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NVIDIA Pushes Out 9.0.1 Update to Fix Android 11 Problems on SHIELD Devices

Hey streaming fans, if you own an NVIDIA SHIELD TV you‘re likely aware of the issues popping up after the latest Android 11 upgrade. Don‘t worry – NVIDIA has thankfully acted fast to get an update out fixing the most annoying problems. Keep reading and I‘ll fill you in on everything that‘s happening with the SHIELD software situation.

What Went Wrong with the Android 11 Update on SHIELD?

First, let‘s recap what happened:

The SHIELD Experience 9.0 update rolled out several weeks ago bringing Android 11 to NVIDIA‘s premium streaming box. This was a major jump from Android 9 to 11.

Initially, it looked promising. The upgrade boasted optimizations for 4K playback and faster app loading. There were UI tweaks like refreshed media artwork and descriptions. You also got handy features like pairing Bluetooth headphones directly to the SHIELD controller.

But it didn’t take long for user complaints to flood in:

  • Accessing your Plex media content suddenly stopped working – not great when that‘s what many of you rely on daily for your personal media libraries.

  • SHIELD remotes started disconnecting from Bluetooth and became unresponsive. I know how frustrating this is when you need to pause what you‘re watching and the remote won‘t work!

  • General lag, stuttering, and sluggish performance made the interface feel broken. Definitely not the smooth 4K streaming experience you expect.

Clearly the Android 11 upgrade introduced significant bugs affecting the SHIELD‘s core functions. Considering its premium hardware and $150+ price tag, this wasn‘t acceptable.

As an experienced SHIELD user myself, I fully understand the headache this caused. You invest in a high-end device expecting it to work flawlessly. When core features break unexpectedly it’s a letdown.

Thankfully, NVIDIA acknowledged the issues and prioritized fixing them. Let’s talk about the solution they just launched.

NVIDIA‘s Fix: The SHIELD Experience 9.0.1 Update

NVIDIA recently began rolling out a new hotfix update for SHIELD dubbed version 9.0.1. It specifically targets the most serious problems introduced in Android 11:

  • Restores Plex Media Server connectivity so you can access all your personal media again.
  • Fixes Bluetooth remote instability and disconnection issues.
  • Resolves interface lag and stuttering for smoother navigation.

By laser-focusing on these core areas, the 9.0.1 update aims to restore proper functionality and performance.

Early feedback from users indicates it does resolve the major pain points:

“Just installed the 9.0.1 update and it has completely fixed my Plex issues. Thanks NVIDIA for the quick fix!”

“Remote working perfectly again after the update. No more random disconnects.”

“Much snappier performance now. Feels like a brand new SHIELD again.”

If you’re still suffering from Android 11 issues, updating to 9.0.1 should get you back on track. Let’s walk through how to get it installed.

How to Update Your SHIELD to the Latest 9.0.1 Software

Updating your SHIELD TV is simple and only takes a few minutes. Here are the steps:

  1. From the SHIELD home screen, open the Settings menu.

  2. Select the Device Preferences option.

  1. Choose About.

  2. Select System Upgrade.

  3. Click Check for Upgrade.

  1. If an update is available, click Restart to Install.

  2. Your SHIELD will then download and install the latest software automatically. The box will reboot itself once finished.

The entire process only takes a few minutes depending on your internet speed. Then you can start enjoying your SHIELD‘s full capabilities again!

If it indicates your system is already up-to-date, no worries – you‘re already running the 9.0.1 fix.

Tips for a Smooth Update Experience

To ensure optimal performance after updating, I recommend:

  • Re-syncing your SHIELD remote under Bluetooth settings if any connectivity issues persist.

  • Checking for Plex, Kodi, or other media app updates after the system update.

  • Rebooting your SHIELD from settings if you notice ongoing lag or issues.

  • Reset your SHIELD to factory settings if problems continue – this gives you a fresh start.

Jumping between major Android versions can introduce temporary bugs. But NVIDIA‘s rapid response in releasing the 9.0.1 fix shows their commitment to correcting issues fast.

The SHIELD remains the premier premium streaming device thanks to this kind of prompt software support when needed. Hopefully you‘re back to enjoying buttery-smooth 4K streaming and gaming after upgrading!

Let me know if this walkthrough helped resolve your SHIELD‘s issues. And stay tuned right here for more tips, app profiles, and streaming news!


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