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How to Watch PPV on Firestick & Fire TV (Live Stream)

Pay-Per-View (PPV) events have been popular for decades, allowing viewers to purchase access to high-profile sports and entertainment events. With streaming devices like the Amazon Firestick and Fire TV, you now have more options than ever for accessing PPV content.

In this comprehensive 3500+ word guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to watch PPV on Firestick and Fire TV. I‘ve been covering streaming technology for over 5 years, so I‘ll be providing my expert insights and analysis along the way.

Let‘s dive in!

Overview of Watching PPV on Firestick

The Firestick makes it easy to access PPV events directly on your TV using various streaming apps and services. Here‘s a quick overview:

  • What is PPV? Pay-per-view allows you to pay to view a specific event, usually sports or entertainment. You pay a one-time fee to access that event live.

  • PPV Providers: Major providers like Showtime, HBO, ESPN, DAZN, Fite TV, and more offer PPV through their apps. Some carry mainly boxing/MMA, others provide WWE/AEW wrestling PPVs.

  • Streaming Devices: Firestick and Fire TV support installing these PPV apps. You can also access through mobile, web, etc.

  • Purchase PPV Event: Within the app, find and purchase the upcoming PPV event. Once bought, you can stream it live.

  • Legality: Accessing PPV from official provider apps is 100% legal. Technically you‘re just buying and streaming content.

Now let‘s explore the best PPV apps for Firestick and how to use them.

The Rise of PPV Streaming

Before we get into the providers, let‘s discuss the PPV landscape. Pay-per-view has been around since the early days of cable TV in the 1960s. Specific "premium" events were available for purchase, typically high-profile fights, wrestling matches, or concerts.

PPV has exploded in popularity in recent years. According to research from Parks Associates, the PPV market surpassed $6 billion in the US in 2021, with continued growth expected.

There are several factors driving this growth:

  • Streaming adoption: 45% of US households now have at least one streaming service subscription according to Deloitte. Streaming devices like Firestick make PPV accessible.

  • Cord cutting: As viewers cancel cable/satellite, PPV provides affordable big event access.

  • Mobile viewing: PPV apps allow viewing on smartphones and tablets in addition to TV.

  • Fight sports: Boxing and MMA have increasing numbers of PPV mega-events annually.

As you can see, changes in media consumption habits are fueling massive PPV growth. Next let‘s explore the top providers.

Best PPV Apps for Firestick and Fire TV

There are a variety of apps that offer Pay-Per-View events – I‘ll compare the most popular options:

Provider Price Supported Devices Pros Cons
Showtime $10.99/month Fire TV, Firestick, iOS, Android, Web Big fights, established provider, 7-day free trial Limited fight schedule
DAZN $19.99/month or $99.99/year Fire TV, Firestick, iOS, Android, Web Extensive fight coverage, reasonable monthly pricing Limited regions, yearly contract
ESPN+ $9.99/month Fire TV, Firestick, iOS, Android, Web UFC events, Disney+ bundle available Only covers UFC MMA fights
FITE Free app, PPV $40-80 each Fire TV, Firestick, iOS, Android, Web Affordable PPV cost, covers boxing & MMA Interface not as polished
Sky Sports Box Office £19.95 per event Fire TV, Firestick, iOS, Android Huge UK boxing/MMA coverage Only available in UK/Ireland

Next let‘s take a deeper look at each of these top PPV providers for Firestick/Fire TV.


Showtime is one of the most established PPV providers. They carry the biggest boxing and MMA events from promoters like Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) and Bellator MMA.

Some major PPV fights on Showtime in 2022 included:

  • Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury (Feb 26)
  • Errol Spence Jr. vs Yordenis Ugas (Apr 16)
  • David Benavidez vs David Lemieux (May 21)

Showtime has consistently raised PPV prices in recent years. Upcoming events now cost $74.99 in HD.

The Showtime app is available on most streaming devices including Firestick and Fire TV. There is a 7-day free trial for new subscribers.

Cost: $10.99 per month

Pros: Established provider, high quality broadcasts, major events

Cons: Limited fight schedule compared to sport-specific apps


DAZN (pronounced "Da Zone") is a live sports streaming service focused on combat sports. While they provide some content with a monthly subscription, most major boxing and MMA events are offered as PPV.

Some upcoming PPV events on DAZN include:

  • Canelo Alvarez vs John Ryder (May 6)
  • Kambosos Jr. vs Devin Haney II (Oct 16)
  • Alexander Povetkin’s Retirement Fight (TBA)

PPV on DAZN is around $60 for HD access. Monthly subscriptions are $19.99, or you can save 50% with an annual $99.99 plan.

DAZN has apps for all major platforms and devices. You can stream on two devices simultaneously.

Cost: $19.99/month or $99.99/year
Pros: Inexpensive monthly access, extensive fight coverage
Cons: Limited regional availability, long annual contracts


The sports broadcasting giant ESPN offers PPV primarily for UFC events through their ESPN+ streaming service.

