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HOB eSecure SDK


HOB eSecure SDK

Secure Access and Authentication for Smart Phone or Tablet Apps - Easy, Flexible and Cost-Effective



Nowadays, an increasing number of B to C apps for smartphones and tablets are appearing on the market, and experts predict further dynamic growth of these solutions. But also in cases of B to B and within companies themselves, apps are gaining more and more relevance. They support smooth business workflows and increase business flexibility. As most apps have been made for the iPhone or iPad in the past, Android apps are the market leaders within the B to C market today.

Whether you exchange information and data via apps between your company and your customers or within your company itself, security and data protection are highly recommended. But today it is an increasing challenge to ensure mobile security against malware and industrial espionage

Develop Secure Apps – Proven Worldwide and Highly Performant

HOB eSecure SDK (Software Development Kit) supports you in developing highly secure App’s and provides you with the unique HOB WebSecureProxy.

The HOB eSecure SDK Software Development Kit contains two main components:

A Software Development Kit for the integration of SSL routines for the client side, and authentication routines for the desired authentication on the server side using the HOB WebSecureProxy, the server component of HOB RD VPN. Central components of HOB WebSecureProxy are certified in accordance with the Common Criteria by the German Federal Office for Information Security.


SSL Software Development Kit for Secure Mobile Apps


Security and Authentication

HOB eSecure SDK on the client side includes SSL routines and some HOB WebSecureProxy client components for both, Android and iOS. It delivers simple interfaces for easy integration of above mentioned parts in existing or new apps.

On the server side, HOB WebSecureProxy, using the WSP-socks-mode, supports authentication consisting of an exchange of user ID and password. Additionally, authentication can also be made by the use of so-called “one-time passwords” (tokens). HOB WebSecureProxy is able to authenticate against Radius-, Kerberos-, and LDAP-servers. Furthermore, the HOB eSecure SDK supports a server-side change of password.

HOB eSecure SDK is available for all apps programmed in C/C++ for Apple iOS or in C/C++/Java for Android. An interface is provided for a GUI to pass on all needed parameters.

Based on this offering from HOB, you can effectively and flexibly develop apps requiring secure remote access to centrally stored data. Data access can be designed either as “read-only” or as “read-write.”

Protocol Conversion – Access Data Within Your Whole Company Network

Data and applications are often stored and run on different platforms within a company’s network. HOB eSecure SDK enables you to create apps that give you platform-independent access to almost all data and applications, due to the use of so-called Server-Data-Hooks, which provide the needed protocol conversion.

HOB eSecure SDK supports the following protocols e.g.:

  • HTTP
  • SOAP
  • Telnet
  • TN3270
  • TN5250
Thus, smartphones or tablet-PCs can directly access web-servers, such as IMS or CICS, which are running on IBM mainframes, or have direct access to applications running on IBM AS400. Other applications on the server side are also possible.

Compression Library – Higher Performance

In addition, the Compression Library, as part of HOB eSecure SDK, offers the possibility to compress transferred data. A reduced data volume implies faster transfer rates on one hand, and on the other hand simultaneously a transfer of larger data packages. In fact, using the HOB eSecure SDK makes your app highly secure and ensures you to be up-to-date and conformant to the expected worldwide security standards.

System Requirements

Secure SDK is designed for development of apps for:

  • Apple iOS
  • Android mobile devices


HOB eSecure SDK for Apple iOS or Android costs €10,000, each. On the server side, the usage of HOB WebSecureProxy as part of HOB RD VPN is charged relative to the number of concurrent sessions. Optional Server-Data-Hooks can be delivered by HOB: The cost of development for such Server-Data-Hooks is project-specific.


RB 06.12.11

JR 22.05.12

JR 25.05.12

JR 05.10.12



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Gold Award



HOB receives the Info Security Global Excellence Gold Award 2014 in the categories "Bring Your Own Device" and "IPSec/SSL/VPN"

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Grand Award



HOB is awarded Info Security Product Guide's Grand Trophy

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Gold Award



HOB Wins the Golden Bridge Award 2013 (Gold) in the category Access Innovations

Gold Award


HOB Wins the Golden Bridge Award 2013 (Gold) in the category Remote Access Solution Innovations

Gold Award


HOB Wins the Golden Bridge Award 2013 (Gold) in the category VPN/IPSec/SSL Innovations

Quality Made in Germany

HOB is Awarded the Quality Mark "IT Security Made in Germany"

Gold Award

HOB Receives the Hot Companies and Best Products Gold Award in the Category "Cloud Security"

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Gold Award

HOB Receives the Info Security Global Excellence Gold Award for "Access"

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Golden Bridge

HOB Wins the Cloud Award in the category "Security Innovation of the Year"

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Golden Bridge

HOB Wins the Golden Bridge Award 2012 (Gold) in the category "Access Innovations"

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Golden Bridge

HOB Wins the Golden Bridge Award 2012 (Gold) in the category "Remote Access Solution Innovations"

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Award 2012

HOB Receives the Network Products Guide "Best Product Award" in the category "Security Software"

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Info Security Award



HOB Wins the Info Security 2012 Global Excellence Award - for the categories "Access" and IPSec/SSL/VPN"

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Golden Bridge Award

HOB wins the 2011 Golden Bridge Award for Innovations in Information Technology in the category "VPN/IPSec/SSL"

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