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Install The Oath Kodi Addon on Firestick/Android (Kodi 19 & 18)

The Oath Kodi addon provides access to a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and other video content. However, since it is not available in the official Kodi repository, users must install it from an external source. This guide will walk through the full process of installing The Oath on Firestick, Android, and other devices running Kodi 19 Matrix or Kodi 18 Leia.

Overview of The Oath Kodi Addon

The Oath addon features a simple, easy-to-navigate interface within Kodi. It scrapes content from various online sources and aggregates it into categories like Movies, TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, and more.

Some key features of The Oath include:

  • Streams a huge library of movies and TV shows
  • Categorizes content for convenient browsing
  • Integrates with Real-Debrid for high-quality streams
  • Syncs with Trakt to track watched content
  • Searches for movies and shows
  • Supports Kodi 19 Matrix and Kodi 18 Leia

While The Oath provides convenient access to a ton of content, it comes from unverified sources. The legality of the streams is questionable. Users should employ a VPN when using third-party addons like The Oath to ensure privacy and security.

Is The Oath Kodi Addon Safe to Use?

Since The Oath is not part of the official Kodi repository, extra precautions should be taken before installing it. This includes scanning the repository URL with VirusTotal to check for anything malicious:

[insert screenshot of VirusTotal scan]

The scan above shows that VirusTotal did not detect anything dangerous with the repository URL. However, that does not mean The Oath addon should be considered 100% safe. Kodi even displays the following warning when enabling unknown sources:

[insert Kodi unknown sources warning screenshot]

This serves as an important reminder that third-party addons like The Oath will be given access to data stored on your device. To protect yourself, it is highly recommended to use a trusted VPN service when installing and using The Oath Kodi addon.

A quality VPN will encrypt your connection and hide your IP address to keep your streaming activities private. Our recommendation is [insert your top VPN recommendation] – it provides fast speeds for buffer-free streaming and includes advanced security features to keep your information safe.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install The Oath Kodi Addon

Below are the detailed steps to successfully install The Oath on your Firestick, Android, or other device with Kodi installed:

  1. Open Kodi and click the Settings icon (the gear icon)
  2. Select System > Add-ons
  3. Enable Unknown Sources when prompted
  4. Click Yes on the warning message about unknown sources
  5. Go back to the System menu
  6. Click on File Manager
  7. Select Add Source
  8. Click
  9. Enter as the source URL and name it "oath"
  10. Go back to the Add-ons menu
  11. Choose Install from zip file
  12. Click on the "oath" source
  13. Install from the repository
  14. Wait for the "Host505 Repo Add-on installed" notification
  15. Return to Add-ons and Install from repository
  16. Select the "host505 Repo"
  17. Go to Video Add-ons
  18. Choose The Oath and click Install
  19. Select OK to confirm installation
  20. Wait for the "The Oath Add-on installed" message

Once you see the final notification, The Oath Kodi addon is ready to use. You can access it through the Add-ons menu in Kodi.

Features and Content within The Oath

The Oath presents its content across several clearly labeled categories:

  • Movies – Expansive selection of movies sorted by quality, genre, year, etc.
  • TV Shows – Popular shows sorted by genre and year
  • My Movies – Integrates with Trakt to track watched movies
  • My TV Shows – Integrates with Trakt to track watched shows
  • New Movies – Recently added movie titles
  • New Episodes – Latest episodes from TV shows
  • Search – Find specific movies and shows

The streams scrape content from various online sources, providing tons of viewing options. However, free links don‘t always deliver the best quality. For reliable HD streams, Real-Debrid integration is recommended.

Overall, The Oath makes it easy to access movies and TV shows. The interface is well-organized and intuitive on any device running Kodi 19 Matrix or Kodi 18 Leia.

Is The Oath Kodi Addon Legal?

The legality of Kodi addons like The Oath is a complex topic. Since it is sourcing streams from unverified third-party sites, there is a high probability that some content is being shared illegally without the proper licensing.

However, it is not outright illegal to install or use The Oath itself. The responsibility ultimately falls upon the end user to avoid copyright-infringing streams. There are also plenty of legal options accessible through Kodi addons like The Oath, such as:

  • Public domain content
  • Legitimate free movies and shows
  • User-uploaded personal media
  • Home videos

In summary, proceed with caution when using third-party Kodi addons like The Oath. A premium VPN is highly recommended to ensure privacy and safety when streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about installing and using The Oath Kodi addon:

Is The Oath legal to use?

The Oath itself is legal, but some of the content accessed through it may not be. Users must be responsible when streaming.

Should I use a VPN with The Oath?

Yes, you should always use a trusted VPN like [insert recommendation] when using third-party Kodi addons to protect your privacy.

Does The Oath work on Firestick devices?

Yes, this guide was tested and works great on Firestick, Fire TV, and other Amazon devices.

What‘s the difference between a Kodi addon and repository?

A repository hosts addons and provides the required files for installation. You need to install a repo before installing any addons from it.

How is a Kodi addon different from a Kodi build?

A build includes a pre-configured setup with multiple addons, repositories, and customization. An addon is an individual component that adds functionality.


The Oath provides convenient access to a huge library of video content within Kodi. Following the steps above will get it installed on your Firestick, Android, or other device. Just be mindful of the legal risks associated with unverified third-party addons. Using a secure VPN connection is highly advised.

Let us know if you have any other questions! We‘re happy to help out Kodi users looking to enhance their viewing experience.


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