In 2023, ESPN+ is the exclusive home for all UFC PPV fights. Upcoming events include:

  • UFC 287: Miocic vs Jones (Mar 18)
  • UFC 288: Nunes vs Cyborg 2 (May 13)
  • UFC 289: McGregor vs Diaz 3 (Aug 12)

UFC PPV on ESPN+ costs $79.99 in HD. You can bundle ESPN+ with Disney+ and Hulu for $12.99 per month.

Apps are available across all major platforms. You can stream on 3 devices simultaneously.

Cost: $9.99/month or $12.99/month with Disney Bundle
Pros: UFC leader, Disney+ bundle option
Cons: Only useful for UFC MMA PPV


FITE is a streaming service focused on combat sports, pro wrestling, and entertainment. They offer affordable PPV events across boxing, MMA, and pro wrestling.

Some major organizations on FITE include Triller Fight Club, Premier Boxing Champions (PBC), Gamebred Boxing, Golden Boy Promotions, All Elite Wrestling (AEW), and Impact Wrestling.

PPV prices on FITE are quite reasonable, usually around $40 but up to $80 for massive events. The FITE app itself is free.

FITE has apps across all devices and platforms. You can stream on up to 5 connected devices.

Cost: Free app, PPV $40-80 each
Pros: Affordable PPV, wide combat sports coverage
Cons: Interface and stream quality not as polished

Sky Sports Box Office

In the UK and Ireland, Sky Sports Box Office dominates PPV coverage of boxing, MMA, and pro wrestling. They broadcast events from top UK promoters like BOXXER, Matchroom Boxing, and Cage Warriors.

Some major PPV events from Sky this year include:

  • Chris Eubank Jr. vs Liam Smith (Jan 21)
  • Natasha Jonas vs Marie-Eve Dicaire (Mar 11)
  • UFC 286: Edwards vs Usman 3 (Sep 2)

PPV prices on Sky Sports Box Office tend to be £19.95 for HD streaming access.

Apps are available for Sky Q, Virgin TV, iOS, Android, and select devices like Firestick. Streaming limited to 2 devices.

Cost: £19.95 per event
Pros: Massive UK combat sports coverage
Cons: Only useful in UK/Ireland

Other Notable PPV Providers

There are a few other apps that occasionally offer PPV events:

  • TruTV – Carried select AEW wrestling PPVs in 2022.
  • FuboTV – Offers some PPV events as part of the Fubo Extra add-on package.
  • HBO – Historically major boxing broadcaster, now does few PPV events.
  • – Provides access specifically to WWE wrestling PPV events.

Be sure to also check with your cable/satellite provider, as many allow you to purchase PPV events directly through their platforms.

Purchasing PPV Events on Firestick

Once you‘ve decided which provider you want to use, purchasing the PPV event takes just a few simple steps:

  1. Install the app on your Firestick if you haven‘t already – see my guide on how to install apps on Firestick.

  2. Open the app and find the upcoming PPV event. There will be a purchase button or option.

  3. Select your video quality (SD, HD, 4K) and complete the payment transaction. Most apps accept major credit cards or PayPal.

  4. After payment processes, the event will unlock for streaming at showtime. Tune in and enjoy!

It‘s quick and convenient to access PPV directly through Firestick. Now let‘s discuss the legality and security considerations.

Is Streamed PPV Legal? Do I Need a VPN?

Accessing PPV events through official provider apps as described above is 100% legal. You are paying for content and streaming it as an authorized user.

However, there are some security steps you should take:

  • Beware free streaming sites – "Free" streaming sites offering PPV are often illegal pirated streams. I recommend avoiding these.

  • Use a VPN – A Virtual Private Network hides your IP address and encrypts traffic. This protects against snooping ISPs or hackers. NordVPN and Surfshark are excellent options.

  • Check app permissions – Be selective when granting permissions like device storage, contacts access, etc. Limit apps to only what‘s necessary.

  • Update apps and device – Ensure you have the latest app versions installed and your Firestick firmware is updated. This improves security.

So in summary – accessing PPV from official apps is legal if you pay for a ticket. But take steps to safeguard your privacy and security.

Expert Tips for Watching PPV on Firestick

As a streaming tech expert, I wanted to provide some pro tips to improve your PPV viewing experience:

  • Use Ethernet rather than WiFi for faster, more reliable streaming.

  • If using WiFi, position Firestick near the router and minimize interference.

  • Close all other apps and mute notifications during the event.

  • Restart the app or your Firestick 15 minutes prior if you experience issues.

  • Monitor DownDetector for real-time streaming outage alerts.

  • Consider using a long-range antenna as backup for major events.

With today‘s reliance on streaming, disruptions can happen. Following these tips will provide you with the optimal, uninterrupted PPV stream.

Final Thoughts

I hope this comprehensive guide has helped explain how to watch PPV events on your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV. The streaming and PPV landscape is constantly evolving, so stay tuned to my website and YouTube channel for future updates.

If you found this guide helpful, please subscribe to get exclusive streaming tech insights delivered to your inbox weekly. I aim to provide next-level expert advice – thanks for reading!


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