HOB Wins Double Gold!

HOB RD VPN 2.3 awarded with Gold at the Global Excellence Awards and the IT World Awards

It’s official! HOB RD VPN is the world’s "most innovative IT software." Network Products Guide, the industry's leading information security research and advisory guide, has named the secure remote access solution HOB RD VPN a Gold winner of the IT World Awards in the category "Most Innovative Software." In another series of awards, Info Security Products Guide has awarded HOB RD VPN with gold in the 2018 Global Excellence Awards, for the category "IPsec/SSL/VPN."

HOB is proud of this achievement, as winning these awards shows that the experts recognize HOB software as being best-in-class among the many solutions on the market.

Not only has HOB RD VPN won two gold awards this year, it has also been honored with silver in the Global Excellence Awards for "Access Management & Solutions" and "Best Security Software," and bronze for "Cloud Security." The IT World Awards have also awarded HOB RD VPN with silver for "Access Solutions & Management" and "Best IT Software," and bronze for "Cloud Security."

HOB RD VPN is the most comprehensive solution for remote access to enterprise data and applications. As the workplace continues to evolve beyond the in-office setting, the need for a strong and flexible IT security solution remains a top priority for businesses. HOB RD VPN helps enterprises protect their data with the highly secure encrypted HOB SSL (TLS), while giving employees the flexibility to access it from remote locations.

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