HOBLink J-Term

Secure Connections to Enterprise Servers with HOBLink J-Term

The Web-to-Any-Server solution HOBLink J-Term enables access to all important enterprise servers. This powerful and secure software solution provides an efficient connection of all client platforms to centrally stored data and applications. Through the consistent use of Java technology, all installation and administration tasks can be done centrally. There is no need at all to install anything on the clients, as the requirements –
Web browser and Java Virtual Machine – are already on almost every computer system. HOBLink J-Term and HOBLink Terminal Edition have identical functionalities, so people who use both versions or are migrating from HOBLink Terminal Edition to HOBLink J-Term don’t have to get used to different systems. Furthermore, macros from IBM Personal Communications can be easily and quickly adopted.

Your Benefits

Access with just one application to all enterprise servers
Graphical user interface for host applications via GUI-on-the-Fly
Plugin for embedding in Eclipse
Access to directory services over the LDAP interface
Strong SSL encryption with up to 256-bit key lengths (optional with HOB RD VPN)
SSH encryption (for VT emulations, optional with HOB Enterprise Access)

Technical Highlights

Graphic tool for the creation of SSH key files
Smart Card support
HTTP proxy support
File transfer over IND$FILE
Encrypted file transfer over Secure FTP (SSH)
Supports RACF (optional)



LB 21.08.17