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Platform-Independent Terminal Emulation

HOB RD VPN is a pure software solution for secure remote access (SSL-encrypted) to just about all applications and data in the enterprise network. The client HOBLink J-Term (optional HOB RD VPN component) provides for access to host applications.

HOBLink J-Term is a Web-to-Host solution that includes the following terminal emulations:

Terminal Emulation



IBM Mainframes


IBM Midrange Systems (iSeries, previously AS/400)


Linux, Solaris, Unix, IBM


Siemens BS2000

SINIX 97801

SINIX RM 400/600


HP 3000/9000

FTP Browser

all FTP servers

Central User Administration

HOBLink J-Term is designed for use in large enterprises. All settings can be centrally stored. This is done either with the EA Server system (included in the scope of delivery) or via an LDAP interface and access to a directory service. All major directory services, such as IBM Directory Services or Microsoft Active Directory are supported.

The users can be displayed in a hierarchical group and tree structure, which greatly simplifies administration, especially when there are very many users to manage. All user settings and rights are bequeathed from the tree to the groups it contains and from the groups to the users therein. This greatly reduces the time and effort required for user administration.

Flexible Print Options

The diverse print options in HOBLink J-Term meet all possible requirements. Output destinations can be, for example, a port, a file, Easy Print,  LPD printer, IP printer or the standard Windows printer. The print option "Easy Print" interprets HOBLink J-Term print data, which are sent from the host in PCL format. The printout is sent via the locally available printer driver to a local or network printer The print data stream sent from the host is therefore independent of the printer hardware used.

One can print to paper or print to file. Hereby several hardcopies can be output on a single sheet.

Macro Recorder

By recording macros, oft-repeated processes can be automated. Recording is as easy as with a video camera: Just press the record button to begin. Then all subsequent actions will be recorded. Press the play button to replay the macro.


HOBLink J-Term has a function called "GUI-on-the-Fly," with which host applications automatically are given a graphical user interface, making their operation much more comfortable and convenient for most users.

Programmer Interfaces

Access from other programs to HOBLink J-Term can be had via programmer interfaces such as HOB Beans, EHLLAPI, MS-COM and OHIO. HOBLink J-Term also supports the creation of applications with the help of JavaBeans and IBM WebSphere Portlets.

Identical Design as With HOBLink Terminal Edition

HOBLink J-Term and HOBLink Terminal Edition, the HOB Terminal Emulation for Windows, have nearly identical functions and an identical product design. The big advantage: Users who work with both programs (e.g. HOBLink Terminal Edition in the office and HOBLink J-Term "on the road") and users that would like to migrate, do not have to learn a new program. Additionally, both products can access the same central configuration data.

Ease of Use

HOBLink J-Term contains many features that provide users with the ease of use they want. Each user can customize the taskbar in accordance with his or her own requirements. With the help of the macro recorder, oft-repeated actions can be automated. The comprehensive online help gives you valuable information on how to operate HOBLink J-Term.

Saved Client

HOBLink J-Term can be installed as a "saved client," i.e., the first time the program is called it is saved to the hard drive, so that the next time it is started, it need not again be downloaded from the server. However, a check is run to determine whether there is a newer version on the server. If this is the case the newer version will be downloaded. Unnecessary delays due to repetitious Applet downloads can thus be avoided.

Raster Fonts

For a better screen display, HOBLink J-Term can use high-quality raster fonts, enabling the terminal window size to be highly scalable with no loss of quality.

GDDM Graphic

HOBLink J-Term supports GDDM (Graphical Data Display Manager).

Language Support

HOBLink J-Term supports English, French, German and Spanish. When logging on to the Web server the client's operating system language is checked and automatically selected. The language can be changed at any time. HOBLink J-Term supports numerous host languages and codepages for IBM Mainframes.

FTP Browser

For file transfer using an FTP server, HOBLink J-Term is equipped with an FTP browser. This FTP browser has a similar look-and-feel as the Windows Explorer, making intuitive operation possible. Directory content can be synchronized easily. The SSH client included with HOBLink J-Term enables communication over SFTP as well.

The Most Important Advantages at a Glance

  • Access to directory services over an LDAP interface
  • Platform independence via Java
  • Plug-in for use with Eclipse
  • Graphical user interface for host applications via "GUI-on-the-Fly"
  • Strong SSL encryption with up to 256 bits
  • Encryption via SSH (for VT emulations)
  • SmartCard Support
  • HTTP proxy support
  • File transfer via IND$FILE and Secure FTP
  • Supports RACF
  • 132-column mode
  • Multi session support
  • Hardcopy and host system printing from host applications
  • Host print in VT emulations
  • Print over LU1 (SCS) and LU3 (DSC)
  • Print over escape sequences
  • IND$FILE file transfer
  • Supports GDDM graphics
  • Macro recorder

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Gold Award



HOB receives the Info Security Global Excellence Gold Award 2014 in the categories "Bring Your Own Device" and "IPSec/SSL/VPN"

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Grand Award



HOB is awarded Info Security Product Guide's Grand Trophy

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Gold Award



HOB Wins the Golden Bridge Award 2013 (Gold) in the category Access Innovations

Gold Award


HOB Wins the Golden Bridge Award 2013 (Gold) in the category Remote Access Solution Innovations

Gold Award


HOB Wins the Golden Bridge Award 2013 (Gold) in the category VPN/IPSec/SSL Innovations

Quality Made in Germany

HOB is Awarded the Quality Mark "IT Security Made in Germany"

Gold Award

HOB Receives the Hot Companies and Best Products Gold Award in the Category "Cloud Security"

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Gold Award

HOB Receives the Info Security Global Excellence Gold Award for "Access"

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Golden Bridge

HOB Wins the Cloud Award in the category "Security Innovation of the Year"

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Golden Bridge

HOB Wins the Golden Bridge Award 2012 (Gold) in the category "Access Innovations"

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Golden Bridge

HOB Wins the Golden Bridge Award 2012 (Gold) in the category "Remote Access Solution Innovations"

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Award 2012

HOB Receives the Network Products Guide "Best Product Award" in the category "Security Software"

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Info Security Award



HOB Wins the Info Security 2012 Global Excellence Award - for the categories "Access" and IPSec/SSL/VPN"

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Golden Bridge Award

HOB wins the 2011 Golden Bridge Award for Innovations in Information Technology in the category "VPN/IPSec/SSL"

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