HOBLink Terminal Edition

Secure Connections to Enterprise Servers with HOBLink Terminal Edition

Today’s enterprise IT has to adapt to dynamically growing IT structures. Hereby, secure access to various servers and Mainframes has a high priority. For this reason, terminal emulations have a decisive importance for enterprises and their IT infrastructure. HOBLink Terminal Edition unifies several emulations in one overall solution. The modular software packet offers a comprehensive solution for the convenient emulation of TN3270, TN5250, and VT. Additionally, the optional component HOBLink SSH provides more security for sensitive enterprise data. HOBLink Terminal Edition is optimized for use in modern system environments such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows Server (Remote Desktop Services).
The module HOBLink Secure also enables highly secure data communication for the protection of important enterprise resources. HOBLink Terminal Edition combines ease-of-use and the central configuration of all user data. HOBLink Terminal Edition and HOBLink J-Term, the HOB terminal emulation in Java, both have identical functionalities. Thus, people who use both versions or migrate from HOBLink Terminal Edition to HOBLink J-Term, have no difficulty doing so. Furthermore, macros from IBM Personal Communications can be easily and quickly adopted.



Your Benefits

Highly secure encryption methods for the protection of your enterprise data
Data compression for faster processing increases performance
Universal and flexible access to legacy systems
Intuitive operation of the terminal emulations
Freely editable keypads, keyboards and mouse buttons
User-defined 3D hotspots, toolbars and buttons
Drag & Drop file transfer with Windows Explorer and templates
Printing over standard Windows printer drivers

Technical Highlights

Automatic reconnection of disconnected sessions prevents data loss
Supports the protocols RDP 4 to RDP 7
Client connection over LAN/WAN, dial-up, ISDN, xDSL, UMTS, VPN
Automatic version control (smart update)
Smartcard redirection – supports logging in to a Windows Server
Secure encryption with SSL or TLS



LB 21.08.17