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Orby TV Has Officially Shut Down – Here are the Best Alternatives

Orby TV, the popular satellite television streaming service, has officially shut down after being in business for just over 2 years. The company abruptly announced in March 2021 that it would be permanently discontinuing service as of March 1st, 2021.

This sudden shutdown has left the service‘s estimated 400,000 subscribers searching for a replacement option to meet their live TV streaming needs.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about the shutdown of Orby TV and the best alternatives available to seamlessly replace it.

The Rise and Fall of Orby TV

First, let‘s take a closer look at the history and rapid growth of Orby TV prior to its unexpected demise:

Orby TV first launched in May 2019 as a low-cost alternative to traditional cable and satellite television. The service utilized an installed satellite dish to provide streaming access to a lineup of live TV channels directly over a home‘s internet connection.

Key features that made Orby TV stand out included:

  • Low starting package price of only $40/month
  • Solid channel lineup with many popular cable networks
  • Intuitive set-top box with voice remote
  • Option to add local channels for news and sports
  • No long-term contracts or commitments

Thanks to this value-driven approach, Orby TV saw substantial growth in subscribers in its first two years. Estimates indicate the service reached around 400,000 members before being shuttered.

So why did Orby TV ultimately fail? Industry analysts cite a few key reasons:

  • Heavy competition from other live TV streaming services
  • Limitations of satellite delivery rather than true internet streaming
  • Inability to reach agreement on carrying local network affiliates
  • Lack of nationwide distribution and marketing scale

When Orby TV suddenly ceased operations on March 1st, 2021, customers were informed the service could no longer sustain business operations. This left former subscribers in need of finding an alternative way to cut the cord while still enjoying live TV.

Thankfully, there are now multiple excellent internet-based live TV services to choose from as your new Orby TV replacement…

Top 5 Alternatives to Orby TV

Here are 5 of the best live TV streaming services to consider as alternatives to Orby TV:

1. YouTube TV

With over 5 million subscribers, YouTube TV has become one of the most popular cable replacements on the market today.

For a flat rate of $64.99/month, YouTube TV provides access to over 85+ live channels – including all the major broadcast networks and top cable offerings. Sports fans will appreciate inclusion of ESPN, regional sports networks, and more.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV allows up to 6 accounts per household and unlimited DVR storage space to record programs for watching anytime. Streaming is available on up to 3 devices simultaneously.

The service has apps for all major platforms and devices. YouTube TV also integrates nicely with Google products like Chromecast.

Overall, YouTube TV provides an excellent well-rounded cable TV replacement thanks to its competitive channel lineup, unlimited DVR, broad device support, and solid streaming performance.

2. Hulu + Live TV

For $69.99/month, Hulu + Live TV gives you over 75+ live channels plus full access to Hulu‘s entire on-demand streaming library. This provides the best of both worlds – live TV combined with thousands of movies, shows, Hulu Originals, and more on-demand.

Hulu Live TV

Cloud DVR with 50 hours of storage comes included, and you can stream on 2 screens simultaneously. For kids and sports fans, Disney+ and ESPN+ can be bundled into your Hulu subscription at a discount.

Given the combination of live and on-demand programming, Hulu + Live TV is a very versatile Orby TV replacement. The 7-day free trial makes it easy to test out.

3. fuboTV

fuboTV is all about sports, making it a favorite Orby TV replacement for passionate sports enthusiasts. Plans start at a slightly higher $69.99/month, but you get over 120 channels with a huge emphasis on sports networks.


From NFL and NBA games to around-the-clock sports news and commentary, fuboTV is a sports lover‘s dream. The service also includes premium channels, entertainment, and news – just with a sports-centric focus.

fuboTV makes it easy to record games and matches with 250 hours of cloud DVR storage included. Key features like multi-view on iPad and lookback for accessing recently aired content provide added flexibility.

While pricier, the sporty focus of fuboTV makes it one of the top Orby TV alternatives for diehard sports fans.

4. Sling TV

Sling TV is likely the most affordable live TV streaming replacement coming in with base packages starting at just $35 per month. While cheaper, you do get a reduced channel lineup – but the ability to customize makes Sling TV popular for budget cord cutters.

Sling TV

Sling Orange and Sling Blue are the two main packages, each with 30+ channels. Sports, news, entertainment and more are covered – just in a more stripped-down capacity. For example, Sling lacks some major networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS.

50 hours of DVR storage can be added for an extra $5/month. Sling TV allows streaming on up to 3 devices simultaneously. While cheaper, Sling TV still provides solid performance and features that make it one of the top low-cost Orby TV replacements.

5. Philo

If keeping costs to an absolute minimum is your main priority, Philo is the budget-friendly live TV streaming service priced at only $25 per month.


Philo focuses solely on entertainment channels from Discovery, Viacom, AMC and more – omitting expensive sports networks which keeps the price low. The streamlined channel lineup of just 60+ channels makes Philo extremely affordable.

Unlimited DVR storage and streaming on 3 devices is included. While very limited, Philo provides an ultra-cheap live TV option at less than $10/week.

