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HOB offers you a large variety of manifold products, ideally fitting your individual needs – get a general idea of our offering with our Product Finder.

  • Mobile Security



    Secure mobile solutions are parti-
    cularly important, if for no other reason than the high risk of their theft. This is why you have to make absolutely sure that data are never saved to the mobile device. HOBLink Mobile offers you exactly that – and much more:

    •  SSL (TLS) encryption
    •  MS Exchange support
    •  No data are ever saved to the
       mobile device
    •  For iOS and Android

  • Legacy Systems Access


    Universal and flexible access to legacy systems – HOB offers you secure access to various servers and mainframes.
    Some of the advantages of our solution are:

    •  Single Point-of-Administration
    •  Secure encryption with SSL (TLS)
    •  Data compression for the
       highest performance
    •  Printing via your Windows default
       printer driver

  • Remote Desktop Connectivity


    Secure access to remote desktops and servers belongs to the standard repertoire of any enterprise. HOB products are convincing thanks to their numerous business features and their extra high security:

    •  Platform-independent RDP client
    •  No installation on the client side
    •  Numerous print options
    •  Java Web Start support
    •  Optional SSL (TLS) Encryption

  • Secure Remote Access


    To work efficiently, one needs a secure remote access solution that enables any terminal device to connect with their enterprise network.
    Hereby, the most important characteristics are user-friend-
    liness and maximum security:

    •  No client-side installation
    •  SSL (TLS) VPN tunnel into the corporate network
    •  Remote Desktop Services and
       Web Application access
    •  Zero-Downtime cluster design

  • Secure Cloud Access

    Secure Cloud

    secure cloud access

    One-stop-shop enterprise security broker and Connectivity functionality – this offers the HOB Cloud Suite all-in-one. It works across service models and supports any kind of cloud transformation state, especially hybrid IaaS/PaaS multi-cloud scenarios. HOB Cloud Suite goes beyond the capabilities of both SSL VPNs and IPsec VPNs and reflects the idea of a universal connectivity hub.




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