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Pelisplus Streaming Website Shut Down by ACE – What Happened?

If you‘ve been streaming movies and shows from Pelisplus lately, you‘re probably wondering what happened when the site suddenly went dark. As one of the largest illegal streaming services, Pelisplus was a major target in an ongoing crackdown on piracy – resulting in millions of users losing access.

Believe me, I know how frustrating it is when your go-to streaming source disappears overnight! But as an experienced streaming advisor, I want to provide the inside scoop on what went down with the shutdown, the risks involved, and how you can still stream safely.

Pelisplus's massive content library

With thousands of movies, TV shows, and more available at your fingertips, it‘s easy to see why Pelisplus drew in over 68 million visits per month. For comparison, that‘s more than double the traffic of popular legal services like Paramount+ in Latin America. Pelisplus offered virtually unlimited on-demand streaming, but by pirating and redistributing content without authorization.

According to the anti-piracy alliance ACE, Pelisplus was "one of the largest illegal providers of audiovisual content in the world." And the data backs this up:

Country Pelisplus Monthly Visits
Mexico 68 million
Colombia 49 million
Argentina 31 million

Pelisplus had a massive audience across Latin America and Spain – ranking as a top 60 website in multiple countries. With millions of users streaming pirated content, major entertainment companies had Pelisplus on their radar.

Digging Deeper into the Investigation Timeline

ACE (Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment) is a coalition of entertainment companies and anti-piracy groups. They‘ve been ramping up efforts against illegally streaming sites – you may remember the recent shutdowns of platforms like Afdah and 123Movies.

According to ACE‘s press release, they utilized intelligence gathered from previous Latin America operations to build a case against Pelisplus. Likely monitoring server locations, site traffic, and following the digital money trail.

Once they compiled enough actionable evidence, ACE was able to work with local authorities to seize Pelisplus‘s domains and scrub the site from the internet. These coordinated efforts rely on the element of surprise – hence why the site just disappeared without warning one day.

What About User Data Being Shared?

Now for the question many of you are probably wondering – what happens to all that user data Pelisplus had? Websites like this typically log info like your IP address, streaming activity, personal account details, and more.

In the past, we‘ve seen sites hand over or sell this data when under investigation. Just look at Popcorn Time revealing user information, or early torrent sites like LokiTorrent being subpoenaed. If authorities get their hands on Pelisplus‘s servers, account details could potentially be traced back to streamers.

While we don‘t know if this is happening yet, it‘s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your privacy as a streamer. Use a VPN to mask your IP and activity from prying eyes. I recommend Surfshark – it adds a huge layer of anonymity at a low monthly cost.

Staying Safe in the New Streaming Landscape

…[Additional tips and recommendations for legal streaming sources]

The bottom line is sites like Pelisplus offer the temptation of endless content, but come with big risks from a privacy and legal standpoint. My advice is leverage the many legal options available across streaming platforms, Use free trials to access a wider library. And utilize a VPN plus tracker blockers to keep your streaming secure.

The shutdown of Pelisplus marks a major victory for anti-piracy forces. But as we‘ve seen before, new sites emerge to take the place of fallen giants. I‘ll be keeping an eye on developments in the streaming world and providing updates here on the latest news that impacts you. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m here to help guide you through the ever-changing landscape.


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