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How Much Does NordVPN Cost? The Complete Guide

Virtual private networks, or VPNs, have become a vital tool for protecting your privacy and anonymity while browsing the internet. By encrypting your connection and hiding your IP address, a reputable VPN prevents hackers, advertisers, and even government agencies from snooping on your online activities.

But with dozens of VPN providers on the market, how do you pick the right one without breaking the bank? NordVPN stands out as an affordable yet full-featured option trusted by over 14 million users worldwide.

So how much does NordVPN cost exactly? What pricing tiers are available, and how can you get the best deal? This comprehensive guide will break down NordVPN‘s pricing, features, and value compared to competitors – everything you need to make an informed decision.

How Much Does NordVPN Cost Per Month?

NordVPN offers three pricing plans depending on your needs:

  • Standard – starting at $3.69/month
  • Plus – starting at $4.69/month
  • Complete – starting at $5.99/month

The exact monthly cost depends on whether you choose to pay month-to-month, yearly, or for 2 years upfront. The longer the contract, the bigger discount you receive.

For example, signing up for 2 years of the Standard plan reduces the monthly cost to $3.29, while going month-to-month raises it to $11.99. Generally, the 2-year plan offers up to 58% savings compared to monthly billing.

Here‘s a detailed breakdown of NordVPN‘s pricing for each plan and contract length:

Plan 1 Month 1 Year 2 Years
Standard $11.99/mo $4.99/mo $3.29/mo
Plus $12.99/mo $5.99/mo $3.99/mo
Complete $14.29/mo $6.99/mo $4.99/mo

Based on these numbers, the 2-year Standard plan provides the lowest monthly cost at just $3.29. But keep reading to understand what features are included at each tier.

NordVPN Pricing Plans Explained

NordVPN divides its offerings into three flexible plans. Each plan builds on the previous one by adding extra cybersecurity tools.

Standard Plan

The Standard plan starting at $3.29/month provides NordVPN‘s core VPN features:

  • Encrypted internet traffic
  • 5400+ servers worldwide
  • CyberSec malware blocking
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • Zero activity logs or tracking

This base plan suits most people‘s needs for masking your IP address and encrypting data sent over the internet. With servers in 59 countries, you can circumvent geolocation restrictions to access region-locked content.

According to, the global VPN market is projected to reach $75 billion by 2030. NordVPN‘s low starting price makes it competitive with other top providers like ExpressVPN and CyberGhost.

Plus Plan

The Plus plan starts at $3.99/month for a 2-year contract. It includes everything in the Standard plan, plus:

  • NordPass password manager
  • Dark web monitoring

With NordPass, you can securely generate, store, and auto-fill passwords across all your devices. This prevents password reuse and exposure in data breaches.

Dark web monitoring notifies you if your personal information like emails or credit cards appear for sale on dark web marketplaces. This allows you to take prompt action like changing passwords or cancelling compromised cards.

Complete Plan

NordVPN‘s top-tier Complete plan starts at $4.99/month for 2 years. It bundles everything in the previous plans, in addition to:

  • 1TB encrypted cloud storage
  • Data breach scanner

The encrypted cloud storage provides secure backup for important files and documents. NordVPN uses zero-knowledge encryption, meaning even they can‘t access your uploaded data.

The data breach scanner regularly checks and alerts you if your accounts appear in known data dumps. This allows you to change passwords before criminals exploit them.

So in summary, the Complete plan offers NordVPN‘s full suite of privacy and anti-hacking tools. But the lower-tier plans still include the core VPN protection that most subscribers need.

How NordVPN‘s Pricing Compares to Competitors

NordVPN offers competitive pricing among leading VPN services. The table below compares NordVPN‘s 2-year plan costs to equivalent long-term plans from top rivals:

Provider 2-Year Price Simultaneous Connections Servers Money-back guarantee
NordVPN $3.29/month 6 5400+ 30 days
ExpressVPN $8.32/month 5 3000+ 30 days
Surfshark $2.21/month Unlimited 3200+ 30 days
CyberGhost $2.25/month 7 7400+ 45 days

NordVPN provides among the lowest monthly rates for long-term commitments. And its allowance of 6 simultaneous connections is higher than many competitors who limit you to just 5 devices.

