Ransomware on Critical Systems – No Problem for HOB Customers

WannaCry has been thoroughly discussed in the media, fear and indignation, with a touch of panic, resounded loudly throughout the press. Experts pointed fingers ("we warned you long ago") and politicians called either for cyber cops or stricter laws.

But what is left?

The medium-term effect will be no different than that of previous and coming attacks: At best, some few organizations will approach the problem systematically, many will “install the corresponding patch” and most will have simply forgotten the incident in six weeks. What does "approach the problem systematically" actually mean? As is often the case, all necessary means are already available: A risk analysis helps identify weak points and plan measures to be taken. Ideally, this is embedded in a process that is oriented on recognized standards such as ISO27001. This ensures that management is properly involved and no important aspect is neglected. The planned annual cycle counteracts the all-too-human tendency to suppress and forget.

HOB supports central aspects of risk avoidance in critical infrastructures. HOB provides software that emphasizes active security instead of placing reactive technology first. This means that the product design avoids, as far as possible, weaknesses in the system, instead of stopping gaps with scanners and defensive programs. An example of this is that HOB gives the well-known Remote Desktop approach priority over direct tunnels (which, of course, are also offered, as they can at times be unavoidable). Another example: with uploads, virus scanning can be done during transmission, reducing the load on the target system’s resources. This makes certain measures that might result from a risk analysis obsolete – through the use of a clever product – as the corresponding risk is already avoided. By the way, this also holds true in a cloud context.

We would be pleased to advise you as to your own possible opportunities and application scenarios with HOB software.