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NordPass vs. Dashlane 2023: Which Password Manager Comes Out On Top?

When it comes to choosing a password manager in 2023, two of the top contenders are NordPass and Dashlane. Both provide robust security for your online accounts, but they differ in their features, pricing, and overall value.

In this in-depth comparison guide, we‘ll analyze NordPass vs. Dashlane to help you determine which solution best meets your password management needs.

A Brief Background on NordPass and Dashlane

First, let‘s look at a quick overview of each company.

NordPass was launched in 2018 by NordVPN, a leader in the virtual private network space with over 10 million users. NordPass was built with a focus on security, affordability, and ease of use.

Dashlane, founded in 2012 by Alexis Fogel, Bernard Liautaud, and Jean Guillou, emphasizes security plus convenience. Its premium features like a VPN and dark web monitoring come at a higher price point compared to NordPass.

Both companies now boast millions of users worldwide. NordPass and Dashlane have cultivated strong reputations, with neither service ever having fallen victim to a breach.

Now, let‘s dive deeper into how NordPass and Dashlane compare across several key categories.

Pricing and Plans Breakdown

One of the biggest differences between NordPass and Dashlane is their pricing structure and subscription plans.

NordPass offers 4 pricing tiers:

  • Free – $0 for 1 user, unlimited device sync
  • Premium – $1.99/month billed yearly
  • Premium Plus – $2.99/month billed yearly
  • Family – $3.99/month billed yearly

Dashlane has 3 paid pricing options:

  • Premium – $3.33/month billed yearly
  • Premium Plus – $5/month billed yearly
  • Family – $6.67/month billed yearly

In addition, Dashlane estimates that over 10 million users take advantage of their free version.

NordPass‘s free plan allows unlimited password storage on multiple devices. Dashlane‘s free plan permits 50 passwords on one device.

Across all tiers, NordPass provides significantly lower pricing than Dashlane. The NordPass Premium plan runs just $1.99 per month while Dashlane Premium is $3.33 per month.

Both NordPass and Dashlane offer 30 day money back guarantees on paid subscriptions. This allows you to take them for a risk-free test drive.

Overall, NordPass delivers better value for your dollar, especially if you are looking for an affordable but highly secure option.

Security Features Comparison

Now let‘s explore how NordPass and Dashlane stack up when it comes to security capabilities.


Both NordPass and Dashlane utilize top-notch encryption to protect your sensitive data.

  • NordPass relies on xChaCha20 encryption
  • Dashlane uses the industry standard AES-256 bit encryption


  • NordPass undergoes routine independent security audits by firms like Cure53. Their most recent published audit was in 2020.
  • Dashlane conducts internal audits. However, they have not provided public reports of third-party security assessments.

Breach Monitoring

  • NordPass checks your credentials against HaveIBeenPwned‘s database of known breaches.
  • Dashlane scans the dark web for compromised credentials and alerts you.

Overall, NordPass and Dashlane offer robust security. NordPass has an edge when it comes to third party audits of its systems and encryption methods.

Essential Password Manager Features

Now let‘s look at how the core password manager features of NordPass and Dashlane compare.

Auto-fill and password generation – Both platforms provide one-click auto-fill of logins and generate strong, random passwords.

Multi-device sync – Your passwords are securely accessible across all your devices with the paid plans from both providers. NordPass lets you sync an unlimited number of devices on the free version.

Password sharing – Securely share individual passwords or access to your entire vault with trusted contacts. Dashlane requires the recipient to have a Dashlane account.

Two-factor authentication – Extra login protection can be enabled on both NordPass and Dashlane.

Browser extensions – Both have extensions available for all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari for seamless integration.

Overall, NordPass and Dashlane are evenly matched when it comes to core password manager capabilities. NordPass offers greater convenience for multi-device access on the free plan.

Additional Features and Perks

Beyond the basics, Dashlane includes quite a few convenience features that NordPass lacks:

  • VPN – Dashlane‘s premium plans include a VPN for secure browsing on public WiFi.
  • Dark web monitoring – Dashlane will scan black market sites for your info and alert you of any suspicious activity.
  • Identity protection – Dashlane monitors your personal information across the web and sends breach alerts.
  • Password changer – With one click, Dashlane will change compromised passwords for you.
  • Secure storage – Dashlane allows you to store sensitive documents like IDs, contracts, and notes.
  • Digital inheritance – Dashlane Premium lets you set emergency contacts to inherit your account if you pass away.

The main extra that NordPass offers is a built-in password breach scanner to check your current passwords against known data breaches.

If you want lots of convenience features beyond basic password management, Dashlane is the way to go. Those extra security perks will cost you though.

User Experience and Design

NordPass and Dashlane both offer user-friendly designs and platform support.

Their browser extensions allow seamless website and app logins with one click.

The NordPass interface is clean and minimalist with the various tools easily accessible. Dashlane also has an intuitive layout with options well-organized.

In terms of platform access, NordPass and Dashlane are evenly matched:

  • Desktop apps for Windows and Mac
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari

Overall, NordPass and Dashlane are both easy to use with thoughtful navigation. Switching between them should feel familiar for most users.

Customer Support Offerings

Let‘s quickly compare how NordPass and Dashlane handle customer support:

  • NordPass – Offers 24/7 live chat support and email ticketing.
  • Dashlane – Provides email and knowledge base support. Live chat only for paying users.

NordPass wins when it comes to customer service accessibility. Dashlane does have a robust knowledge base, but NordPass making round the clock live chat available to all users is a big plus.

NordPass vs. Dashlane: Key Differences Summarized

Here is a high level overview of how NordPass and Dashlane compare across some of the key factors:

Feature NordPass Dashlane
Cost $1.99+/month $3.33+/month
Free version Unlimited passwords & devices 50 passwords, 1 device
Audits Regular 3rd party audits Internal only
Support 24/7 live chat for all Chat only for premium
Extra features Breach scanner VPN, monitoring, storage

Which Password Manager Is Right for You?

So when considering NordPass vs Dashlane, which solution comes out on top?

For budget-focused users who want robust security at the lowest price, NordPass is likely the better choice. It delivers core password management securely without extra bells and whistles.

For convenience features like a built-in VPN, dark web monitoring, and secure storage, Dashlane is worth the extra cost. Frequent travelers or public WiFi users can benefit from Dashlane‘s extras.

Here are a few other factors to consider when deciding between these two password managers:

  • If you want a highly functional free version, go with Dashlane. NordPass‘ free plan is fairly limited.
  • If you need to sync passwords across unlimited devices, NordPass is preferable.
  • If you value live chat support availability, NordPass is the winner there.
  • If you want advanced identity protection, Dashlane has more robust offerings like deep web scans.

At the end of the day, you can‘t go wrong with either NordPass or Dashlane when it comes to protecting your online accounts. Both deliver robust encryption and core password management capabilities.

Choosing between the two comes down to your budget, feature needs, and preferences around things like multi-device access. Assess your personal priorities to determine if the affordability of NordPass or the extras from Dashlane better meet your password security needs.


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