When it comes to servers and money-back guarantees, NordVPN also stands up well versus its rivals. Overall, its premium features at an affordable 2-year price make it a high value recommendation.

Can I Use NordVPN for Free?

While NordVPN does not have an permanently free version, they do offer different ways to use the service for free short-term:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee – Cancel anytime within 30 days for a full refund. Effectively a free 1-month trial.
  • 3-day free trial on mobile – Use the NordVPN mobile app free for 3 days without even entering payment info.
  • Referral program – Referring new users earns you 1 month of NordVPN for each sign-up.
  • Special limited deals – Periodically they offer promotions like 70% off plus additional months free.

So while there is no free NordVPN plan you can use forever, you can take advantage of these offers to avoid paying initially.

Is NordVPN Worth The Cost?

At first glance, paying $3-5 per month for a VPN might seem steep when some providers offer free options. But NordVPN‘s premium security features and extensive server network make it worth the investment for most users.

Some key benefits that justify NordVPN‘s pricing include:

  • Military-grade encryption – NordVPN uses AES-256 encryption to thoroughly scramble and anonymize your traffic. This is essential for circumventing geo-blocks, hiding your identity, and preventing snooping.
  • No-logs policy – NordVPN does not record any logs of your online activity or IP address. You can browse, stream, and download without leaving a trace.
  • Blazing speeds – NordVPN has over 5,000 worldwide servers optimized for fast streaming, downloads, gaming, and browsing. Reviews consistently report excellent performance.
  • Access streaming services – Unblock geo-restricted content like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and more with NordVPN‘s specialized streaming servers.
  • Malware blocking & Dark Web monitoring – NordVPN‘s CyberSec feature blocks dangerous sites and ads. Its Dark Web monitor notifies you of password exposures.
  • 24/7 customer support – Contact NordVPN‘s customer support staff at any time via live chat or email if issues arise. Responses are prompt and detailed.
  • 6 device connections – Most competitors limit you to just 5 simultaneous connections. NordVPN allows 6 devices to be protected at once.

For individuals and families seeking complete digital privacy, NordVPN provides tremendous value compared to free VPN alternatives. The free services often lack critical speed, reliability, encryption levels, and device support needed for worry-free secure browsing.

Answers To Common NordVPN Pricing Questions

How do I cancel my NordVPN subscription?

To cancel NordVPN, log into your account settings, go to Payments > Overview > Manage plan. There you can disable the auto-renewal toggle. You‘ll continue to have access until the end of your current billing period.

Can I get a refund if not satisfied?

Yes, NordVPN‘s 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to receive a full refund within the first month if you are not satisfied.

Does NordVPN offer any discounts for students?

Unfortunately NordVPN does not currently offer a traditional student discount. However, students can take advantage of their seasonal promotions and free trial options to lower the overall cost.

What forms of payment does NordVPN accept?

NordVPN accepts all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. You can also pay through services like PayPal, Amazon Pay, and cryptocurrencies.

The Bottom Line: NordVPN Offers Strong Value for Online Privacy

NordVPN provides an affordable and highly effective solution for encrypting your internet activity, circumventing geo-blocks, and protecting your identity online. While not free, its competitive pricing – especially the 2-year plan at just $3.29/month – offers tremendous value.

The entry-level Standard plan includes the core VPN features that most users need for secure, private browsing. Complete digital protection can be had for just $4.99/month on the Complete plan. Given its extensive server network, watertight encryption, and usefulness for streaming sites, NordVPN is well worth the investment.

We recommend trying NordVPN risk-free with their 30-day money-back guarantee. The performance and smooth user experience will impress across all your devices. Investing in NordVPN means investing in your online privacy and security.


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