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NoCable OTT Review – In-Depth Look at This Popular IPTV Service

Hey there! If you‘re looking to cut the cord and move your live TV viewing away from traditional cable and to the Internet, services like NoCable OTT likely caught your eye. With over 17,000 live channels covering movies, sports, news, music and more, plus tens of thousands of on-demand titles, it offers an enticing alternative.

But before jumping in, it‘s important we take an in-depth look at everything NoCable OTT provides, how it works, the pros and cons, and whether using an unverified IPTV service like this is a good – and legal – idea. By the end, you‘ll have all the details to determine if NoCable OTT is right for your streaming needs.

Let‘s dive in!

A Quick Look at NoCable OTT‘s Offerings

Here are some of NoCable OTT‘s main features and benefits:

  • 17,000+ live TV channels – That‘s a huge lineup that can replace just about any cable subscription in terms of variety. From entertainment and sports to news and documentaries, it‘s all there.

  • 45,000+ VOD titles – On-demand movies and shows are available for instant streaming anytime. Great for binging shows or enjoying a movie night.

  • Major sports packages included – Hardcore sports fans will appreciate access to NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass and more.

  • U.S. and international channels – In addition to American channels, NoCable OTT offers content from Europe, Latin America, Asia and other regions. Great for expatriate viewers.

  • Starts at $16.99/month – The monthly pricing is very budget-friendly, especially compared to traditional cable. Just keep in mind only one stream is allowed per subscription.

  • Compatible with major streaming devices – Stream NoCable OTT on your Firestick, Android TV box, smartphone and other devices.

This is an overview of the main perks offered by NoCable OTT. Next, let‘s look closer at channels, pricing tiers, compatibility, features and more.

How NoCable OTT Works

NoCable OTT provides live TV and on-demand shows/movies via Internet streams, making it an IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) service.

The streams are accessed through the NoCable OTT app, which you install directly on streaming devices like a Fire TV Stick, NVIDIA Shield, Android smartphone and more.

Since it‘s not available in the Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore, you‘ll need to sideload the NoCable OTT app using a downloaded APK file. We don‘t recommend sideloading apps from unknown sources due to security risks.

Once installed, open the app and browse channels grouped into categories like Entertainment, Sports, News, Music and more. There‘s also the massive on-demand library for instant viewing.

Here‘s a preview of the channel guide:

NoCable OTT channel guide

Now let‘s explore NoCable OTT‘s pricing and plans…

NoCable OTT Pricing and Subscription Options

NoCable OTT offers these pricing tiers:

Plan Length Price
1 month $16.99/mo
3 months $35.99 ($11.99/mo)
6 months $65.99 ($10.99/mo)
1 year $99.99 ($8.33/mo)
  • All plans include 1 simultaneous stream
  • Longer subscriptions offer lower monthly rate
  • Prices accurate as of 1/2023

Compared to live TV streaming services like Sling TV and YouTube TV, NoCable OTT is significantly cheaper. However, those services properly license content and provide transparent pricing.

One downside with NoCable OTT is that only one stream is allowed per subscription. If you want 2+ people watching at once, you‘d need a separate subscription. Services like YouTube TV allow household sharing.

Next let‘s explore NoCable OTT‘s channels and content…

NoCable OTT Channel Lineup and Video Quality

According to NoCable OTT, their service includes these channel categories:

  • Entertainment – 127 channels including AMC, Bravo, Comedy Central and Hallmark Channel.
  • Sports – 88 channels such as ESPN, NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB Network and more. All major sports packages available.
  • News – 92 channels including CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Bloomberg and local news stations.
  • Documentaries – 51 channels like Discovery, History, Science Channel and National Geographic.
  • Kids – 62 channels including Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and family friendly channels.
  • Food – 27 culinary channels such as Food Network, Cooking Channel and Travel Channel.
  • Music – 50+ music video and audio channels spanning various genres.
  • International – 170+ channels from Europe, Latin America, Asia, Arabia, Africa and more. Great for expats.

We spotted popular channels like HGTV, TBS, SYFY, Fox, BBC America, NBC, CBS, and ABC. Local channels are available based on your location. Channel options fluctuate regularly.

Video Quality ranges from 480p SD up to 1080p FHD across the lineup. Sports and live events tend to be 60fps. Expect occasional buffering.

Now let‘s dive into the important discussion around NoCable OTT‘s legality…

Is NoCable OTT Legal and Safe to Stream?

Here is the biggest concern when using any unverified IPTV service like NoCable OTT:

We have no way to confirm they‘ve obtained proper licensing to distribute this content.

At face value, it appears video streams are being provided illegally without consent from content creators, channel providers and rights holders.

Services lacking licensing regularly get shut down. In 2022, iStreamItAll and Jetflix were taken offline and the owners charged for illegal streaming.

We can‘t recommend using services that may infringe on copyrights, as there are legal risks even for viewers. Streaming pirated material violates laws like:

  • U.S. Copyright Act
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
  • EU Copyright Directive

Penalties can include fines up to $150,000 per stream and even jail time.

Unverified apps also risk infecting your devices with malware. We suggest running scans with reliable antivirus software.

For guaranteed safe streaming, choose a legal live TV streaming service like YouTube TV, Sling TV or DirecTV Stream, which properly license content.

If you do proceed with NoCable OTT, use a VPN to keep your streaming activity private and anonymous. We recommend Surfshark.

Now let‘s summarize some pros and cons of using this service.

NoCable OTT Pros and Cons


  • Low monthly pricing
  • Huge range of live TV channels
  • Access to major sports packages
  • Massive on-demand library
  • Compatible with major streaming devices


  • Unverified licensing raises legal concerns
  • Stream quality can be inconsistent
  • Only allows 1 simultaneous stream
  • Requires sideloading unverified app
  • Potential malware risks

The Verdict: Is NoCable OTT Worth It?

While NoCable OTT does offer impressive channel options for the price, we can‘t fully recommend it given the questionable legality issues. Services lacking proper licensing get shut down all the time.

You also have to consider risks like malware infections from sideloaded apps. Video quality may be inconsistent. And access to only 1 stream at once is very limiting for households.

Our verdict: Proceed with extreme caution, use a VPN to stay anonymous, and consider more legal live TV streaming alternatives instead, even if they have fewer channels. Avoid sharing personal details if you do sign up.

We hope this detailed review provided all the information you need to determine if NoCable OTT is right for your situation or if a legal live TV streaming service is the smarter choice. Stay safe out there!


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