HOB MacGate

Secure Access to Mac Machines with HOB MacGate

In most businesses today, central storage of enterprise data and applications has become a matter of course. Now, of course, this mobile and flexible data access for employees, partners and customers must be secured. In many branches, Macs and the Mac OS X operating system are the preferred tools. Access to these machines from Windows devices is gaining in importance.

HOB MacGate enables remote access to Mac machines and all the data and applications on them. In combination with HOB RD VPN, the comprehensive remote access solution from HOB, numerous other functions and a reliable SSL encryption are available. This provides for secure access, no matter where you are and what device you use to access your Mac.

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MacGate with HOB RDVPN


MacGate Stand Alone

Your Benefits

No installation, additional drivers or administrator rights required on the client device
Secure access to Mac OS X over a LAN or the Internet
Local or central printing without any driver installation
SSL and RDP encryption
Hidden Screen Mode protects the remotely accessed Mac’s screen from being read
Access to the entire Mac machine, including all data and applications

Technical Highlights

Remote desktop access over the highly performant RDP protocol
Remotely start any Mac application and work with it in a Windows environment
Synchronization of remote and local screen resolutions
Copy and paste text, graphics and Rich Text Format in both directions
Supports numerous country-specific keyboards
Work with either the local keyboard layout or the Mac keyboard layout
Access restrictions for local users and domain accounts (ActiveDirectory/ LDAP)
Highly secure SSL encryption when used in combination with HOB RD VPN




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