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HOBCOM is Deployed by HUK-Coburg

HUK Coburg, with almost 8,000 employees and approximately 8 million customers, is one of the largest insurance companies in Germany. Additionally, it is the biggest insurer in the public sector and is represented in almost 50% of all civil servants' households. The traditional focus is on the area of automobile insurance. Also in private business, HUK Coburg is an important provider. This is seen in their primary sector of motor vehicle insurance, as well as in the areas of personal liability and househoild insurance.

With foresighted planning and the integration of their employees, HUK is striving after the cost leadership position; all employeees, members and customers are to have the best information at all times. HUK Coburg achieves this through the consistent use of well-suited information technology. That's why this insurance company, after extensive research, decided for a Unified Messaging solution and the Host/Server communications and print optimization software HOBCOM, from HOB.

Since October 2000 HUK Coburg, over their subsidiary HUK24, offers their customers a comprehensive array of insurance products for private customers who want to communicate with their insurer online. For the transmission of the relevant data, HUK24 uses SSL-based encryption methods. With the decision to strengthen the online business area came the need to send the communications generated over the host via e-mail or Fax. To do this, HUK Coburg deployed the TOPCALL Communication Server ONE. In addition, all printers in the central office and the branch offices were to be centrally controlled.

The task for HOB which resulted therefrom was to make the standardized documents (letters, bills, damage reports, etc.), generated in a customer-specific host application, not only printable anywhere, but also to send them on demand to the customers via fax or e-mail. Hereby, all print jobs were to run over the host.

The development of HOBCOM, a powerful transactions program monitor,  had already begun in 1982 and has been systematically further develooped into a stable and highly performant system. HOBCOM makes it possible to conveniently administrate and control a large number of functions and devices such as PCs, NCs, terminals and printers. At HUK Coburg there are up to 2,000 printers running in parallel, distributed over all locations. The use of the HOB software made it possible to print out the documents created in the CTV by transforming the original XES protocol into PCL5 format over the conventional devices or to send them as fax or e-mail. Now, in the branch offices, all documents can be easily printed: this reaches from the "Green Insurance Cards" to, for examüple, training documentation. The employees can in this way serve their customers by sending them their insurance documents without delay : a service HUK-Coburg customers value highly.

HOBCOM additionally provides numerous advantages, such as encryption, compression, LDAP-connectivity and Single-Sign-On. Thus, the user can, after a single authentication, access all computers and services for which he is authorided without having to logon each time. The later development, HOB WebSecureProxy for Windows and Unix/Linx-environments, is based on the same architecture as HOBCOM . This is the core component of the comprehensive secure remote access solution HOB RD VPN.

Klaus Brandstätter, Head of Development and owner of HOB states: "These days, stability is one of the most important demands. One often misses this stability witn PCs and Notebooks and sometimes even great damage arises from this. This is where the stable HOB solution come into play. The example of HUK Coburg, with its HOBCOM deployment, proves it."

Dr. Michael Weiss, Team Leader of System Programming and co-responsible for printer solutions from the CICS field at HUK-Coburg says: "In the implementation of the plan we have almost perfectly joined the host components and the, up until a short time ago, greatly removed modern server components, with each other. It was especially important to retain the security of the host comonents and, at the same time, use the modern possibilities of server-based applications. The advantages are clear: The data security given by the mainframe and access to central stock data were very important."

HUK Coburg works in accordance with the principle of reciprocity and places great value on a sense of community. This means that customers are seen as equal partners. The strong risk-sharing community arising therefrom allows the financial risk for individuals to be restricted to the necessary minimum. With these optimized software solutions, the IT Department at HUK-Coburg helps to achieve this and other goals.


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