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HOB X11Gate

HOB X11Gate

HOB X11Gate  

Smart and Easy Remote Access to Company Resources on Unix/Linux Server

As flexible mobile workplaces are becoming more and more important, the central storage of enterprise resources is an essential part of the corporate IT concepts. Whenever secure remote access to company resources on Linux/Unix servers for a broad user base is needed, HOB X11Gate is the ideal companion. Thus, HOB X11Gate enables, especially for large user bases, performant remote access to Linux/Unix servers for many users simultaneously – anytime and anywhere.


Working Whenever and Wherever You Are

HOB X11Gate enables your workforce to simultaneously access different applications on the Linux/Unix server. With HOB X11Gate you can easily integrate new users and due to the software-based design it fits perfectly into your existing IT infrastructure. Even more: HOB X11Gate, together with HOB RD VPN, seamlessly adapts into your mobile workplace strategy, based on the web-based access with the preferred end device. True to the motto: at any time, in any place and with any device.


Easy Installation and Administration of HOB X11Gate

HOB X11Gate is a purely software-based solution and can be installed centrally on the Linux/Unix server, without any need for additional hardware solutions. The configuration of HOB X11Gate can be accomplished as simple as that centrally over a web portal.


Strong Performance with RDP

RDP is the leading industry standard for the transmission of graphical user interfaces. RDP is very powerful and offers a multitude of useful functions.


In a large-scale benchmark test, none of the many other protocols being tested against the latest version of RDP were superior or even comparable in functionality or performance.


In realistic benchmark tests between RDP and VNC protocol (RFB – Remote Framebuffer Protocol), VNC exchanged seven-times the amount of data. Also the comparison of RDP to the proven X-Protocol (X11, MIT) delivered results of a similar magnitude. The comparison of the exchanged data volume corresponds approximately to the ratio of the response-times, i.e., the amount of time the user waits, e.g., for the image to be refreshed.


Click – Start – Go: Remote Access with an RDP Client

You can use HOB X11Gate via an RDP client on any platform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, thin client etc.) to access resources on your corporate Linux/Unix server. HOB X11Gate  even allows simultaneous access for many different users.   HOB recommends using the HOB RDP clients HOBLink JWT or HOBLink iWT, or the standard  Windows RDP client. This provides you with an RDP encryption of up to 128 bits.


HOB X11Gate

HOB X11Gate as a stand-alone version


More Security Features while accessing from the Internet

If users need to use HOB X11Gate outside of the company LAN, HOB recommend you to combine HOB X11Gate with the comprehensive remote access suite HOB RD VPN. Therefore, HOB X11Gate only offers RDP encryption and it provides your IT system with limited security outside of the LAN. HOB RD VPN enables you the highest security standards and features like a secure SSL encryption, defined user roles and rights, multi-tenancy options and much more. The icing on the cake: HOB uses its own SSL implementation, the security of which is confirmed by the German Federal Office for Information Security with a certificate in acc. w. the Common Criteria EAL 4+. With HOB RD VPN no installation or administration rights are needed on the client side! You minimize the administration efforts and costs.


HOB X11Gate

Deployment of HOB X11Gate with HOB RD VPN


Highlights at a Glance

  • Performant connections at very low bandwidth
  • Transformation of the X Window protocol into performant RDP protocol
  • Access of multiple users and connections simultaneously
  • Support of multiple keyboard layouts
  • Web based administration portal
  • Reconnection of disconnected sessions
  • Support of OpenGL applications on Linux/Unix server - through software emulation
  • IPv4 and IPv6 capability
  • RDP encryption up to 128 bit
  • More security features in combination with HOB RD VPN

System Requirements

Client Specifications

  • Recommended RDP clients
    • HOBLink JWT
    • HOBLink iWT
    • MS Remote Desktop Connection

Server System

  • Linux/Unix operating system 64 bit



MSJ / JK 16.01.15



Download HOB RD VPN Software

Download HOB RD VPN
(Fully functional for a four-week trial period)


HOB RD VPN Brochure Download
HOB X11Gate
HOB X11Gate

HOB X11Gate
Administration Guide




Administration Guide


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