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Private Internet Access Not Loading

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a US-based VPN provider known for a multitude of powerful features.

PIA servers now number over 12,782 servers in 75 countries for remote access. It also has support for Windows 10, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux, and extensions for most popular browsers. (Read our Private Internet Access)

Despite being so popular, many users report that the software won’t connect to their computers, no matter how often they try.

Some PIA users solve the problems, although it’s better to go through everything methodically to make sure you don’t make things worse.

Here’s everything you need to know to determine why PIA does not load immediately after a compressed PIA review.

Private Internet Access Review

Users can have up to 10 devices on this VPN, and each is protected with OpenVPN and WireGuard. OpenVPN protection is AES-128 by default.

It has its own DNS servers and offers an effective kill switch to stop leaks. You can even change the defaults if you dive into the settings.

PIA Mace stops ads, trackers, and malware and now has open-source desktop clients and mobile apps. The company offers one of the better zero-logging policy options, although it is based inside the USA.

The privacy policy is rock solid and proven that they don’t retain any user data.

Performance usually offers high network speeds, though we encountered the problem other users were talking about when running a speed test.

Manually testing, we saw speeds lower than expected and were offering around 70 Mbps connecting to the likes of Hong Kong compared to other VPNs that were higher.

The destination server does have a bearing, and a closer server location does offer faster speeds. One thing to note was that testing the IP address did show several virtual VPN servers rather than physical ones.

For streaming, we could access most of the large streaming platforms, such as Netflix, though some were blocked, as was the BBC iPlayer.

Customer support still lacks when using PIA, as there is still no live chat option. This is unfortunate because of reports of PIA not working. This is what users need to fix the problem and resolve their issues.

Is Private Internet Access Legit?

PIA is one of the most like VPN service users opt for. While it does have issues, many of these are fixed, though some persist.

Users can sign up and use the 30-day money-back guarantee that has been increased from 7 days. Use PIA with any app, and it looks like you will be sure online.

Such is the legitimacy; on November 18, 2019, PIA announced they were to merge into Kape Technologies, who operate competing VPNs such as Cyberghost and ZenMate. Probably the reason for network size increase, and maybe the basis for some of the connection issues.

What Happened to Private Internet Access?

Here you can find out some of the things to try that may resolve your problem. It can vary between devices, so you may need to try different things or try different settings.

PIA Not Connecting on Windows 10

PIA connection issues can be because of an internet connection issue. Make sure to check this before spending time reviewing things that are working fine.

  • IPv6 Leaks – Packet leaks are mainly from IPv6 installed, and unfortunately, PIA developers overlook this, so disable IPv6 to avoid connection issues like other users see.
  • TAP Adapter drivers – PIA reports newer versions of the TAP adapter driver can cause slow VPN connections. Install an older version.

How to Disable IPv6

  1. Press Windows + R key and open the Run dialog box. Type ‘ncpa.cpl’ and click OK to open internet connection settings in Control Panel.
  2. Do this manually by opening Control Panel and switch view to Category.
  3. Click Network and Internet. Select the Network and Sharing center button to open.
  4. Locate the Change adapter settings button and click on it.
  5. Right-click on the active network adapter.
  6. Select properties and locate Internet Protocol Version 6.
  7. Clear the checkbox, click OK.
  8. Restart your computer to confirm changes. Check if this fixes your issue

Uninstall Private Internet Access

You may have an app problem on your Windows computer, and could be an old version causing a conflict.

  1. Click the Start menu and start typing control panel with the menu open. Or, you can click on the gear icon in Windows 10 to open settings.
  2. Inside Control Panel, select view as – Category and select Uninstall a Program.
  3. If using the Settings app, click on Apps, and it opens a list of installed programs on the PC.
  4. Scroll to PIA and click on Uninstall.
  5. The PIA uninstall wizard will run so you can uninstall it.
  6. Click Finish and restart your computer; make sure you download the latest version and run the installation executable.

Install Old TAP Driver

Sometimes new TAP drivers cause a problem with connectivity, or it can result in slow download speeds for Windows users. To fix the issues may take an older version to fix the problem of connectivity settings.

  1. Right-click the PIA icon in the system tray and select Exit from the pop-up menu
  2. First is to uninstall the current driver
  3. Type ‘Device Manager’ in the search field at the side of the Start menu
  4. Expand your ‘Network Adapters’ section to see all network adapters
  5. Right-click the TAP Adapter to remove select ‘Uninstall device. ‘ Click ‘OK’ when prompted
  6. Navigate to and download a working driver.
  7. Follow instructions with the on-screen installer. Click Next to save settings and restart the computer, then check if your PIA connection will work.

Change server

If the PIA VPN service doesn’t connect, you should change the server before doing anything else. (Read ExpressVPN vs Private Internet Access)

Slow connection speed can be because a server is overloaded, though it should be fixed with an increase in size. Aside from this, even the best doesn’t work because of an outage, though the frequency may be far less.

Check Your Router

If you have a DD-WRT router with PIA service installed, there may be an error there, such as your router has a firmware update that has corrupted the PIA settings and preventing it from connecting using the VPN service.

How Do You Update Private Internet Access?

  • You can find the latest Private Internet Access update on the Downloads page, or the apps are set to alert users of new updates automatically.
  • Directly in the app underneath the connect Power Button
  • In the app settings Menu (a green arrow shows up above the three dots located
  • Right-click the application icon in the System Tray, and if there is an update, you will see it vX.X.X

How Do I Get a Refund from Private Internet Access?

The Private Internet Access refund process is straightforward. Open a new ticket with the customer support team in your PIA portal, and they’ll get back to you.

Customer support is 24/7, so you should have a prompt response that you wish to claim a refund if you are within the 30-days of purchase.

Even though any VPN can have issues, and when users talk about the service doesn’t work, it is a cause for concern.

To join the best VPN’s ranks, you need to be sure any user can connect to Netflix right away, and their customer service is available in live chat to fix problems.



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