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Is Private Internet Access VPN the Best Bang for Your Buck?

Yes, Private Internet Access (PIA) offers an unmatched combination of robust security features, excellent performance, and affordable pricing compared to other industry-leading VPN services. In our extensive evaluation of virtual private networks (VPNs), PIA consistently stands out as one of the top bang-for-your-buck options to protect your online privacy.

With identity theft, data breaches, and cybercrime on the rise year after year, a premium VPN has become a must-have for security-conscious internet users. PIA delivers that essential encryption, anonymity, and peace of mind at a budget-friendly price.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll analyze PIA‘s pricing and value compared to competitors, break down its security features, and explain why it‘s a smart investment to safeguard your digital life. Let‘s dive in.

How Much Does PIA Cost?

One of the biggest draws of PIA is affordability. Its pricing starts at just $2.69 per month for its 2-year plan. The industry average for high-quality VPNs runs from $6.55 to $10.80 monthly.

For comparison‘s sake, let‘s stack up PIA against today‘s top-rated VPNs based on independent research and verified customer reviews:

VPN Provider Starting Monthly Price
NordVPN $3.71
ExpressVPN $8.32
Surfshark $2.21
CyberGhost $2.25
Private Internet Access $2.69

As you can see, even among the lowest-priced options, PIA still beats out the competition. It offers strong savings of 25% or more per month compared to popular picks like ExpressVPN. Over the lifetime of a longer subscription, those dollars saved truly add up.

And importantly, PIA doesn‘t make you compromise on features or connection speeds to get those savings.

What Plans Does PIA Offer?

Private Internet Access gives you flexibility in plan length, so you can find the right budget and commitment level for your needs. Here are the pricing options for PIA subscriptions:

Plan Billed Every Cost Per Month Cost Per Year
1 month 1 month $9.95 $119.40
1 year 1 year $3.33 $39.96
2 years 2 years $2.69 $32.28

According to a 2021 Pew Research study, 79% of Americans indicate price is an important factor when choosing a VPN service. The longer the subscription, the more you save with PIA, which caters well to budget-minded shoppers. Its 2-year plan at just $2.69 per month is a steal compared to most competitors.

For example, ExpressVPN charges $8.32 per month and NordVPN charges $3.71 even on their lengthiest subscriptions. For tight budgets, getting PIA‘s full suite of VPN features at industry-low rates is a tremendous value.

Why Should I Buy PIA for VPN Protection?

Beyond bargain pricing, PIA boasts many of the same security capabilities as top-tier rivals. It‘s not a watered-down budget VPN that will leave your data vulnerable.

PIA has these vital privacy protections covered:

Powerful encryption – Your traffic is secured with industry-leading 256-bit AES encryption. Governments and spy agencies can‘t crack PIA‘s shields.

Strict no-logs policy – PIA never records your online activity or stores connection logs, as verified through third-party audits.

Domain name system (DNS) leak protection – PIA blocks any requests that could reveal your IP address or location to your internet service provider.

Internet kill switch – If the VPN connection drops, this feature shuts down web access to prevent data leaks.

Tracker and ad blocking – PIA‘s firewall, called PIA Mace, prevents companies from snooping on your browsing and blocks intrusive ads.

Split tunneling – With this option enabled, you can select which apps route through the VPN tunnel while allowing local network access for other software. It‘s the best of both worlds for performance and privacy.

Auto-connect – Once installed, PIA can automatically activate its VPN connection whenever you access the internet for complete peace of mind.

Reliable connections – PIA offers over 11,500 high-speed servers in over 78 countries, so you can access content globally and bypass geo-restrictions.

For protecting sensitive online activities like streaming, torrenting, and accessing public WiFi, PIA has all the must-have features. No other low-cost VPN can match its combination of robust security and global server coverage.

The Best Bang for Your Buck

79% of US VPN users report being satisfied with their service according to Statista. For those seeking an affordable, full-featured VPN, PIA delivers tremendous value and satisfaction.

High-cost competitors like ExpressVPN simply can‘t compete with PIA‘s quality at budget prices. And free VPNs with bandwidth limits and scattered server locations leave gaping privacy holes.

We could list out dozens more stats and comparisons, but the verdict is clear:

Private Internet Access is the top bang-for-your-buck VPN if you want uncompromising security on a tight budget. Its plans are the cheapest among providers with equal features.

If you seek the optimal balance of cost and cyber protection, PIA is the smart choice. Visit PIA today to discover this outstanding value firsthand.


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