Free Alternatives for Replacing Orby TV

If you want to ditch Orby TV but don‘t want the recurring cost of another streaming service, don‘t forget about free options:

Pluto TV

Pluto TV has over 250 live TV channels available entirely free by utilizing an ad-supported model. While not as robust as paid alternatives, Pluto TV is a zero-cost way to stream news, sports, movies, and more. Worth checking out first before paying.


LocalNow offers free local TV stations streaming over the internet in select markets. It‘s a good option for maintaining access to local news and programming at no cost.


IMDb TV provides a selection of ad-supported on-demand TV shows and movies at no charge. While not live, it offers a decent library of content without paying.


While best known for DVD rentals, Redbox also offers an extensive free live TV option via apps and on their site. Over 130 channels provide free news, sports, and entertainment.


Stirr is another completely free ad-based streaming service with a wide variety of live channels and content. Well worth testing out as a zero-cost live TV option.

Comparing Key Features of the Top Orby Alternatives

To help compare the top alternatives side-by-side, here is an overview of how they stack up across some key factors:

YouTube TV Hulu + Live fuboTV Sling TV Philo
Price $64.99/month $69.99/month $69.99/month From $35/month $25/month
Channels 85+ 75+ 120+ 30 – 50+ 60+
Cloud DVR Unlimited 50 hours 250 hours 50 hours (extra fee) Unlimited
Simultaneous Streams 3 2 3 1 – 4 3
Trial Period 7 days free 7 days free 7 days free N/A 7 days free

This makes it easy to compare channel lineups, prices, cloud DVR features, and more at a glance. See which service lines up best with your needs.

Choosing the Right Streaming Device for Your New Service

While Orby TV came with its own set-top box, most streaming services are app-based and work best with an external streaming device.

Here are some top options to consider for accessing your new Orby TV replacement:

Roku – Roku makes some of the most popular and affordable streaming boxes and sticks starting at under $30. Models like the Roku Express, Roku Streaming Stick+, and Roku Ultra offer excellent performance.

Amazon Fire TV Stick – Amazon‘s Fire TV Stick starts at just $39.99 and connects easily to your TV‘s HDMI port for smart TV functionality. Voice remote and Alexa integration provide added perks.

Apple TV – Apple TV 4K delivers a premium streaming experience and seamless connectivity with other Apple devices. Ideal for iPhone/iPad owners.

Chromecast – For under $50, the Chromecast plugs into your TV to instantly enable casting of apps and content from your mobile device. Great for Google ecosystem users.

NVIDIA Shield – The most powerful streaming box, NVIDIA Shield offers cutting-edge performance and features perfect for live TV streaming. Ideal for tech enthusiasts.

Choosing a reputable brand like Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, etc ensures maximum app compatibility and the best experience streaming your new service.

Improving Your Internet Speed for Streaming

One important factor in enjoying a smooth streaming experience with your new live TV service is having sufficiently fast home internet speeds.

Here are some internet speed guidelines:

  • For HD streaming on 1 device = minimum 10 Mbps
  • For 4K streaming = 25 Mbps or higher
  • For streaming on 2+ devices = 50+ Mbps recommended

Upgrading to fiber optic internet or the fastest cable internet tier from your provider are the best ways to ensure ample bandwidth for steady streaming. Also minimize other devices on the network.

You can test your current internet speeds at or to determine if an upgrade is needed. Faster is always better when it comes to streaming.

Tips for Choosing the Best Orby Replacement for YOU

Here are some key tips for selecting the ideal Orby TV replacement based on your viewing preferences and household needs:

Sports Fans

Go with fuboTV or YouTube TV for the widest selection of sports content from live games to news and highlights.

Movie & TV Show Lovers

Hulu + Live TV includes huge on-demand library in addition to live channels – best for viewing variety.

Kids & Family

YouTube TV offers broad channel selection plus unlimited DVR and 6 user profiles perfect for households.

Cord Cutters Seeking Savings

Opt for Sling TV or Philo to get live TV streaming on a budget.

College Students

Philo offers 60+ channels most popular with young adults like Comedy Central, HGTV, and MTV for only $25/month.

No matter your viewing preferences, there is a great Orby TV replacement option to suit your household‘s needs while providing all the benefits of live TV streaming.

Start Your 7-Day Free Trial to Find the Perfect Fit

The best way to determine which streaming service will be your new go-to is to take advantage of the free trials.

Almost all the top options offer at least 7 days to try out their service completely risk-free.

Compare channel lineups, features, and performance for yourself before deciding. Then simply cancel or continue on after the trial ends.

By evaluating the Orby TV alternatives hands-on, you can confidently choose your new live TV streaming platform tailored specifically for you.

Orby TV brought live streaming TV into many homes, but thankfully its shutdown leaves subscribers with more options than ever in 2021. With top-rated services like YouTube TV, Hulu, fuboTV, and more now available, finding the ideal Orby TV replacement to meet your household‘s needs has never been easier.


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