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ACE Strikes Again: 4 Major Sports Streaming Sites Shut Down

Hey there! Have you heard the news? Four of the biggest sports streaming sites in Arab-speaking countries just got slammed shut by the anti-piracy group ACE. For soccer, basketball and football fans who relied on these sites, it‘s a huge bummer. But ACE argues the unauthorized (and free) access was destroying revenues for leagues and broadcasters.

This back-and-forth battle has been going on for years now. Groups like ACE and their media partners want to stop sites from distributing copyrighted sports broadcasts without paying up. They‘ve taken down some giants, but new ones always seem to take their place. It‘s an endless game of whack-a-mole that doesn‘t seem to be ending anytime soon.

Let‘s take a closer look at what happened here…

ACE Severs Arab Fans‘ Streaming Lifeline

Early this month, ACE announced it had successfully seized and shutdown four major sports streaming sites:


These sites had become absolute staples for sports fans in Arab-speaking countries. YallaShoot alone attracted over 1 million visitors in May 2022, according to ACE‘s own press release. Goalarab was another heavy hitter.

Their specialty was unauthorized streams of live sports events from soccer to basketball, American football, rugby, golf – you name it. Access to all these games was totally free for users with no subscription needed.

For local fans frustrated by expensive pay TV packages from beIN Sports and others just to watch their favorite teams, these sites were a godsend. But ACE contends all that free content was destroying value and revenues for sports leagues and broadcasters who pay billions for exclusive rights.

This isn‘t ACE‘s first rodeo. They‘ve toppled dozens of giants like KissAnime, 123Movies and OpenLoad over the years. ACE is backed by coalition of media and tech giants like Amazon, Netflix, Disney, and more – so they‘ve got plenty of resources and lawyers to pressure sites and pursue legal action.

But history shows as soon as ACE closes one door, another seems to open. Shut down one site, and two more pop up to take its place. According to legal experts, this cycle reveals the limits of relying on pressure and enforcement alone.

Unauthorized Sports Streaming: A Hydra With Many Heads

Like the mythical hydra, sports piracy has many heads – and cutting one off only makes more grow back in its place. ACE‘s shutdown of YallaShoot and Goalarab created a huge gap in coverage. But it likely won‘t be long before a new site emerges to pick up the slack.

That‘s because the appetite among sports fans worldwide for free streamed content isn‘t going away anytime soon. Rising pay TV costs, coverage gaps from mainstream broadcasters, and inefficient access drives millions to piracy every single day.

In fact, unauthorized sports streaming is massively common across the globe:

  • 11% of North American internet users regularly access illegal sports streams according to Sandvine.
  • 1 in 3 Australians use illicit streaming services per research from Ampere Analysis.
  • More than 1 billion people worldwide use illegal streaming devices and addons, per Digital Citizens Alliance.

Faced with few affordable alternatives, it‘s no wonder piracy retains strong appeal despite inherent risks around malware, spyware and poor quality. Broadcasters like beIN Sports offer comprehensive sports access, but at steep prices of $15/month or more for even basic packages.

Legally speaking, permanently wiping unauthorized streaming from the web remains extremely difficult, experts argue. Much of it flows through pools of redundant servers that limit the impact of single site seizures. Underground forums readily share instructions for accessing new services.

Given these challenges, leagues may find shifting fan behavior requires more than a never-ending game of anti-piracy whack-a-mole…

Broadcasters Must Listen To Fans‘ Demands

Rather than an endless cycle of shutdowns, analysts say stemming piracy‘s appeal requires meeting fan demands. Sports broadcasters globally must focus on making coverage both more accessible and affordable through:

  • Flexible à la carte streaming options without cable bundles
  • Reduced pricing and discounts encouraging legal signup
  • Closing coverage gaps from country to country
  • Smooth cross-platform and mobile app access

Top-down enforcement alone has failed to change behavior thus far. So engaging fans in improving how content is offered may prove the more effective path.

Of course, anti-piracy efforts still help protect media investments in the interim. Looking ahead, ACE and their partners seem poised to continue this endless game of whack-a-mole. Persistent sites like reddit Soccer Streams, CricHD and Hdstreamz could be among their next targets.

But only time will tell how long any shutdown lasts before the illegal sports streaming hydra sprouts new heads again. For the sake of broadcasters and fans alike, let‘s hope innovative authorized alternatives can begin reversing the tide.

Let me know if you have any other thoughts on this tug-of-war with sports streaming piracy! I‘m always down to chat more on Twitter too.


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