of clustering. The remote access suite HOB RD VPN from HOB GmbH & Co. KG satisfies both demands: It unites flexible and secure remote access with an innovative clustering function.

Clustering Has Many Faces

A computer cluster is a group of linked computers, working together closely to effectively form a single server. The cluster members (commonly called nodes) are connected to each other through the local area network of your enterprise. The cluster is generally deployed to improve performance and availability over that of a single computer, while typically being much more cost-effective than single computers of comparable speed or availability. High availability (or failover) clusters are implemented primarily for the purpose of improving the availability of services that the cluster provides. With HOB RD VPN, the advantages obtained from clustering are gained by implementing several servers to together act as WebSecureProxies, avoiding the problem of having a single-point-of-failure for the central component.


In the past, “cold-standby” solutions were the rule: A “replacement server” was prepared and only used if or when the main system broke down. This is not very efficient and unnecessarily ties up resources. Today, several linked servers are often deployed in parallel – the load is evenly distributed over these via load balancing. Thus a differentiation is made between active/active and active/passive designs, depending on the task and role assignments in the server cluster.

Modern Clustering Ensures Better Fail-Safety and Higher Performance

With the modern active/active clustering design, any number of server is combined into a “cluster.” The servers are interconnected and each active session is known to each server. Thus, in the event of a breakdown, an active session can be taken over by any other server in the cluster. Via load balancing, the sessions can also be distributed optimally over all active servers – providing highest performance and efficient utilization of network resources. This is particularly interesting, as in this age of tablets, smartphones the amount of server queries is going to rise rapidly.

Remote Access Including Innovative Clustering from HOB

HOB RD VPN combines flexible and secure remote access with innovative clustering, including reliable load balancing. With their clustering solution, HOB is pursuing new directions. Klaus Brandstätter, CEO of HOB GmbH & Co. KG, explains: “Whereas other active/active designs always have one server set above all others (Master-Slave), with HOB, all cluster nodes are absolutely equal. This is what makes the HOB clustering solution so unique. All connections running over the cluster are synchronized. This doesn’t even require any additional hardware.” The advantages of this unique design can be found in their highest-possible availability, with which the creation of global clusters having their cluster nodes separated by great distances is not only possible, but easy to achieve.

Thanks to the integrated and comprehensive HOB load balancing, queries can be distributed over all servers in accordance with defined criteria. This provides each user with a performant connection for optimal working conditions.

Advantages of the HOB RD VPN Cluster

The following are some of the advantages that accrue through the employment of a computer cluster:

  • All nodes are members with equal status, so a cluster is reliable because there are no state switches (active/passive, master/slave).
  • No additional hardware is required.
  • A cluster is easy to deploy, only the DNS records and HOB RD VPN require configuration.
  • A Geo-cluster is possible, where the linked computers need not be in the same geographical location.
  • Very fail-safe.
  • Easy to add and remove cluster members.
  • Very efficient Load Balancing.
  • Small overhead for synchronization.
  • Uses High Availability mechanisms that are integrated in the browser itself.




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