Did You Know ...

... that HOB has been marketing solutions for IBM Mainframes and AS/400 since 1981?

... that HOBLink J-Term is one of the first products in the world to receive the SUN Microsystem certificate "100% Pure Java"?

... that HOB presented the world's first JDBC-driver Type 4 for access to all IBM DB2 databanks?

... that HOB, with their product HOBLink JWT, markets the first Java client for Microsoft Windows Terminal Server?

... that HOBLink JWT received from IIR Technology the NT-Award 2000 as "Best third-party tool for Windows NT/2000"?

... that HOB is, next to IBM, the only manufacturer that offers connectivity software for Mainframes and clients?

... that alone in Germany, about 2,400 customers rely on HOB software solutions?

... that, for example, the Deutsche Börse Systems depends on HOB security solutions?