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Remote Access


HOBLink JWT – Remote Access to Windows Remote Desktop Servers in a New Dimension

Looking for a highly performant and easy to manage RDP-Client for remote access? Donīt miss this eBook and find out what makes HOBLink JWT so special!

What's Inside the eBook?

  • See how you can profit from HOBLink JWT
  • Learn about all the included security features
    Explore the high degree of adaptability of HOBLink JWT
  • Find out why users and administrators appreciate the provided comfort

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EbookEffective WAN Clustering Relies on High-Quality VPNs

WAN Clustering, also called geo-clustering, plays an increasingly critical role to many companies. Might it be for reasons of disaster recovery or business continuity, might it be due to “distributed” company sites – high quality VPNs are a critical component to create such clustered networks. Download our eBook and find out how you can benefit from WAN clustering.

What's Inside the eBook?

  • Find out why WAN clustering is important
  • See how WAN clustering can help executing a disaster recovery/business continuity strategy
  • Learn what WAN clustering has to do with load balancing
  • Explore how VPNs can help you to create an optimal WAN clustering solution for your needs
  • Get some tips how to select the best VPN technology for your network

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How Do I Find the Best VPN Solution for My Company?

VPNs play an essential role in today’s business IT, be it for pure remote access, remote maintenance, mobile workplaces or home offices. With many solutions to be found in the market, it is not always easy to find the right VPN solution that perfectly fits the company's specific needs. This eBook provides you with helpful insights on what one needs to consider prior to purchasing a VPN solution. So donīt miss these helpful tips!

What's Inside the eBook?

  • Learn about the basic requirements of a VPN solution
  • See what the advantages are of pure software solutions versus hardware-software appliances
  • Figure out which configuration options are needed in your company
  • Review some hints on critical security aspects
  • Find a handy checklist at the end of the eBook

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Home Offices Made Easy

Central point of administration, no installation or administration on the client side

Home offices can be a win-win for both employees and companies if you can deploy them easily, quickly and with a minimum effort. This guide shows you many options and provides an insight into best practice for remote access solutions.

What's Inside the eBook?

  • Check out all benefits and challenges of home offices
  • Find out more about best practice remote access solutions
  • See State-of-the-Art solutions prividing easy installation, configuration and administration
  • Learn more about comprehensive protection of your company resources

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Debunking Myths About Remote Access Technology

Struggling with myths about remote access? HOB dispels the persistent myths about VPN technologies! Don’t miss this chance to download our eBook and learn more about the truth of remote access technologies.

What's Inside the eBook?

  • Learn more about dispelling the myths of remote access
  • Explore the benefits of remote access technologies
  • Get some useful tips about the use of VPN solutions

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Clearing the Haze


Clearing the Haze on Cloud Computing
in the Financial Services Industry

There is no doubt that the implementation of cloud services will only continue to grow as businesses from industries across the board realize the benefits they bring. However since financial institutions are highly regulated and must meet legal requirements, they face especially unique challenges as they contemplate making the transition to a cloud architecture.

What's Inside the eBook?

  • Learn more about how to enjoy the benefits of moving to the cloud
  • How to ensure that performance and security needs remain the highest priority.
  • Learn how to ensure the privacy of financial institution communications, customer data, cloud-based data security , etc.

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Secure Remote Access


The State of Remote Access in the U.S.

Security Survey Reveals Trends & Risks

In fall 2013, HOB conducted a primary research with 202 CTOs and CIOs in the area of remote access. This e-book exclusively discloses the trends and challenges the IT decision makers when utilizing remote access solutions. Are you planning to implement remote access solutions in your company? Or are you currently using or interested in secure remote access solutions for your workforce? Then, do not miss the chance to discover more about the state of remote access security and the future outlook of IT decision makers – download the e-book now!

What's Inside the eBook?

  • Explore more about how employees utilize remote access
  • Discover the key remote access trends you should be aware of
  • Learn more about the primary concerns regarding remote access security issues
  • Get the experience how you can benefit from remote access solutions
  • Check out how remote access is gaining momentum through smart devices

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Mobile Access


The Challenge - Secure Access Using Mobile Devices in Business

Are you struggling with mobile devices in your company? Security concerns, integration of smart devices and legal principals – This new eBook addresses all these concerns! It reveals new developments, opportunities and concepts for the corporate integration of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and much more. Learn how to safely connect mobile devices with your corporate IT systems – without any worries. Don’t miss this special chance and download this eBook now!


What's Inside the eBook?

  • Get special insight into the world of mobile devices and it’s new trends
  • Learn about the opportunities and risks of IT consumerization
  • Experience how to safely implement mobile devices into your IT security concepts
  • Become part of the modern world of mobility and get some useful tips for the future



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Green IT


With HOB Solutions Towards More Green IT

Are you looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint as a company? Modern Remote Access solutions allow you to effectively reduce your emissions and simultaneously increase your employees’ productivity. Equipped with the latest remote access solutions, employees can easily work from home, accessing their workplace desktop PC. This way, employees won’t have to commute to and from work and companies can safe on energy costs at the offices. The new HOB e-book informs you about the latest technologies and trends that allow you to build a greener IT. Don’t wait any longer and download the free e-book now.


What’s Inside the E-book?

  • Latest studies and research on Green IT  
  • Business-driven reasons for the implementation of a Green IT
  • Requirements for the Successful implementation of Green IT
  • How HOB software solutions can contribute to a greener IT (Desktop-on-Demand and Wake-on-LAN)



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IT Security

How VPNs Help Providing Secure Mobile Workplaces

Mobile workplaces are a trend and whether companies like it or not – employees demand this work concept. Do you also struggle making mobile yet highly secure workplaces come true? Download our latest eBook and see how VPNs can help you with this matter!

What's Inside the eBook?

  • Learn about the benefits and downsides of mobile workplaces
  • See which security issues need to be considered
  • Find out how to develop a strategy for mobile
    workplaces with the help of VPNs
  • See how to create best practices
  • Avoid security pitfalls of a mobile workplace concept

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Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On Relieves the Password Burden for Users and IT Teams Alike

Still struggling with the daily password chaos? The solution: single sign-on authentication! But there are a lot of methods in the market like fishes in the sea. So which one to choose? This eBook exclusively reveals for you the different single sign-on technologies and their benefits for you. So do not miss the chance to reduce the password burden for you and your IT team – download the eBook now!

What's Inside the eBook?

  • Learn more about the manifold chances and methods of single sign-on
  • Discover the benefits of single sign-on solutions for you
  • Get the experience how to use single sign-on solutions in your company
  • Check out how to avoid password related security gaps

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