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HOB Partner Program Introduction

Not only today’s business and work models, but also the remote access solutions that make them possible are increasingly complex. Many of these solutions are difficult to use and troublesome to implement. The software solutions from HOB, however, can be quickly and easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures are simple to deploy and intuitive in use. You, too can benefit from our range of solutions and the advantages of our partner program.

The HOB partner program helps you to reach your personal goals. To achieve this, our experienced marketing, sales and technical teams support you in your projects – from training to certifications to exclusive marketing activities.

Partner Benefits

The HOB partner program is specially designed for our Channel Partners. They profit from the advantages of an excellent, multiply awarded secure remote access solution as well as custom-fitted sales and marketing support. Thus you can satisfy your customers with high availability, stability and performance.
Products and solutions with unique selling points for growth markets such as mobile computing and secure remote access.
Training and instruction are free of cost in the first year of the partnership
Attractive licensing models for various situations

  • Cloud service providers
  • Application service providers
  • Concurrent and named users
  • Leasing

Competitive margins HOB partners profit from comprehensive discounts, which acknowledge your commitment
Sustainable income via subscription and maintenance
Joint sales and marketing activities
POS support from account managers and system engineers
Unbureaucratic cooperation: Direct contact and short paths, as the development and support hotlines are located in Germany.
More service and efficiency: HOB partners provide customers more effective services – from the planning stage to implementation. Furthermore, a comprehensive cross-selling strategy can be implemented!
Inclusion in the HOB Partner Portal with a hyperlink and company logo
Joint marketing activities/HOB Fast Track: HOB participates in joint marketing activities in order to strengthen market visibility for both sides:

  • Newsletter
  • Webinars
  • Press work
  • Joint events

Clearly defined processes: Clearly defined presales, sales and follow-up processes greatly increase customer satisfaction.
Partner kit: HOB confirms the partnership through marketing materials, certificates and further branding elements.

Your Benefits

HOB solutions …

  • Are pure software solutions: Profit from additional sales in the areas of hardware and service provision.
  • Increase flexibility, productivity and customer satisfaction: Increase your sales volume via follow-up orders.
  • Are centrally administrated and require no installation on the client device. The Java-based, platform-independent products open up more flexible design possibilities for your customers.

HOB Partner Categories

An important element in the HOB Partner Program is to recognize the various requirements of end users, to align them most effectively with the core competency of each partner, and to develop a mutual go-to-market strategy and marketing campaign.

HOB has divided partners into three primary categories as follows:

Channel Partners

Although the HOB Product Family is designed for simplicity and ease-of-use, HOB believes that our partners are an extension of HOB and thus require a high standard of pre-sales and post-sales knowledge and support in order to meet end-user needs successfully and achieve high end-user satisfaction.

HOB has established minimum competency requirements in all business disciplines designed to ensure that all partners will be able to provide the appropriate levels, depending upon the specific partner level, of pre-sale and post-sales support required by HOB end-users.

Channel partners are divided in three tiers:

Remote Desktop

Silver Partners sell HOB solutions to their customers. Silver Partners are encouraged to participate in training, but are not required to do so. They do not handle product implementations nor provide ongoing end-user support.

mobile computing

Gold Partners represent the base level of managed partners and have a strategic relationship with HOB. Gold Partners will typically sell into a specific geographic territory and/or vertical industry segment, however they are not required to do so. They have been certified by the HOB Sales Team. Gold Partners will be assigned to a dedicated HOB Partner Manager.


Platinum Partners are the most advanced managed channel partners in the HOB Partner Program. This partner typically sells and implements solutions into a specific geographic territory and/or vertical industry segment, however they are not required to do so. They have achieved our Sales and Technical Certifications and are fully capable of selling, implementing and supporting HOB solutions. Platinum Partners will be assigned to a dedicated HOB Partner Manager.

II. Technology Alliance Partners

HOB builds technology alliances with leading hardware and software vendors. In close cooperation, we ensure that both partner's products are fully compatible and provide significant added value to the end-users. After mutual sign off on the technical part, joint marketing campaigns will take the solution to the channels.

Become an HOB Partner!

Just fill out the form you will find at this link.