The New General Data Protection Regulation – What You Need to Know

In May 2016 a revision of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was concluded. This regulates any and all handling of personal data within the EU. In May 2018 the transition period ends and all changes will come into legal force.

The GDPR pertains to the processing of personal data, for example, addresses, photos and patients’ records. Companies must store and transmit all affected data either in encrypted or anonymized form. Hereby, keys and data must be stored in different locations. The encrypted data also may not be transmitted together with the key by analog means.

High Penalties for Violations

The penalties for violations of this regulation can amount to 20 million euros or four percent of a company’s annual revenue, or up to two years imprisonment. In particularly flagrant cases, the company can be completely banned from data processing. In In this event, the firm may not carry out any activity that in any way has anything to do with data processing – whether it is the sale of products or even the hiring of employees. Before the revision of the GDPR the penalty for data protection violations was limited to 300,000 euros.

But, not only EU-based companies are now forced to act. The GDPR also applies to enterprises outside of the European Union, for example, when services or wares are offered in the EU or EU citizens’ data are recorded.

HOB’s Contribution

HOB provides all-round protection for your and your customers’ data. With HOB RD VPN and HOBLink VPN Gateway, data are always encrypted for transmission. HOBLink JWT, HOBLink WebTerm and HOBLink Mobile can be set in such a way as to transmit no data at all. In this case, they will only transmit the pure screen session. Finally, HOB eSecure SDK allows for encrypted data transmission between IoT devices and also for mobile apps.

The GDPR will be, as of 25 May 2018, binding: this deadline was announced in May 2016. Many firms are having trouble meeting these demands and already expect to have to pay fines. The use of HOB solutions is definitely a well-suited method of preventing this.